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OC 0871
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
SCHUMANN, R.: Rose Pilgerfahrt (Der) / Requiem, Op. 148 (Pritchard)

SCHUMANN, R.: Rose Pilgerfahrt (Der) / Requiem, Op. 148 (Pritchard)

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Neue Orchester


Christoph Spering


Antonia Bourve


Britta Stallmeister


Chorus Musicus Koln



Klaus von Bismarck-Saal, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Cologne, Germany


Record Label
Oehms Classics




Total Time - 100:26
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SCHUMANN, R.: Rose Pilgerfahrt (Der) / Requiem, Op. 148 (Pritchard)




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Der Rose Pilgerfahrt (The Pilgrimage of the Rose), Op. 112

1 Part I: Die Fruhlingslufte bringen … (Chorus) 02:31
2 Part I: Johannis war gekommen (Tenor) 01:36
3 Part I: Wir tanzen (Chorus) 01:14
4 Part I: Und wie sie sangen (Tenor, Rosa, Chorus) 04:50
5 Part I: So sangen sie (Tenor, Rosa) 03:03
6 Part I: Bin ein armes Waisenkind (Rosa, Martha) 00:51
7 Part I: Es war der Rose erster Schmerz! (Tenor, Rosa, Gravedigger) 03:25
8 Part I: Wie Blatter am Baum (Chorus, Rosa, Gravedigger, Alto) 03:53
9 Part I: Die letze Scholl' hinunter rollt (Tenor, Gravedigger, Rosa) 05:02
10 Part I: Dank, Herr, dir dort im Sternenland (Rosa, Chorus) 03:03
11 Part II: Ins Haus des Totengrabers (Tenor, Rosa, Gravedigger) 02:06
12 Part II: Zwischen grunen Baumen (Soprano I, Soprano II, Alto) 00:44
13 Part II: Von dem Greis geleitet (Tenor, Gravedigger, Rosa, Muller, Mullerin) 02:18
14 Part II: Bald hat das neue Tochterlein … (Tenor) 01:46
15 Part II: Bist du im Wald gewandelt (Chorus) 03:09
16 Part II: Im Wald, gelehnt am Stamme … (Alto) 01:52
17 Part II: Der Abendschlummer … (Soprano, Alto, Forester's Son, Rosa) 04:06
18 Part II: O sel'ge Zeit, da in der Brust … (Chorus) 02:23
19 Part II: Wer kommt am Sonntagsmorgen … (Bass) 01:03
20 Part II: Ei Muhle, liebe Muhle … (Soprano, Alto) 01:39
21 Part II: Was klingen denn die Horner … (Chorus, Soprano) 01:46
22 Part II: Im Hause des Mullers … (Chorus) 02:09
23 Part II: Und wie ein Jahr verronnen ist … (Tenor, Rosa) 05:06
24 Part II: Roslein! … (Chorus) 02:58

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Requiem, Op. 148

1 Requiem 03:22
2 Te decet hymnus 05:24
3 Dies irae 02:42
4 Liber scriptus 05:04
5 Qui Mariam 05:08
6 Domine Jesu 02:41
7 Hostias 01:19
8 Sanctus 04:09
9 Benedictus - Agnus Dei 08:04
 Britta Stallmeister Soloist
 Antonia Bourve Soloist
 Christoph Spering Conductor

OehmsClassics and  Christoph Spering present two rarely performed works by Robert Schumann. With backgrounds and mysteries of the history of music and vivid and humorous exchange he delights his audience, especially in the discussion concerts in Cologne and he manages to bridge the gap between entertainment and education at attractive levels. 

OehmsClassics is delighted with this collaboration, and looks forward to the second release this year: the Richard Wagner edited version of Gluck’s Iphigenia in Aulis.

                    Performance  *****        Recording ****

Michael Scott Rohan - BBC Music magazine - January 2014

                         **** (Excellent Album)     *** (Good Sound)

Jean-Noel Coucoureux - Classica magazine - October 2013

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