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OD 1065
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OD 1065

ROUSSEL, A.: Bacchus et Ariane Suites Nos. 1 and 2 / Symphony No. 2 (Orchestre de Paris, Eschenbach)

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release date: July 2010

Originally recorded in 2010


Orchestre de Paris

Eschenbach, Christoph

Christoph Eschenbach


Record Label


Total Time - 77:38
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Bacchus et Ariane Suite No. 1, Op. 43

1 I. Introduction 1:48
2 II. Youths and Maidens at Play 2:37
3 III. The Labyrinth Dance 3:16
4 IV. Bacchus Appears 1:49
5 V. Theseus and His Companions Rush Toward Bacchus 2:41
6 VI. Dance of Bacchus 4:58

Bacchus et Ariane Suite No. 2, Op. 43

7 I. Introduction 2:38
8 II. Awakening of Ariadne 2:59
9 III. Bacchus Dances Alone 1:51
10 IV. The Kiss 1:07
11 V. The Dionysian Spell 0:53
12 VI. The Procession of the Thiase. 0:37
13 VII. Ariadne's Dance 3:31
14 VIII. Dance of Ariadne and Bacchus 1:02
15 IX. Bacchanale 4:14

Symphony No. 2 in B flat major, Op. 23

16 I. Lent 17:12
17 II. Modere 8:39
18 III. Tres lent 15:46
 Christoph Eschenbach Conductor
 Eschenbach, Christoph

"Roussel’s Second Symphony is one of the greatest musical discoveries I’ve made in years." (Christoph Eschenbach)

This Albert Roussel disc couples the Second Symphony with one of the composer’s most popular pieces, the complete ballet music for Bacchus et Ariane. It is the first in a cycle of three releases featuring the four symphonies and two ballets by the French composer. Performed by the Orchestre de Paris and Christoph Eschenbach, the Second Symphony, written between 1919 and 1921, is a masterpiece. Bacchus et Ariane, completed in 1931, is one of Roussel’s two most celebrated ballets, the other being The Spider’s Banquet, which will be featured on a future release. While the second suite has often been performed and recorded individually, this disc contains the complete ballet music.

The booklet contains liner notes written by Damien Top from the Centre International Albert-Roussel in France, as well as rare photographs.

                           Artistic Quality 10               Sound Quality 9

"This is one disc that all lovers of French music, and great symphonies, simply must have."

David Hurwitz - April 2006

"The symphony is emotionally exhausting, the ballet savagely erotic. Highly recommended."     *****

Tim Ashley

The Guardian - 5 May 2006

"At last, we have now a reference recording of this masterpiece by Roussel (Bacchus et Ariane). "

Franck Mallet

Classica Repertoire - July-August 2006

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