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OD 1166
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OD 1166

TIENSUU, J.: Vie / Missa / False memories I-III (Kriikku, Helsinki Philharmonic, Storgards)

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release date: November 2010

Originally recorded in 2010


Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Storgards, John

John Storgards


Kari Kriikku


John Storgards


Record Label


Total Time - 64:03
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 John Storgards Conductor


2 I. Introitus 2:59
 Kari Kriikku Soloist
3 II. Kyrie 4:37
 Kari Kriikku Soloist
4 III. Gloria 5:15
 Kari Kriikku Soloist
5 IV. Credo 4:52
 John Storgards Soloist
6 V. Sanctus 4:16
 Kari Kriikku Soloist
7 VI. Agnus Dei 4:27
 John Storgards Soloist
8 VII. Ite 1:48
 John Storgards Soloist

False Memories I-III

9 I. Review 4:58
 John Storgards Conductor
10 II. Nostalgy 6:56
 John Storgards Conductor
11 III. Trauma 5:57
 John Storgards Conductor
 Storgards, John

This recording features Finland’s star clarinetist Kari Kriikku with the première recording of Jukka Tiensuu’s second clarinet concerto Missa, written for him in 2007. Also included are the orchestral pieces Vie (2007) and False Memories I-III (2008) by the same composer.

Jukka Tiensuu is regarded as one of the most fascinating Finnish living composer along with Einojuhani Rautavaara, Kaija Saariaho, and Magnus Lindberg. His first clarinet concerto Puro, written for Kari Kriikku in 1989, has since known a phenomenal success, with fifty acclaimed performances around the globe.

Kari Kriikku, the muse to a number of Finland’s high profile composers, has previously made acclaimed recordings of clarinet concertos by Magnus Lindberg (2006 BBC Music Magazine Award & Classic FM Gramophone Award; ODE 1038-2), Kimmo Hakola (OD 063), and Jouni Kaipainen, in addition to Jukka Tiensuu’s Puro (OD 778). Upon the world premiere of Missa in Glasgow on May 4, 2007, The Scotsman wrote, "Kari Kriikku was the solitary star. His ability to get effects out of his instrument was clearly the inspiration behind Tiensuu’s concerto."

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra is led on this disc by their chief conductor John Storgårds, who has made several award-winning recordings of contemporary music.

"Kari Kriikku and John Storgårds - who premiered the work in Glasgow - provide a vivid account."

Guy Rickards - Gramophone - April 2011

"...The Helsinki Philharmonic is brilliant... the music speaks for itself..."

Ira Byelick - American Record Guide  March/April 2011

"Missa (...) certainly gives Kriikku the chance to display all his tricks, from multiphonics to multi-tonguing, and from one extreme of register to the other, with quarter tones thrown in along the way. (...) Vie (...) generates some very striking textures within a formal scheme that manages to be both satisfying and quietly unconventional at the same time."

Andrew Clements

The Guardian - 25 November 2010

"This release might well be the best introduction possible to Tiensuu’s highly personal sound world. (...) They help considerably in appreciating his evolution over the last few years."

Hubert Culot

MusicWeb - January 2011

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