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OD 1174
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OD 1174

RAUTAVAARA, E.: Kaivos (The Mine) [Opera] (Niemela, Rusanen, Hynninen, Kortekangas, Kaivos Chorus, Tampere Philharmonic, Lintu)

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release date: May 2011


Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra

Lintu, Hannu

Johanna Rusanen


Kaivos Chorus

Record Label


Total Time - 75:39
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RAUTAVAARA, E.: Kaivos (The Mine) [Opera] (Niemela, Rusanen, Hynninen, Kortekangas, Kaivos Chorus, Tampere Philharmonic, Lintu)



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Kaivos (The Mine)

1 Act I: Yksi, kaksi, kolme, nelja (Miners, Marko, Vanha) 2:59
2 Act I: Kaivos! Yksi on enaa sanottava (Commissar) 1:57
3 Act I: Kansan isa, kirottu olkoon sinun nimesi (Marko, Miners, Priest) 5:22
4 Act I: Simon! Simon! Siina meille Gabriel! (Marko, Vanha, Simon) 3:44
5 Act I: Tulit huonoon aikaan (Preist, Simon, Ira) 4:16
6 Act I: Kuuletko mita he minulta haluavat (Simon, Ira) 5:55
7 Act II: Huomio kaksi, taalla viisi (Marko, Women) 1:53
8 Act II: …ja kuka tarttuu minuun (Ira) 4:12
9 Act II: Jos liikut, synnytat liikkeen (Commissar, Priest, Ira, Simon) 3:42
10 Act II: Oletko sina sokea? (Commissar) 4:25
11 Act II: No niin, koska niin pidat leikeista (Simon, Ira) 6:10
12 Act II: Mita aiot tehda nyt, Simon? (Priest, Vanha, Simon) 2:21
13 Act II: Kenties, kenties on tama joukko se siemen (Priest, Simon, Radio, Ira, Women) 3:34
14 Act III: Neitsyt, neitsyt, neitsyt! (Miners, Women, Priest) 5:00
15 Act III: Naetko…uneksitko koskaan (Marko, Ira) 4:00
16 Act III: Han kuolee pian (Ira, Simon, Miners) 4:03
17 Act III: Luleli laleli lileli (Miner, Men, Marko, Priest, Vanha) 1:52
18 Act III: Pois ulos kaivos (Women, Men, Simon, Miner, Ira) 1:25
19 Act III: Minne se johtaa? (Priest) 3:19
20 Act III: Ira, meidan taytyy menna! (Simon, Echo) 4:07
21 Act III: Sor amabilissima, Ave! (Soprano voice) 1:23
 Johanna Rusanen Soloist
 Lintu, Hannu

This recording features the twelve-tone opera Kaivos (The Mine) by Einojuhani Rautavaara who also wrote the libretto (sung in Finnish). The opera in three acts tells the story of an uprising by mine workers somewhere in Europe at the end of the 1950s.
Rautavaara wrote this, his first opera, from 1957-62 and today considers it, "perhaps the best opera I have ever written, a real thriller whose underlying theme - that a human being defines himself through his choices - is nevertheless universal."
This CD release represents a real highlight in the work’s exceptional history: the recording was made in connection with the première live (concert) performance of the opera in Tampere (Finland) in September 2010. The opera’s underlying thematic allusions to the 1956 Hungarian uprising originally impeded a staged performance in Finland, a neighboring country of the then-Soviet Union. Instead, a TV production was broadcast in 1963, making Kaivos the first Finnish Television opera.

Hannu Lintu conducts the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and the specially assembled Kaivos Chorus.

              Recording of the Month
"...I have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing this powerful opera which the composer considers as his best - a finding with which I fully agree. This magnificent release is my recording of the month and will be high up in my list of Records of the Year."
Hubert Culot - - June 2011

                  Opera Choice
"Rautavaara that resonates ... Kaivos is more thought-provoking than ever."

Hilary Finch - BBC Music Magazine - May 2011

"This recording fills a major gap in the Rautavaara discography and fills it with distinction."

David Fanning - Gramophone - June 2011

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