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OP 0005
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OP 0005
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)


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release date: May 2011


Philharmonia Orchestra

Judd, James

Marilyn Hill Smith


Texas All-State Women's Choir

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 165:14
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Dinorah, "Le pardon de Ploermel" (Sung in French)


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1 Act I: Overture - Salve! Sainte Marie (Pilgrims) 12:35
2 Act I Scene 1: Le jour radieux (Villagers, Goatherd) 4:17
3 Act I Scene 2: Bellah! Ma chevre cherie! (Dinorah) 3:32
4 Act I Scene 2: Aria: Dors petite, dors tranquille (Dinorah) 4:38
5 Act I Scene 3: Je suis chez moi! Que san Satan les emporte (Corentin) 3:34
6 Act I Scene 3: Aria: J'en rougirais, eh bien! Apres! (Corentin) 2:39
7 Act I Scene 3: Qui va la? C'etait le vent! (Corentin) 3:16
8 Act I Scene 4: Duet: Sonne, sonne, gai sonneur! (Dinorah, Corentin) 7:23
9 Act I Scene 5: Hola! He! Vieil Alain! (Hoel, Corentin) 3:44
10 Act I Scene 5: O puissante magie! Ivresse de mes sens! (Hoel) 5:56
11 Act I Scene 6: Me voici j'ai tarde (Corentin, Hoel) 4:58
12 Act I Scene 6: Si tu crois revoir ton pere expirant … (Hoel, Corentin) 4:06
13 Act I Scene 6: Duet: Un tresor! (Hoel, Corentin) 4:24
14 Act I Scene 6: Trio: Ce tintement que l'on entend (Dinorah, Hoel, Corentin) 4:25
1 Act II Scene 1: Entracte and Chorus: Qu'il est bon, qu'il est bon (Woodcutters, Villagers) 4:35
2 Act II Scene 2: Aria: Dites-moi, dites vite; a-t-on vu Dinorah? (Goatherd, Villagers) 6:01
3 Act II Scene 3: Aria: Me voici! Me voici! (Dinorah) 5:19

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4 Act II Scene 3: Ombre legere qui suis mes pas (Dinorah) 7:40
5 Act II Scene 4: Arrive! Me voici (Hoel, Corentin) 2:53
6 Act II Scene 5: Aria: Ah! Que j'ai froid! (Corentin) 2:36
7 Act II Scene 6: C'est toi? Non, je frissonne! (Dinorah, Corentin) 6:17
8 Act II Scene 7: Duet: Quand l'heure sonnera (Hoel, Corentin) 6:50
9 Act II Scene 7: Tu fremis? Que m'importe! (Hoel, Corentin, Dinorah) 2:35
10 Act II Scene 8: Trio: Taisez-vous! (Hoel, Corentin, Dinorah) 3:21
11 Act II Scene 8: Trio: De l'oiseau dans le bocage (Dinorah, Hoel, Corentin) 4:40
1 Act III Scene 1: Aria: En chasse, piqueurs adroits! (Huntsman) 4:29
2 Act III Scene 1: Aria: Les bles son bons a faucher (Reaper) 2:39
3 Act III Scene 1: Duet: Sous les genevriers (Goatherds) 3:19

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4 Act III Scene 1: Quartet: Bonjour, faucheur! (Huntsman, Reaper, Goatherd, Goatgirl, All) 5:07
5 Act III Scene 2: La force m'abandonne (Corentin, Hoel) 3:34
6 Act III Scene 4: Aria: Ah! Mon remords te venge (Hoel) 4:28
7 Act III Scene 4: Duet: Grand Dieu! Son teint s'anime et se (Dinorah, Hoel) 2:08
8 Act III Scene 4: Duet: Vois! … regarde ces lieux! (Hoel, Dinorah) 8:24
9 Act III Scene 4: Sainte Marie! (Villagers, Dinorah, Corentin) 8:52
 Marilyn Hill Smith Soloist
 Judd, James

This charming three-act opera was a surprise in 1859 for those critics who thought Meyerbeer capable only of large-scale grand operas. In fact, it became one of his most popular and enduring works. The story of the hapless and demented young Dinorah roaming the hills with her goat, Bellah, was a favourite of the diva Adelina Patti. The Philharmonia Orchestra is conducted by James Judd.


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Gramaphone Classical Good CD Guide

"A fascinating recording..."

Peter Davies - New York Times

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