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OP 0007
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OP 0007
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
OFFENBACH, J.: Robinson Crusoe [Operetta] (Brecknock)

OFFENBACH, J.: Robinson Crusoe [Operetta] (Brecknock)

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2011


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Francis, Alun

Marilyn Hill Smith


Texas All-State Women's Choir

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 164:15
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OFFENBACH, J.: Robinson Crusoe [Operetta] (Brecknock)




Robinson Crusoe


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1 Act I: Overture 5:28
2 Act I: Introduction: There is a story I'd like you to hear (Sir William, Lady Deborah, Edwige, Suzanne) 7:23
3 Act I: Voice of the sea, calling to me (Robinson, Sir William, Lady Deborah, Edwige, Suzanne) 5:30
4 Act I: Quartet: All right! Sit down and take your places now (Sir William, Lady Deborah, Suzanne, Edwige) 4:39
5 Act I: The family that's always apart (All) 4:18
6 Act I: My friend Tom was a dancing master (Suzanne, Toby, Edwige, Lady Deborah, Sir William) 4:36
7 Act I: Ensemble: There's got to be a way … (Edwige, Suzanne, Lady Deborah, Sir William) 5:23
8 Act I: I am in love! (Edwige, Sir William, Suzanne, Lady Deborah) 3:19
9 Act I: Quartet: With a kiss, with a kiss! (Lady Deborah, Sir William, Edwige, Suzanne, Robinson) 3:50
10 Act I: Duet: Please hear me … let me speak (Edwige, Robinson) 5:37
11 Act I: Duet: Shining brightly up above me (Robinson, Edwige, Sailors) 5:10
12 Act I: Finale: Ah well, then on my own (Robinson, Edwige, Suzanne) 1:40
13 Act I: Finale: Our Father in heaven above (Lady Deborah, Sir William, Robinson, Edwige, Suzanne, Toby, Sailors) 4:40
1 Act II: Sea Symphony 7:44
2 Act II Scene 1: Six years and seven days (Robinson, Friday) 6:05
3 Act II Scene 1: In the long ago, Friday speak to Sarantha (Friday, Robinson) 4:01

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4 Act II Scene 1: Duet: A pain that fills my heart when I remember Edwige (Robinson, Friday) 5:40
5 Act II Scene 1: Duet: One day you'll fall in love (Robinson, Friday) 7:14
6 Act II Scene 2: Entr'acte - Now look what you've got us into! (Suzanne, Toby, Witchdoctor, Jim) 6:19
7 Act II Scene 2: Stewpot Song: You take a gallon of water and an onion or two (Jim, Suzanne, Toby) 3:41
8 Act II Scene 2: Duet: Oh, hold me Toby! (Toby, Suzanne) 5:06
9 Act II Scene 2: Duet: I can't think why I married you! (Toby, Suzanne, Jim) 3:33
10 Act II: Finale: Prepare, prepare! Make the goddess ready (Cannibals) 4:15
11 Act II: Ensemble: Please don't make a fuss (Jim, Friday, Cannibals, Edwige, Suzanne) 6:22
12 Act II: Waltz Song: Take me away to the one I adore (Edwige, Suzanne, Toby, Friday, Cannibals, Jim) 5:01
1 Act III Scene 1: Entr'acte 3:01
2 Act III Scene 1: A perfume fills the air (Friday, Robinson) 4:57
3 Act III Scene 1: Trio: This must be what bliss is (Robinson, Friday, Edwige) 4:56

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4 Act III Scene 1: Ensemble: Happy day, happy day! (All) 2:23
5 Act III Scene 1: I had a dream, a dream of you (Edwige, Robinson, Suzanne, Toby, Friday) 3:14
6 Act III Scene 1: I break a Tamayo taboo! (Friday, Suzanne, Toby) 3:23
7 Act III Scene 1: When I was small my mother always (Suzanne, Jim, Friday) 1:54
8 Act III Scene 1: Quartet: There's no place like England (Jim, Suzanne, Toby, Robinson) 3:51
9 Act III Scene 2: It's time to take a liquor break! (Pirates, Robinson, Will Atkins, Edwige, Toby, Jim) 4:08
10 Act III Scene 2: Finale: Tamayos are we, everybody knows (Robinson, Jim, Pirates, Will Atkins, Cannibals, Toby, Friday, Edwige, Suzanne) 5:54
 Marilyn Hill Smith Soloist
 Francis, Alun

Offenbach: Robinson Crusoe – John Brecknock, Yvonne Kenny, Roderick Kennedy, Enid Hartie, Marilyn Hill Smith, Alexander Oliver, Sandra Browne, Alan Opie, Wyndham Parfitt, Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, Alun Francis

In Offenbach’s 1867 version, loosely based on Daniel Defoe’s classic, Robinson Crusoe is a hopeless romantic who runs away to sea only to be shipwrecked. His fiancée and her two servants set out to find him, they too falling into mishap. With the help of Man Friday the whole company is rescued from drunken pirates and waltzing cannibals. The excellent English translation is superbly sung by a strong cast accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under Alun Francis.

‘A fine cast of singers performing the musical score absolutely complete and unaltered.’

John Steane, Gramophone

"A fine cast of singers peforming the musical score absolutely complete and unaltered..."

John Steane - Gramaphone

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