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OP 0024
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OP 0024
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
DONIZETTI, G.: Roberto Devereux [Opera] (Bros)

DONIZETTI, G.: Roberto Devereux [Opera] (Bros)

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release date: May 2011


Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden

Benini, Maurizio

Sonia Ganassi


Royal Opera Chorus

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 125:04
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DONIZETTI, G.: Roberto Devereux [Opera] (Bros)




Roberto Devereux


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1 Act I: Sinfonia 6:15
2 Act I Scene 1: Introduction: Prelude - Geme! , Pallor funereo (Ladies, Sara) 2:41
3 Act I Scene 1: Romanza - All'afflitto e dolce il pianto (Sara) - Scene 2: La regina! (A Page) 3:41
4 Act I Scene 2: Scene: Duchessa , (Elisabetta, Sara) 3:17
5 Act I Scene 2: Aria: L'amor suo mi fe' beata (Elisabetta) - Scene 3: Nunzio son del Parlamento (Cecil, Sara, Elisabetta) - Scene 4: Al regio piede (A Page, Cecil, Gualtiero, Sara, Elisabetta) 4:14
6 Act I Scene 4: Cabaletta: Ah! ritorna qual ti spero (Elisabetta, Sara, Cecil, Gualtiero, Chorus) 3:43
7 Act I Scene 4: Scene: Donna reale a' piedi tuoi (Roberto, Elisabetta) 4:40
8 Act I Scene 5: Andate: Un tenero core - mi rese felice (Elisabetta, Roberto) 3:17
9 Act I Scene 5: Cabaletta: Un lampo, un lampo orribile (Elisabetta, Roberto) 2:50
10 Act I Scene 6: Scene: Roberto! , (Nottingham, Roberto) 3:09
11 Act I Scene 6: Larghetto: Forse in quel cor sensibile (Nottingham) - Scene 7: Duca, vieni (Cecil, Nottingham, Robert) 4:07
12 Act I Scene 7: Cabaletta: Qui ribelle ognun ti chiama (Nottingham, Roberto, Cecil, Lords of Parliament) 3:54
13 Act I Scene 8: Scene: Tutto e silenzio! , (Sara) - Scene 9: Una volta, o crudel (Roberto, Sara) 4:58
14 Act I Scene 9: Larghetto: Dacche tornasti, ahi misera! (Sara, Roberto) 6:12
15 Act I Scene 9: Agitato: Ah! quest'addio, fatale, estremo (Sara, Roberto) 2:51
1 Act II Scene 1: Introduction - L'ore trascorrono (Some of the Lords, Others, Ladies) 3:39
2 Act II Scene 2: Scene and Duet: Ebben? (Elisabetta, Cecil) - Scene 3: Regina , (Gualtiero, Elisabetta) - Scene 4: Non venni (Nottingham, Elisabetta) 9:06
3 Act II Scene 5: Scene: Ecco l'indegno! (Elisabetta, Roberto, Nottingham) 1:45

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4 Act II Scene 5: Largo: Alma infida, ingrato core (Elisabetta, Nottingham, Roberto) 4:03
5 Act II Scene 5: Allegro vivace: Scellerato! , malvagio! (Nottinham, Roberto) - Scene 6: Tutti udite (Elisabetta, Chorus) 3:40
6 Act II Scene 6: Stretta: Va, la morte sul capo ti pende (Elisabetta, Roberto, Nottingham, Cecil, Gualtiero, Chorus) 2:35
7 Act III Scene 1: Scene: Ne riede ancora il mio consorte! (Sara) - Scene 2: Duchessa! (Servant, Sara) - Scene 3: Il duca! (Sara, Nottingham) 4:05
8 Act III Scene 3: Allegro: Non sai che un nume vindice (Nottingham, Sara) 4:15
9 Act III Scene 3: Agitato: All'ambascia ond'io mi struggo (Sara, Nottingham) 3:09
10 Act III Scene 4: Scene: Ed ancor la tremenda porta (Roberto) 3:53
11 Act III Scene 4: Aria: A te diro negli ultimi (Roberto) - Scene 5: Vieni, o conte (Gualtiero, Roberto, Guards) 4:29
12 Act III Scene 5: Cabaletta: Bagnato il sen di lagrime (Roberto, Gualtiero, Chorus) 3:55
13 Act III Scene 6: Scene: E Sara in questi orribili momenti (Elisabetta, Ladies) 4:05
14 Act III Scene 6: Aria: Vivi, ingrato, a lei d'accanto (Elisabetta) - Scene 7: Che m'apporti? (Elisabetta, Cecil, Chorus) - Scene 8: Questa gemma (Elisabetta, Sara, Lords, Nottingham, The Others) 6:55
15 Act III Scene 8: Cabaletta: Quel sangue versato al cielo sinnalza (Elisabetta, The Others) 5:41
 Sonia Ganassi Soloist
 Benini, Maurizio

The lives of British monarchs from Alfred the Great to the Tudors and Stuarts held a special fascination for 19th century composers - none more so that Gaetano Donizetti who wrote seven operas involving English kings and queens. This is a live recording of the concert performances’ given at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden in July 2002. The main reason for this recording was to capture the vivid and compelling portrayal of Elisabetta by the great Nelly Miricioiu. The vocal and dramatic demands of the role take the artist from Mozartean delicacy right to the edge of Puccinian Verismo. This is definitely Nelly Miricioiu’s territory and as the defiant monarch she is in her element. But this is not just Miricioiu’s eveing. Covent Garden gives us Roberto Frontali and Sonia Ganassi as Nottingham and his wife Sara, both in outstanding form, plus the excellent Jose Bros in the title role. Maurizio Benini guides the soloists, chorus and orchestra expertly through an exciting performance of one of Donizettis best scores.

"Nelly Miricioiu remains one of the most alluring and stylish bel canto singers around today..."

Hugh Canning - The Sunday Times - July 2002

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