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OP 0026
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OP 0026
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
MERCADANTE: Emma d'Antiochia

MERCADANTE: Emma d'Antiochia

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2011


London Philharmonic Orchestra

Parry, David

Nelly Miricioiu


Texas All-State Women's Choir

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 161:09
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MERCADANTE: Emma d'Antiochia




Emma d'Antiochia


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1 Sinfonia 7:20
2 Act I Scene 1: Coro: Della Sidonia porpora (Maidens, Odetta, Adelia) 5:27
3 Act I Scene 2: Duetto: I tuoi sospetti, Adelia (Ruggiero, Adelia) 4:02
4 Act I Scene 2: Coro: Quai lieti suoni? (All) - Scene 3: Guinto e Corrado in porto , (Knights, Adelia, Odetta, Ruggiero, Maidens) 1:55
5 Act I Scene 3: Stretta: Vieni e per noi cominciano (Adelia, Ruggiero, Knights, Maidens) 2:43
6 Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Son ne' miei Lari! , (Corrado, Adelia, Ruggiero, All) 2:31
7 Act I Scene 4: Cavatina: Il mio cuore, il cor paterno (Corrado, Knights, Squires, Soldiers, Adelia, Ruggiero) 3:06
8 Act I Scene 4: Cabaletta: Se una madre io diedi a voi (Corrado, All) 3:44
9 Act I Scene 4: Scena: Or che di tanto evento (Corrado, Adelia) - Scene 5: La Sovrana! (Aladino, Ruggiero, Corrado, Knights, Squires, Soldiers) 1:14
10 Act I Scene 5: Recitative: Giovin leggiadra (Emma, Adelia, Corrado, Aladino, Ruggiero) 1:29
11 Act I Scene 5: Aria: Ah! Se commossa io sono (Emma, Ruggiero, Corrado, Adelia, Knights, Squires) 3:30
12 Act I Scene 5: Cabaletta: Nobil signor perdonami (Emma, Corrado, Adelia, Chorus, Riggiero, Aladino) 5:36
13 Act I Scene 6: Scena: Nel mio cuore lacerato (Ruggiero, Aladino) 0:53
14 Act I Scene 6: Aria: Io soffrir: mortale in terra (Ruggiero, Aladino) 3:45
15 Act I Scene 6: Cabaletta: Partiro: dell'empia sorte (Ruggiero, Aladino) 3:50
16 Act I Scene 7: Scena: Sola son'io - pianger non vista io posso (Emma) - Scene 8: Che vuoi tu? (Emma, Aladino, Ruggiero) - Scene 9: Emma! (Ruggiero, Emma) 8:17
17 Act I Scene 9: Duetto: Amai quell'alma ingenua (Ruggiero, Emma) 4:25
18 Act I Scene 9: Andante: Emma! Ruggiero! (Emma, Ruggiero) 2:52
19 Act I Scene 9: Scena: Ciel! Qual suon? (Emma, Ruggiero) - Scene 10: Di trovarvi insieme uniti (Corrado, Emma, Ruggiero, Adelia) 3:06
20 Act I Scene 9: Quartetto: Ei qui dianzi , (Emma, Ruggiero, Adelia, Corrado) 3:33
21 Act I Scene 10: Coro: Al tempio! (Distant Voices, Corrado, Emma, Adelia, Ruggiero, Chorus) 1:04
22 Act I Scene 10: Stretta: Ah! Nel tuo volto splendere (Adelia, Emma, Corrado, Ruggiero, Chorus) 3:07
1 Act II Scene 1: Introduzione - Banda sul palco (Aladino) 1:14
2 Act II Scene 1: Recitative: Oh! Qual disegno in mente (Aladino) - Scene 2: Addio! - Le faci svengono (Chorus) 1:14
3 Act II Scene 2: Coro: Addio! - Le stelle ascondono (Chorus) 3:59

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4 Act II Scene 3: Scena: Sei tu? (Emma, Aladino) - Scene 4: Sollecito mi reca armi e destriero (Ruggiero, Emma) 7:01
5 Act II Scene 4: Scena: Salva e ancora (Ruggiero, Emma, Aladino) 3:29
6 Act II Scene 4: Duetto: Fuggi meco, fuggi meco (Ruggiero, Emma, Aladino) 2:09
7 Act II Scene 5: Trio: Cielo! Sei tu che il vindice (Corrado, Emma, Ruggiero, Aladino) 3:39
8 Act II Scene 5: Scena: Ov'e Corrado? , (Distant Voices, Corrado) - Scene 6: Vola: Smarrita Adelia (Chorus, Corrado, Adelia, Emma, Ruggiero, Aladino) 2:18
9 Act II Scene 6: Stretto: La vittima vostra, iniqui, mirate , (Corrado, Adelia, Ruggiero, Emma, Chorus, Aladino) 4:21
1 Act III Scene 1: Introduzione: Ella a ciascuno involasi , (Ladies, Knights, All) 3:02
2 Act III Scene 2: Recitative: A me Reuggiero (Corrado) - Scene 3: Eccomi a te, Corrado (Ruggiero, Corrado) 4:42
3 Act III Scene 3: Aria: Non sai tu che il mondo intero (Corrado, Ruggiero) 3:55

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4 Act III Scene 3: Cabaletta: Ah! Non fia che maledetto (Corrado, Ruggiero) 4:10
5 Act III Scene 4: Scena: Viver promisi , (Ruggiero, Emma) 0:59
6 Act III Scene 4: Duetto: Emma! Tu qui? (Ruggiero, Emma) 4:19
7 Act III Scene 4: Andante: Il cor, il cor che svegliasi (Ruggiero, Emma ) 0:59
8 Act III Scene 4: Scena: Or va: - comincia a sorgere (Emma, Ruggiero) 2:05
9 Act III Scene 4: Cabaletta: Se mai piangente e supplice (Emma, Ruggiero) 3:56
10 Act III Scene 5: Recitativo: Al piu difficil punto, al piu tremendo (Emma, Aladino) 2:39
11 Act III Scene 6: Scena: Emma , t'affretta (Emma) 3:42
12 Act III Scene 6: Aria: In quest'ora fatale e temuta (Emma, Distant Voices) 4:03
13 Act III Scene 6: Cabaletta: Parta, parta. (Emma) 3:39
14 Act III Scene 6: Duetto: Mi lasciate. (Adelia, Maidens, Emma) 4:24
15 Act III Scene 6: Lento: Ah! Perdona a duol estremo (Adelia, Emma, Chorus, Corrado, All,) 7:42
 Nelly Miricioiu Soloist
 Parry, David

Emma d’Anitochia is one of a number of important operas which Mercadante wrote in the years 1831-1837 - a period that began on his return from several years spent in Spain and Portugal. It was premiered at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice on the 8th March 1834 and tells the story of Emma (Nelly Miricioiu) on the rebound from an unhappy marriage, marries Count Corrado (Robert Serville), only to discover that his favourtie nephew, Ruggiero (Bruce Ford) is her ex-lover. Ruggiero is to marry Corados daughter, Adelia (Maria Constanza Nocentini), but confesses to Emma that he still loves her. They agree to run away together but are intercepted by Corrado. Ruggiero is banished forever and Emma finding life impossible, takes poison and dies. The libretto of the opera written by Felice Romani, the librettist of Bellinis Norma, is centred more on present passion and anguish rather than detailing reasons and motives. Romanis libretto is right at the centre of the raison detre of Italian romantic opera: the depiction of human beings swept away by overwhelming passions. It is a libretto which lent itself admirably to the concern of all Italian composers to express heightened emotion through memorable melody.

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