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OP 0042
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
ROSSINI, G.: Ermione [Opera] (Parry)

ROSSINI, G.: Ermione [Opera] (Parry)

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2011


London Philharmonic Orchestra

Parry, David

Patricia Bardon


Texas All-State Women's Choir

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 134:10
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ROSSINI, G.: Ermione [Opera] (Parry)






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1 Act I: Sinfonia - Introduction: Troia! qual fosti un di! (Chorus) 8:29
2 Act I Scene 1: Troia! qual fosti un di! (Andromaca, Cefisa, Attalo, Fenicio, Chorus) 3:45
3 Act I Scene 1: Mia Delizia (Andromaca) 3:31
4 Act I Scene 1: Io ti perdei! (Andromaca, Cefisa, Fenicio, Attalo, Chorus) 3:02
5 Act I Scene 1: Recitative: All'ombra del tuo sposo (Attalo, Andromaca, Fenicio, Cefisa) 3:04
6 Act I Scene 2: Dall'Oriente (Cleone, Maidens) 3:05
7 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: A tante cure, o amiche (Ermione, Pirro) 2:08
8 Act I Scene 2: Duet: Non proseguir! comprendo (Ermione, Pirro) 4:10
9 Act I Scene 2: Duet: Ah! m'odia gia l'ingrato! (Ermione, Pirro) 2:49
10 Act I Scene 2: Sul lido, di Agamennone (Chorus, Pirro, Ermione) 3:23
11 Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Venga il greco orator (Ermione, Cleone, Pirro) 2:56
12 Act I Scene 3: Cavatina: Reggia abborrita! (Oreste, Pilade) 6:37
13 Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Che fia di te, se tal mollezza a Pirro (Pilade, Oreste) 1:41
14 Act I Scene 4: Marcia 0:58
15 Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Mi guarda, e impallidisce! (Ermione, Oreste, Pilade, Pirro, Andromaca, Fenicio, Attalo) 3:14
16 Act I Scene 4: Aria: Balena il man del figlio (Pirro) - Che Parli? (Ermione, Andromaca, Oreste, Pirro, Pilade, Fenicio, Attalo, Chorus) 4:16
17 Act I Scene 4: Duet: Deh serena i mesti rai (Pirro, Ermione) 3:48
18 Act I Scene 4: Non pavento (Pirro, Ermione, Andromaca, Pilade, Chorus) 2:27
19 Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Periglioso e il restar (Pilade, Andromaca, Fenicio) 1:14
1 Act I Scene 5: Recitative: E pirro ancor di tanti oltraggi ad onta (Cleone, Ermione, Oreste) 2:44
2 Act I Scene 5: Amarti? (Ermione, Oreste) 2:10
3 Act I Scene 5: Duet: Anime sventurate (Ermione, Oreste) 2:31

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4 Act I Scene 6: Alfin l'eroeda forte (Chorus) 2:25
5 Act I Scene 6: Dal valor de' detti tuoi (Pirro, Cleone, Pilade, Fenicio, Andromaca, Cefisa, Attalo, Oreste) 1:58
6 Act I Scene 6: Sperar… Temer… Poss'io? (Ermione, Pilade, Oreste, Pirro, Andromaca, Cleone, Cefisa, Attalo) 3:09
7 Act I Scene 6: A me Astianatte (Pirro, Andromaca, Ermione, Oreste, Pilade, Fenicio) 1:30
8 Act I Scene 6: Pirro, deh serbami (Ermione, Pirro, Cleone, Cefisa, Oreste, Pilade, Attalo, Andromaca, Fenicio, Chorus) 3:45
9 Act II Scene 1: Recitative: Liete novelle, o Sire! (Attalo, Pirro, Cleone, Cefisa, Adromaca) 3:53
10 Act II Scene 1: Ombra del caro sposo! (Andromaca, Pirro) 4:01
11 Act II Scene 1: Duet: Vieni a giurar' (Pirro, Andromaca) 3:04
12 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Sia compiuto il mio fato (Andromaca, Ermione, Fenicio, Cleone) 2:34
13 Act II Scene 2: Essa corre al trionfo! (Ermione) 3:28
14 Act II Scene 2: Ah! voglia il Ciel (Fenicio, Cleone, Ermione) 1:31
15 Act II Scene 2: Amata, l'amai (Ermione, Cleone, Chorus) 4:33
16 Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Un'empia mel rapi! (Ermione) 1:33
17 Act II Scene 3: Il tuo dolor ci affretta… (Ermione, Chorus, Oreste, Cleone) 5:55
18 Act II Scene 4: Recitative: Ah! qual sovrasta a Pirro (Fenicio, Pilade) 1:22
19 Act II Scene 4: Duettino: A cosi trista immagine (Fenicio, Pilade) 2:32
20 Act II Scene 5: Che feci? dove son? (Ermione) 5:26
21 Act II Scene 5: Vendicata! (Ermione, Oreste) 7:38
22 Act II Scene 5: Finale: Ah! ti rinvenni (Pilade, Chorus, Ermione, Oreste) 1:51
 Patricia Bardon Soloist
 Parry, David

Rossini: Ermione – Carmen Giannattasio (Ermione), Patricia Bardon (Andromaca), Paul Nilon (Pirro), Colin Lee (Oreste), Bulent Bezduz (Pilade), Graeme Broadbent (Fenicio), Rebecca Bottone (Cleone), Victoria Simmonds (Cefisa), Loic Felix (Attalo), Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra, David Parry

During the years 1815 – 22, when his career centred on Naples, Rossini composed a sequence of works for the Teatro San Carlo which at that time boasted an outstanding orchestra and a company of resident singers that was the leading ensemble available anywhere. A string of masterpieces resulted, including such works as Elisabetta, regina d’Inghilterra, Otello, Ricciardo e Zoraide and La donna del lago (all featuring in Opera Rara’s catalogue).

Ermione is without doubt one of the greatest operas by Rossini, despite its being perhaps the least immediately successful: Ermione was received with incomprehension at its sole performance in 1819 and never revived in Rossini’s lifetime. The composer was resigned: ‘It is my little Guillaume Tell in Italian’, he said, ‘and will not see the light of day until after my death.’ Since its first stage revival, in Pesaro in 1987, Ermione has been recognised as a recovered masterpiece. Set in the aftermath of the Trojan War, the opera introduces several novelties, beginning with an overture that is interrupted by a choral lament of Trojan prisoners. Tension and staggering originality are maintained right to the very end.

Winner of the Opera category of the Gramophone Awards 2011

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