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OP 0046
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OP 0046
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
ROSSINI, G.: Aureliano in Palmira (Benini)

ROSSINI, G.: Aureliano in Palmira (Benini)

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


London Philharmonic Orchestra


Maurizio Benini


Andrew Foster-Williams


Vuyani Mlinde


Geoffrey Mitchell Choir


Record Label
Opera rara




Total Time - 166:33
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ROSSINI, G.: Aureliano in Palmira (Benini)




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Aureliano in Palmira

1 Sinfonia 06:45
2 Act I Scene 1: Sposa del grande Osiride (All) 04:53
3 Act I Scene 1: Ahi! L'ara si scuote (High Priest, All) 02:04
4 Act I Scene 2: Corragio o figli (Zenobia, Arsace, All) 00:34
5 Act I Scene 2: Se tu m'ami, o mia regina (Arsace, Zenobia) 05:22
6 Act I Scene 2: Senti … ahime! (Zenobia, Maidens, Arsace, Soldiers and Men) 03:00
7 Act I Scene 4: Secondino gli Deo (High Priest) 03:44
8 Act I Scene 4: Stava, dira la terra (High Priest) 01:13
9 Act I Scene 5: Marcia 01:06
10 Act I Scene 5: Vivi eterno, o grande Augusto (Chorus of Romans) 00:48
11 Act I Scene 5: Romani, a voi soltanto (Aureliano) 02:23
12 Act I Scene 5: Cara patria! il mondo trema (Aureliano) 02:57
13 Act I Scene 5: Si, la terra, in pace e in guerra (Chorus, Aureliano) 02:08
14 Act I Scene 5: Ola venga, e si ascolti (Aureliano) 02:08
15 Act I Scene 6: Pensa che festi a Roma (Aureliano, Arsace) 03:51
16 Act I Scene 6: Torna, o Prence, al sen di Roma (Aureliano, Arsace) 02:41
17 Act I Scene 6 : Te sapro (Aureliano, Arsace) 02:33
18 Act I Scenes 7-8: Giorno di gloria e questo (Licinio, Aureliano, Publia, Oraspe) 02:17
19 Act I Scene 9: Venga Zenobia, o Cesare (Chorus of Romans) 01:35
20 Act I Scene 9: Cesare, a te mi guida (Zenobia, Publia, Aureliano, Zenobia, Oraspe) 02:06
21 Act I Scene 9: Cedi, cedi, a lui t'arrendi (Prisoners) 01:16
22 Act I Scene 9: Ah! no, voi lo sperate invano (Zenobia, Publia, Licinio, Aureliano) 01:25
23 Act I Scene 9: La pugnai; la sorte arrise (Zenobia, Chorus of Prisoners, Romans) 07:25

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1 Act I Scene 10: Chi mai creduto avria (Aureliano, Publia) 02:14
2 Act I Scene 12: Eccomi, ingiusti Numi (Arsace) 03:43
3 Act I Scene 12: Chi sa dirmi, o mia speranza (Zenobia, Arsace) 03:27
4 Act I Scenes 12-13: Arsace … Arsace mio (Zenobia, Arsace) 02:00
5 Act I Scene 13: Va' m'abbandona, e serba (Arsace, Zenobia) 03:38
6 Act I Scene 13: Che barbara stella miro la mia cuna! (Arsace, Zenobia) 02:22
7 Act I Scene 14: Eseguite (Aureliano, Zenobia, Arsace) 02:57
8 Act I Scene 14: Serena i bei rai (Zenobia, Aureliano, Arsace) 04:34
9 Act I Scene 15: Vieni all'armi (Chorus, Zenobia, Aureliano, Maidens, Oraspe, Palmyrenes, Licinio) 02:31
10 Act II Scene 1: Del Cielo, ahi! Miseri! (Nobles, Maidens, All) 02:49
11 Act II Scenes 2-3: Tutto e perduto (Zenobia, Aureliano) 00:36
12 Act II Scene 3: Se udir volessi, ingrata (Aureliano) 03:21
13 Act II Scene 3: Se liberta t'e cara (Aureliano, Zenobia) 03:21
14 Act II Scene 4: Corri Augusto, Arsace e sciolto (Licinio, Publia, Aureliano, Zenobia) 03:21
15 Act II Scene 5: L'Asia in faville e volta (Shepherds) 06:36

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1 Act II Scene 6: Dolci silvestri orrori (Arsace) 07:11
2 Act II Scene 6: Perche mai le luci aprimmo (Arsace) 03:56
3 Act II Scene 6: Qual lieto suono! (Arsace) 00:51
4 Act II Scene 7: Ah! Son pastori (Arsace, Shepherds) 00:36
5 Act II Scene 7: Ah! non posso, al mio tesoro (Arsace) 01:25
6 Act II Scene 8: Vieni, o Prence (Oraspe, Arsace, Chorus) 03:26
7 Act II Scene 9-10: La sicurezza tua, perdona Augusto (Publia, Aureliano, Licinio, Zenobia) 00:37
8 Act II Scene 10: Corrasi … Io fremo. A me rapirti ei crede? (Aureliano) 02:19
9 Act II Scene 10: Piu non vedra quel perfido (Aureliano) 01:28
10 Act II: Ma tu piangi! Ah! si, lo vedo (Aureliano) 01:57
11 Act II Scene 10: Arrestate … ola … vendetta … (Chorus, Publia, Licinio, Aureliano) 00:26
12 Act II Scenes 11-12: Vedesti? Oh, come irato parte Aureliano da noi (Publia, Zenobia, Oraspe) 00:59
13 Act II Scenes 11-12: Suono guerrier s'ascolta (Zenobia, Publia, Oraspe) 00:37
14 Act II Scene 12: Fuggi, vien via con me (Zenobia, Oraspe) 00:37
15 Act II Scene 13: Inutil ferro! … che fai meco? (Arsace, Oraspe, Zenobia) 03:43
16 Act II Scene 13: Mille sospiri, e lagrime (Zenobia, Arsace) 04:40
17 Act II Scenes 13-14: Giunge Augusto … (Zenobia, Arsace, Aureliano) 02:15
18 Act II Scene 14: Vivi: saran nostr'anime (Zenobia, Arsace, Aureliano) 03:20
19 Act II Scene 14: Entro carcere distinto (Aureliano, Arsace, Zenobia) 04:35
20 Act II Scene 15: E deciso il destino (Publia) 00:40
21 Act II Scene 15: Non mi lagno, che il mio bene (Publia) 02:46
22 Act II Scene 16: Scacciarmi e forza alfine questo malnato amor (Aureliano, Publia, Licinio) 01:40
23 Act II Final Scene: Nel tuo core unita sia (Nobles) 00:50
24 Act II Final Scene: I prigionieri a me (Aureliano, Publia, Zenobia, Arsace) 01:04
25 Act II Final Scene: Copra un eterno oblio (Aureliano, Chorus, Publia, Licinio, Oraspe, Zenobia, Arsace, All) 02:51
 Vuyani Mlinde Soloist
 Andrew Foster-Williams Soloist
 Maurizio Benini Conductor

Opera Rara ORC 46

Rossini: Aureliano in Palmira – Kenneth Tarver, Catriona Smith, Silvia Tro Santafé, Ezgi Kutlu, Julian Alexander Smith, Vuyani Mlinde, Andrew Foster-Williams, Geoffrey Mitchell Choir, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Maurizio Benini

The dramma serio was written during the composer’s miraculous twenty-first year (1813), when Rossini produced in total an incredible four operas. The other three (the comedies Il signor Bruschino and L’italiana in Algeri plus the tragedy Tancredi) indicate not only the fertility of his inventive powers but also the staggering quality of his youthful composition. Rossini fans will recognise the overture to Aureliano, which Rossini recycled in three other scores, most notably Il barbiere di Siviglia!

The opera is set in 272 AD in the ancient city of Palmyra (modern Syria), where the Queen, Zenobia (Catriona Smith), and her lover, the Persian general Arsace (Silvia Tro Santafé), are defeated in battle by the Roman Emperor Aureliano (Kenneth Tarver). Aureliano agrees to free Arsace if Zenobia will give herself to him but she refuses. Eventually, he is won over by the lovers’ devotion, freeing them when they pledge loyalty to Rome. On the way to this happy ending, there is plenty of extreme emotion to fire up some of Rossini’s most exciting vocal writing.

A great success in its day, Aureliano in Palmira promises to thrill another generation of listeners in this new studio recording under Maurizio Benini.

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