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OP 0224
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OP 0224


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release date: May 2011


Philharmonia Orchestra

Parry, David

Majella Cullagh


Geoffrey Mitchell Choir

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 73:13
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1 Act I Scene 1: Coro e Cavatina: Senti … senti … (Corasmino, Chorus) - Scene 2: Gloria a Orosmane! (Chorus) 3:17
2 Act I Scene 2: Coro e Cavatina: Liete voci! (Orosmane, Chorus) 4:36
3 Act I Scene 2: Coro e Cavatina: Ah si, questo di mia vita (Orosmane, Chorus) - Scene 3: Nemico generoso (Nerestano, Orosmane) 3:19
4 Act I Scene 3: Duettino: Ed ella … (Nerestano, Orosmane) - Scene 4: La de' felice (Chorus, Zaira) - Scene 5: Zaira, …? (Fatima, Zaira) … 4:01
5 Act I Scene 10: Terzetto: Cari oggretti, in seno a voi (Lusignano, Zaira, Nerestano) 5:14
6 Act I Scene 10: Terzetto: Qui crudele in queste arene (Lusignano, Nerestano, Zaira, Chorus) - Scene 11: Zaira! (Corasmino, Chorus, Zaira, Nerestano, Lusignano) 7:33
7 Act I Scene 11: Terzetto: Non si pianga, si nasconda (Zaira, Nerestano, Lusignano) - Scene 12: To Corasmino (Orosmane, Corasmino) - Scene 13: Signo, come imponesti (Apeled, Orosmane) - Scene 14: Qui rimaner tu puoi (Apeled, Nerestano, Zaira) 3:22
8 Act I Scene 14: Duetto: Segui, deh! (Nerestano, Zaira) - Scene 15: Pronto e il rito (Chorus, Orosmane, Zaira, Nerestano, Corasmino, Chorus) - Act II Scene 1: Fa' cor, Zaira (Fatima, Zaira) - Scene 2: Che a te mi (Orosmane, Zaira) 4:38
9 Act II Scene 2: Duetto: Io trovero nell'Asia (Orosmane, Zaira) 4:41
10 Act II Scene 2: Duetto: Deh! Se tu m'ami, o barbara (Orosmane, Zaira) 6:28
11 Act II Scene 2: Duetto: Deh! Questo di concedimi (Zaira, Orosmane) - Scene 3: O Castiglione (Nerestano) - Scene 4: Allor che … (Apeled, …) … 4:03
12 Act II Scene 8: Aria: Che non tentai, per vincere (Zaira, Fatima) 5:58
13 Act II Scene 8: Aria: Qual mesto suono? (Zaira, Fatima, Voices) - Scene 9: Ciel! Che avvenne? (Chorus, Fatima) 5:04
14 Act II Scene 9: Aria: Ah! Crudeli, chiamarmi alla vita (Zaira, Chorus, Fatima) - Scene 10: E' notte alfin (Orosmane, Corasmino) 4:33
15 Act II Scene 10: Terzetto: Ah Corasmino! (Orosmane, Corasmino) 1:19
16 Act II Scene 11: Finale: Reggi I passi miei (Zaira, Orosmane, Corasmino, Fatima, Nerestano) - Last Scene: Che mai festi, o barbaro! (Nerestano, Orosmane, Zaira, Corasmino, Chorus) 5:07
 Majella Cullagh Soloist
 Parry, David

By taking the very best music from a fascinating, unknown score, Opera Rara begins its new series, the Essential Opera Rara. The chosen selections contan the heart or essence of a work on a single disc of highlights. Saverio Mercadantes Zaira is the first in the series. Mercadante had spent four years writing operas in Spain and Portugal when he returned to Italy in 1831. At that time the most popular composers were Gaetano Donizetti and Vincenzo Bellini. Mercadante kinew he had to compete with the dramatic genius of Donizetti and the melting lyricism of Bellini. It was, in fact, Bellini who used Felice Romanis libretto first; written in haste, it had no success. Adapting the existing text to his own purposes, Mercadante produced something remarkable. The dramatic opportunities are seized with a sure hand and his most plangent melodies provide some of the best vocal music of his long career. All of this for the tragic story of the slave who marries a sultan. Each disc comes with a complete libretto, with English translation, giving you the opportunity to understand how the various excerpts relate to the whole.

"WORLD PREMIERE RECORDING... Majella Cullagh flaunting a to-die-for top register, provides accomplished and expressive singing throughout the title role"

George Hall - BBC Music Magazine

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