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OP 0234
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OP 0234
MEYERBEER: Esule di Granata (L')

MEYERBEER: Esule di Granata (L')

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2011


Academy of St. Martin in the Fields Orchestra

Carella, Giuliano

Paul Austin Kelly


Geoffrey Mitchell Choir

Record Label
Opera rara



Total Time - 78:54
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MEYERBEER: Esule di Granata (L')



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L'esule di Granata

1 Act I Scene 1: Introduzione: Sempre tacer! Soffrire! (Chorus, Ali) 6:08
2 Act I Scene 1: Introduzione: Eccovi il duce (Alamar, Chorus, Ali) 2:14
3 Act I Scene 1: Introduzione: Si, vendetta … pera … cada … (All) 1:34
4 Act I Scene 1: Introduzione: Ma silenzio … (Alamar, Chorus, Azema, Maidens) 6:18
5 Act I Scene 1: Introduzione: Fragor lontan si ascolta (All, Azema, Alamar, Omar, Sulemano, Chorus, Fatima) 3:51
6 Act I Scene 1: Duetto: Ah le voci di natura (Azema, Sulemano) 2:09
7 Act I Scene 1: Duetto: Deh, se il padre consoscesti (Azema, Sulemano, Chorus of Zegris, Women, Fatima) - Scene 2: Torna il prode … (Men, Women, Almanzor, Chorus of Women, Chorus of Men, Azema) - Scene 3: Dio de' miei (Sulemano, Azema) 4:29
8 Act I Scene 3: Terzetto: Cara, il soave istante (Almanzor, Azema, Sulemano) 4:28
9 Act I Scene 3: Terzetto: Tergi, mio ben (Almanzor, Azema, Sulemano, Omar, Maidens, Imams, Alamar, Ali, Chorus) 5:15
10 Act I Scene 3: Finale Primo: Miei pensieri, in tal cimento (Almanzor, Azema, Alamar, Sulemano, Ali) 5:04
11 Act I Scene 3: Finale Primo: Vieni e lascia al suo rimorso (Alamar, Sulemano, Azema, Almanzor, Ali, Chorus) - Act II Scene 1: Amor di un re magnanino (Maidens, Abenserages, Omar, Chorus, Alamar, Ali, Sulemano, Zegris) 6:40
12 Act II Scene 2: Scena: Itene amiche, e questa ora tranquilla (Azema, Fatima, Ali) 5:05
13 Act II Scene 2: Scena: All'armi, all'armi! (Voices, Chorus, Ali) 1:50
14 Act II Scene 2: Scena: Si, guerrieri - si, miei fidi … (Azema, Chorus) 2:06
15 Act II Scene 2: Aria: Se lo difende amore (Azema, Chorus, Fatima, Almanzor, Ali) - Scene 3: Inoltra il passo … (Alamar, Sulemano, Almanzor) 3:10
16 Act II Scene 3: Duetto: Il trono avito io non pretendo … (Sulemano, Almanzor, Chorus) 4:55
17 Act II Scene 3: Duetto: Trema I tuoi complici vinti gia sono (Almanzor, Sulemano, Chorus, Fatima, Omar) - Scene 4: Riede il mattin (Almanzor) 2:21
18 Act II Scene 4: Aria: Oh! Come rapida (Almanzor, Omar, Azema, Sulemano, Alamar) 3:46
19 Act II Scene 4: Scena: Cedi alla sorte e stringimi (Sulemano, Almanzor, Azema, Women, Men) 3:38
20 Act II Scene 4: Rondo: Piu bella vittoria (Almanzor, Chorus) 3:53
 Paul Austin Kelly Soloist
 Carella, Giuliano

Few operas by a major 19th century composer have experienced comparable neglect. The fifth of six operas Meyerbeer wrote for Italian opera houses during his nearly nine years in Italy (1816 to 1824), L’esule was apparently produced only once following its 1822 premiere at La Scala, Milan (in Florence four years later), and thereafter remained silent until now.

L’esule di Granata deserves our attention as a pivotal work in Meyerbeer’s output. While Meyerbeer clearly embraced the innovations of Rossini he also managed to make many others to accommodate his own musical ideas. The most significant of these was the concept of scale, We see this in the complex, multi-movement introduction which makes up the first scene of L’esule di Granata. From the moment the curtain rises, he is already working on a larger canvas, employing all the effects at his disposal – choruses, stage bands, scenic effects, and above all, brilliant vocalism.

Ironically, it is the singers produced by today’s so-called “Rossini Renaissance” that have enabled Opera Rara to investigate the vocal splendours and challenges of Meyerbeer. L’esule di Granata is no exception and none of the cast on this recording will disappoint.

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