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OU 0531
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OU 0531
AMARGOS: Northern Concerto / BORTZ: Pipes and Bells / STUCKY: Etudes

AMARGOS: Northern Concerto / BORTZ: Pipes and Bells / STUCKY: Etudes

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release date: February 2013

Originally recorded in 2000


Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Shui, Lan

Lan Shui


Michala Petri



Danish Radio Concert Hall, Denmark

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Our Recordings


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 57:28
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AMARGOS: Northern Concerto / BORTZ: Pipes and Bells / STUCKY: Etudes

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Northern Concerto

1 I. Allegro giusto 7:43
 Michala Petri Soloist
2 II. Molto expressivo e rubato 8:39
 Michala Petri Soloist
3 III. Allegro moderato 9:57
 Lan Shui Soloist



Pipes and Bells

 Michala Petri Soloist




5 No. 1. Scales 3:10
 Michala Petri Soloist
6 No. 2. Glides 6:04
 Michala Petri Soloist
7 No. 3. Arpeggios 4:11
 Michala Petri Soloist
 Shui, Lan

 Movements contains three contemporary recorder concertos written for Michala Petri: Northern Concerto by Spanish composer Joan Albert Margos, Pipes and Bells by Swedish Daniel Börtz and Etudes by American Steven Stucky. The orchestra is Danish National Symphony Orchestra/DR and Chinese conductor Lan Sui.

The concertos show the expanded possibilities for the modern recorder being a solo instrument with full Symphony Orchestra. All concertos are world premiere recordings.
"A complete analysis of American orchestral programming is, as we say in academic writing,"beyond the scope of this essay" but I want to posit a general theory here: these stellar works will probably not be heard on stage in the USA anytime soon. True, some orchestras are at least a little adventurous in programming these days and deserve at least a modicum of credit for trying new things. But it is a safe bet that most music directors and arts administrators, when faced with a choice between a brilliant new concerto played on a less popular instrument (e.g. recorder) and an old familiar soloist or repertoire selection will make the predictable, safe choice. That is too bad. I would maybe even purchase a subscription if I thought that my ears, brain, and heart would be chalIenged at least once in a while. Michala Petri is clearly an excellent musician, and the Danish National Symphony is a highly disciplined, competent ensemble. If you like challenging new music that is not academic, but still brilliantIy conceived, find this. If you do not hear this played by your local orchestra in the next decade, write a letter or stop going. Better yet, spend some time in Denmark,where it seems you can love great music and have a brain at the same time!"
American Record Guide - 12 October 2007

 "...The sheer musicality and sense of character Petri brings to these works almost make you take her extraordinary technique and tone control for granted. Lan Shui’s brilliant leadership inspires the Danish National Symphony Orchestra/SR to convey all of the color and vivacity that these scores demand, helped by the Danish Broadcasting Production team’s breathtaking engineering. Don’t miss this stunning release!" 

Jed Distler - - 7 March 2007

                  Artistic Quality 10         Sound Quality 10         Overall Impression 10

"...Michala’s artistic personality and her outstanding skills are instrumental to the enrichment of the recorder repertoire with these three major works. A phenomenal recording, wonderful music!"
Markus Zahnhausen - Klassik Heute - 25 May 2007 

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