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OU 0604
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OU 0604
Chamber Music for Recorder and Lute - VITALI, T.A. / TELEMANN, G.P./ BACH, J.S. / VIVALDI, A. / CORELLI, A. (Virtuoso Baroque) (Petri, Hannibal)

Chamber Music for Recorder and Lute - VITALI, T.A. / TELEMANN, G.P./ BACH, J.S. / VIVALDI, A. / CORELLI, A. (Virtuoso Baroque) (Petri, Hannibal)

The Classical Shop
release date: February 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Lars Hannibal


Michala Petri



OUR recordings Studio, Kokkedal, Denmark

Record Label
Our Recordings




Total Time - 67:46
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Chamber Music for Recorder and Lute - VITALI, T.A. / TELEMANN, G.P./ BACH, J.S. / VIVALDI, A. / CORELLI, A. (Virtuoso Baroque) (Petri, Hannibal)

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Chaconne in G minor (arr. for recorder and lute)

 Michala Petri Soloist



Essercizii musici: Recorder Sonata in D minor, TWV 41:d4

2 I. Affettuoso 1:50
 Michala Petri Soloist
3 II. Presto 3:42
 Lars Hannibal Soloist
4 III. Grave 0:55
 Michala Petri Soloist
5 IV. Allegro 3:23
 Michala Petri Soloist



Flute Sonata in C major, BWV 1033

6 I. Andante - Presto 1:30
 Michala Petri Soloist
7 II. Allegro 2:19
 Michala Petri Soloist
8 III. Adagio 1:38
 Michala Petri Soloist
9 IV. Menuet I-II 2:51
 Michala Petri Soloist



Sonata No. 4 in A major, Op. 13, RV 59, "Il pastor fido"

10 I. Preludio: Largo 1:44
 Michala Petri Soloist
11 II. Allegro ma non presto 3:03
 Michala Petri Soloist
12 III. Pastorale 3:36
 Michala Petri Soloist
13 IV. Allegro 1:53
 Michala Petri Soloist



Recorder Sonata, Op. 5, No. 12, "La Follia"

 Lars Hannibal Soloist



Violin Sonata in G minor, "The Devil's Trill" (arr. for recorder and lute)

15 I. Larghetto affetuoso 2:27
 Michala Petri Soloist
16 II. Allegro 2:48
 Michala Petri Soloist
17 III. Grave - Allegro assai 7:03
 Michala Petri Soloist



Recorder Sonata in B flat major, HWV 377

18 I. (Corrente) 2:07
 Michala Petri Soloist
19 II. Adagio 1:23
 Michala Petri Soloist
20 III. Allegro 2:41
 Michala Petri Soloist

 A breathtaking Baroque banquet to celebrate 20 years of music making!

• A delightful and surprising program of Baroque favorites, interpreted by Petri/Hannibal Duo.
• Recorded in state-of-the-art Super Audio Sound!
The Petri/Hannibal duo first appeared on stage in the winter of 1991, and performed their first full concert in the summer of 1992 at the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain. Since then, they have appeared in concert halls and festivals around the world, giving nearly 1500 concerts in programs of music from the late renaissance and early baroque, the classical and romantic periods, to contemporary works written especially for them. Together, they have released five CDs including Kreisler Inspirations (2001) which received the prestigious Deutscher Schallplattenpreis. In 2006, the duo formed OUR Recordings, to present the  continuing musical adventures of two most imaginative musicians. In celebration of their 20th anniversary, the duo has newly recorded a program of their most popular Baroque repertoire as a very special gift to the audience, their friends and fans around the world!
"...This engaging programme explores repertoire far beyond the regions normally inhabited by the baroque recorder, and Michala Petri`s fine playing is so sensitively supported by the creative accompaniment of Lars Hannibal that my only regret is that room has not been found on this CD for some solo music for his archlute. Maybe next time?..."
Margareth Rees - The Consort (UK) - June 2012

"...this classy and uplifting release from Petri and Hannibal ticks all the boxes."
Paul Fowles - Classical Guitar magazine (UK) - April 2012

"...This is a fine disc which will provide great pleasure to recorder fans, showing us all the standards to which we humble amateurs can merely aspire." 
Dominy Clements - - February 2013

"There can be little doubt that if any recorder-player has the right to give  their CD the title "Virtuoso Baroque", it is Michala Petri. Here she proves her fitness by wading into three technique-bending warhorses from the violin repertoire - the Vitali Chaconne, Corelli`s Folia and Tartini`s Dervil`s Trill Sonata- and emerges the other side with scarcely a ruffle. In music both fast and slow her poise remains absolute, thanks to lightning fingerwork, precision tonguing, fautless breath control and unfailing eveness of tone and tuning. There must be few recorder-players anywhere who can match this, and the cool-handed athleticism is no less impressive in some of the actual wind pieces including here in the form of sonatas by Telemann, Bach, Chedeville and Handel. At its best, the cheer sound of Petri`s playing can shoot a thrill through you like an iced drink on a hot day... Listen to this CD and you will gape in wonder at Petri`s technical brilliance ..."
Linsay Kemp - Gramophone magazine - January 2012

"...Also, don`t let the month pass by without enjoying the masterful recital by recorder virtuoso Michala Petri and archlutist Lars Hannibal. Since performing in 1992 at the Monastery La Cartuja de la Sierra in Andalusia, Spain, they have dominated the market for recorder-archlute in programs of music from the late renaissance and early baroque to contemporary works written for especially for them. In 2006, the duo formed OUR Recordings, to present their continuing musical adventures. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Petri-Hannibal have recorded their most popular Baroque hits, from moody Telemann, chirpy Vivaldi, and mellifluous and consoling Bach, to the fireworks of Corelli`s La Folia and Tartini`s Devil`s Trill Sonata. The playing is ravishing, the sound is almost decadently intimate."
Southern CA Early Music Society Newsletter - December 2011

"This unusual duo has been around for a decade, having given nearly 1500 concerts of repertory from the late Renaissance to the present, including works especially composed for them. They have released five CDs so far, and in 2006 formed their own label, Our. This new release celebrates their 20th anniversary performing together, with a new program of their most requested Baroque selections as a gift to their fans around the world. In a way it is a return to their roots as one of the best early music duos, and an interesting alternative to the usual early music duo of harpsichord and recorder. The Baroque was known for benefiting from a unique pan-European exchange of musical ideas. Some of these composers were very cosmopolitan, and all were influenced by developments in music outside of their particular areas. Some of the Baroque highlights of this program include the famous Vitali Chaconne in g, Bach’s Sonata in F Major BWV 1033—about which much controversy has engaged musicologists as to whether he in fact wrote it or not, Corelli’s 11-minute treatment of the  famous early music theme La Folia, and Tartini’s notorious “Devil’s Trill” Sonata in g. Petri makes everything—especially the challenging Vitali Chaconne—sound so effortless. There is never the least concern that you might hear one of the ungainly squawks that can emanate from less-virtuoso recorder players. Petri is one of the world’s top recorder artists, and Danish musician Hannibal is noted for his many guitar and lute recordings. The note booklet is very detailed, with information and background on each of the selections. The DSD/DXD format recording was made the Our studios in Denmark, and the sonics of both instruments on the soundstage are outstanding." 
John Sunier - - December 2011

 "...This is a most beautifuly recorded and presented SACD.It contains a selection of largely very familar Baroque masterpieces, but heard in unusual transcriptions for recorder and archlute.The performers are the celebrated recorder virtuoso Michala Petri and lutenist Lars Hannibal ...  throughout this release, Petri`s recorder playing is stunning..."

Michael Jameson - International Record Review - December 2011

"... The accompaniment is provided by the solo archlute of Lars Hannibal, a nice change from the usual keyboards and a richly resonant sound that defines a large musical space when paired with a recorder in its upper reaches. This in turn is captured effectively in the engineering of producer Preben Iwan in the OUR Recordings studio in Copenhagen. An unusually satisfying collection of recorder music even for those who think they don’t like the recorder."
James Manheim - All Music Guide - November 2011

 "...Petri’s playing is so riveting one could listen to her play anything and make music of the gods out of it. The combination of recorder and archlute lends a timeless quality to these performances that transports this listener into the intimate setting of an 18th-century drawing room, and the SACD recording enhances that ambiance. Petri makes these pieces her own, whether they belong to the recorder or not. So just listen and enjoy. Strongly recommended."    

Jerry Dubins - Fanfare magazine (US) - November 2011            

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