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PF 7052
TIPPETT, M.: Child of Our Time (A) (C. Davis) (Staatskapelle Dresden Edition, Vol. 25)

TIPPETT, M.: Child of Our Time (A) (C. Davis) (Staatskapelle Dresden Edition, Vol. 25)

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release date: November 2011


Dresden Staatskapelle

Davis, Colin

Jerry Hadley


Dresden State Opera Chorus


Semperoper Dresden, Dresden, Germany

Record Label




Total Time - 65:27
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TIPPETT, M.: Child of Our Time (A) (C. Davis) (Staatskapelle Dresden Edition, Vol. 25)



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A Child of our Time

1 Part I: The world turns on its dark side (Chorus) 4:54
2 Part I: The Argument: Man has measured the heavens (Alto) 1:56
3 Part I: Interludium attacca 1:03
4 Part I: Scene: Is evil then good? (Chorus, Alto) 2:57
5 Part I: Now in each nation (Bass) 1:18
6 Part I: Chorus of the Oppressed: When shall the userers' city cease (Chorus) 2:03
7 Part I: I have no money for my bread (Tenor) 3:20
8 Part I: How can I cherish my man in such days (Soprano) 3:29
9 Part I: A Spiritual: Steal away (Chorus, Soprano, Tenor) 2:19
10 Part II: A star rises in mid-winter (Chorus) 2:42
11 Part II: And a time came (Bass) 0:19
12 Part II: Double Chorus of Persecutors and Persecuted: Away with them! (Double Chorus) 1:01
13 Part II: Where they could, they fled (Bass) 0:23
14 Part II: Chorus of the Self-righteous: We cannot have them in our Empire (Chorus) 0:42
15 Part II: And the boy's mother wrote a letter (Bass) 0:11
16 Part II: Scene: O my son! (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 1:14
17 Part II: A Spiritual: Nobody knows the trouble I see, Lord (Chorus, Soprano, Tenor) 1:17
18 Part II: Scene: The boy becomes desperate in his agony (Bass, Alto) 1:16
19 Part II: They took a terrible vengeance (Bass) 0:24
20 Part II: The Terror: Burn down their houses! (Chorus) 1:03
21 Part II: Men were ashamed of what was done (Bass) 0:35
22 Part II: A Spiritual of Anger: Go down, Moses (Chorus, Bass) 3:25
23 Part II: The boy sings in his prison: My dreams are all shattered (Tenor) 3:00
24 Part II: What have I done to you, my son? (Soprano) 1:26
25 Part II: The dark forces rise like a flood (Alto) 0:57
26 Part II: A Spiritual: O, by and by (Chorus, Soprano) 1:09
27 Part III: The cold deepens (Chorus) 4:17
28 Part III: The soul of man (Alto) 2:12
29 Part III: Scene: The words of wisdom are these (Bass, Chorus) 4:44
30 Part III: Praludium attacca 1:12
31 Part III: General Ensemble: I would know my shadow and my light (Chorus, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 4:40
32 Part III: A Spiritual: Deep river (Chorus, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 3:59
 Jerry Hadley Soloist
 Davis, Colin
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