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PN 0219
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PN 0219
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
STEPAN, J.A.: Fortepiano Music (Torbianelli)

STEPAN, J.A.: Fortepiano Music (Torbianelli)

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release date: October 2012

Originally recorded in 2010


Edoardo Torbianelli


Record Label
Pan Classics




Total Time - 139:46
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STEPAN, J.A.: Fortepiano Music (Torbianelli)




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Divertimenti in E flat major, Op. 1, No. 6

1 I. Andante non molto 5:41
2 II. Allegro vivace 2:48
3 III. Minuetto: Trio 3:59
4 IV. Allegro assai 1:48

Keyboard Sonata in E flat major

5 I. Adagio non molto in C minor - Allegro molto 6:50
6 II. Andante non molto 3:29
7 III. Allegro assai 3:43

Keyboard Sonatas, Op. 3, Parte 2a: Sonata in C major

8 I. Adagio non molto e Cantabile in C minor 3:21
9 II. Allegro e vivace 2:48
10 III. Andante non molto 3:40
11 IV. Minuetto: Trio 2:54
12 V. Allegro con brio 1:33

Keyboard Sonata II in G major

13 I. Adagio non molto: Cantabile 6:13
14 II. Courante: Allegro molto 1:33

5 Capriccios


Keyboard Sonata in B flat major

16 I. Andante 2:20
17 II. Allegro non molto 2:29
18 III. Minuetto: Trio 4:10
19 IV. Andantino 4:21
20 V. Allegro assai 2:22

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5 Capriccios


Keyboard Sonata in A major

2 I. Allegro non molto 5:08
3 II. Adagio, o piu andante non molto 4:09
4 III. Inglese: Allegro molto 3:51

5 Capriccios


Keyboard Sonata I in E flat major

6 I. Allegro moderato 3:45
7 II. Andante non molto 3:26
8 III. Minuetto: Trio 3:54
9 IV. Allegro 3:23

Keyboard Sonatas, Op. 3, Parte 1a: Sonata in G major

10 I. Adagio 2:45
11 II. Allegro 4:13
12 III. Andante non molto 4:25
13 IV. Minuetto: Trio 4:15
14 V. Polonese 2:09
15 VI. Capriccio: Allegro molto 4:21
16 VII: Allegro assai 2:58
 Edoardo Torbianelli Soloist

 Paul Hindemith (1895-1963) was one of the most under appreciated composers of the 20th century. Talented and prolific, he was also a viola virtuoso of the highest order and premiered William Walton’s Viola Concerto. More than any other composer, Hindemith understood the viola and wrote some of its most challenging repertoire. ’Der Schwanendreher’ is a delightful viola concerto with themes based on old German folksongs.

On his death-bed Béla Bartók (1881-1945) left a draft of what appears to be almost all of the solo viola part of his concerto. The orchestration of the first version prepared for performance is largely Tibor Serly’s although Bartók left fairly frequent short-hand prompts to what he had in mind. The revised edition, by Peter Bartók and Nelson Dellamaggiore, has restored many original features, but has not fundamentally challenged the orchestration.
Nobuko Imai is considered to be one of the most outstanding viola players of our time. After finishing her studies at the Toho School of Music, Yale University and the Juilliard School, she won the highest prizes at both the Munich and the Geneva international competitions. She combines a distinguished international solo career with teaching at the Conservatories in Amsterdam and Geneva, where she is a Professor.
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