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PT 6076
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PT 6076

SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony No. 11, "The Year 1905"

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Russian National Orchestra

Mikhail Pletnev

Mikhail Pletnev

Featured Artist

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Total Time - 62:04
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Symphony No. 11 in G minor, Op. 103, "The Year 1905"

1 I. The Palace Square: Adagio 16:46
2 II. The Ninth of January: Allegro 18:46
3 III. In Memoriam: Adagio 11:35
4 IV. The Tocsin: Allegro non troppo 14:57
 Mikhail Pletnev Featured Artist
 Mikhail Pletnev
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“The PentaTone album is advertised as being recorded at a single concert in Brussels, but you would never guess from either the background silence or the impeccable accuracy of the ensemble. The sound itself is typically full and well blended.”

Matthew Rye

“Mikhail Pletnev’s Shostakovich Symphony No. 11 excels beyond the much-hyped Rostropovich version on LSO Live, which suffers from a deadening slow, heavy tread. Pletnev’s urgent pacing brings the piece in at around 62 minutes (10 minutes less than Rostropovich), while his lively phrasing, attention to rhythm, and powerful dynamic contrast makes for compelling listening. Even the long, slow first movement--fatal in the wrong hands--remains interesting due to Pletnev’s insistent rhythmic pulse and skilfully maintained tension. This tension gets released in the swirling winds and strings of the second movement, and even more so in the gripping march at the movement’s conclusion….Pletnev’s is a good choice for those desiring to hear the Eleventh played by a Russian orchestra, in modern sound.”

Victor Carr Jr

Classics Today

“The Russian musicians play Symphony No.11 to perfection. Pletnev goes for the jugular in his dramatic reading, and some of the climaxes are hair-raising.”

Rad Bennett

“This new hybrid disc (combined CD and SACD) with a virtuosic orchestra and conductor delivers both, going to the top of the list of digital recordings.”

Alan G. Artner

Chicago Tribune

“The Russian National Orchestra is in top form, with its brass department in resplendent form.”

Robert Benson

“I was totally gripped from start to finish by this beautifully paced live performance. It is fantastically recorded, and captures what must have been a thrilling concert…Pletnev and the Russian National Orchestra have that concentration, focus and sheer brilliance to make the Shostakovich 11 shine like the real gem it is.”

Andrew Toovey

“A brilliant recording of one of my favourite Shostakovich symphonies… this interpretation - it chills me to the core”

John Broggio

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