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PT 6082
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PT 6082

DVORAK, A.: Symphony No. 7 / The Golden Spinning Wheel (Netherlands Philharmonic, Kreizberg)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra

Kreizberg, Yakov

Yakov Kreizberg

Featured Artist

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Total Time - 65:40
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Symphony No. 7 in D minor, Op. 70, B. 141

1 I. Allegro maestoso 10:31
2 II. Poco adagio 9:46
3 III. Scherzo: Vivace 7:26
4 IV. Finale: Allegro 9:39

The Golden Spinning-Wheel, Op. 109, B. 197

 Yakov Kreizberg Featured Artist
 Kreizberg, Yakov
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“To sum up, Kreizberg’s Dvorák Seventh is quite good, but his Golden Spinning Wheel is excellent."

Arthur Lintgen


"Yakov Kreizberg’s solution is to emphasise the lyrical. His tempo is graceful, the music’s jagged edges are softened, and supple phrasing minimises the breathlessness. The result is quite beautiful, thanks to the expressive and refined playing of the Netherlands Philharmonic…..This PentaTone disc also sounds terrific, particularly in SA-CD format."

Anrew Farach-Colton


“This album has a lot to recommend it”  *****

John Sunier

Audiophile Audition

“Excellent playing; the Netherlands Philharmonic acquits itself admirably throughout, particularly the horns.”

Robert Benson

“In both cases, Kreizberg and orchestra do a masterful job of capturing the unique characteristics of both compositions. The Seventh Symphony is played powerfully and with immense drive without seeming exaggerated. Balance within the orchestra is exceptionally well-controlled, allowing the important inner voices to be heard clearly even during full tutti fortissimos. The Golden Spinning Wheel finds Kreizberg delivering fine attention to detail, bringing forth the subtle nuances of the score that are integral to its relationship to the original folk story. PentaTone’s sound is clear, present, and vigorous; listeners using the multi-channel SACD track will be further treated to an all-encompassing sound that puts them in the center of the orchestra.”

Mike D. Brownell

“A most enjoyable and recommendable release”

Graham Williams

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