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PT 6083
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PT 6083

PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 5 / Ode to the End of the War

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Russian National Orchestra

Jurowski, Vladimir

Vladimir Jurowski

Featured Artist

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Total Time - 57:07
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Symphony No. 5 in B flat major, Op. 100

1 I. Andante 13:23
2 II. Allegro marcato 8:31
3 III. Adagio 11:41
4 IV. Allegro giocoso 9:15

Ode to the End of the War, Op. 105

 Vladimir Jurowski Featured Artist
 Jurowski, Vladimir
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“Taken at a hard lick, as it too often is, Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony can be seen as a coarse wartime brute. Vladimir Jurowski, working with the superb Russian National Orchestra, knows better. He shapes with thoughtfulness and feeling; speeds are controlled. Subtleties lost in Gergiev’s bull charge bloom. A magnificent recording; and the neglected Ode to the End of the War makes a tasty extra.”  *****

Geoff Brown

The Times

“Vladimir Jurowski lends intelligence, a keen ear and a generous heart to both works here.”

Colin Anderson

“I’ve listened to this account several times and been thrilled each time by what Jurowski and his players unleash here – it’s magnificent”

Nigel Simeone

International Record Review

“For Pentatone Jurowski already has recorded with the Russian National Orchestra two symphonies of Shostakovich as well as music of Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky, and now we have this brilliant performance of Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 5. A major and welcome bonus is a seldom-heard work of Prokofiev, Ode to the End of the War. This fascinating 14-minute piece is scored for the unlikely combination of 8 each of harps and double basses, 4 pianos, wind orchestra, and percussion. Written in 1945, a year after Symphony No. 5, is has been described as "Socialistic Jubilation Orgy" at the victory of the Soviet Union over Fascism. Is undoubtedly is one of Prokofiev’s brashest scores, and the unique instrumentation provides unusual sonorites—hardly a major work of the composer, but it’s good to have it available. Fine, bright sound from Pentatone.”

Robert Benson

“Vladimir Jurowski conducts both scores with a scintillating sense of rhythm that serves the music very well. The clarity of his approach highlights the catchy tunes and transparent orchestration of two of Prokofiev’s most melodic and accessible scores.”

Dr Phil Muse

Atlanta Audio Society

“What is perhaps most striking about the recording of this symphony, however, is the crystal-clear view it provides of Prokofiev’s genius when it comes to orchestration. This is critical, as many other recordings of the Fifth neglect textures and orchestral colours rarely heard outside the composer’s oeuvre: full marks to both the musicians and the recording team at PentaTone. A fresh and insightful approach to a standard, this recording is highly recommended for veterans and newcomers alike."

Graham Lord

La Scena Musicale

“Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony is extraordinary music, but typical of the composer in its blend of lyric and rhythmic elements. Conductor Vladimir Jurowski grasps all facets of the Russian composer’s music, and the fine Russian National Orchestra responds to his direction splendidly. The flittering rhythms of the second movement are mercurial in a Russian way, and the long lines of the main melody in the third are lyrical to a fault. The strings sound rich and play virtuosically; the brass can be mellow, yet snarl when asked to do so. It all adds up to a five-star recording of this work, and the recording helps….It is, in short an ideal recording that I don’t think anything could improve”.

Rad Bennett

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