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PT 6097
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PT 6097

MOZART, W.A.: Serenade No. 7, K. 250, Haffner (Netherlands Chamber Orchester, Nikolic)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Nikolic, Gordan

Gordan Nikolic

Featured Artist

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Total Time - 57:22
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March in D major, K. 249

 Nikolic, Gordan

Serenade No. 7 in D major, K. 250, "Haffner"

2 I. Allegro maestoso - Allegro molto 7:52
3 II. Andante 8:57
4 III. Menuetto 3:38
5 IV. Rondo: Allegro 7:49
6 V. Menuetto galante 5:32
7 VI. Andante 7:05
8 VII. Menuetto 4:43
9 VIII. Adagio - Allegro assai 7:50
 Gordan Nikolic Featured Artist
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“Gordan Nikolic presides over a performance in which the stately passages carry abundant innerlife while never sounding rushed and the fast movements sprint by with lots of punch and impact along the way. It’s a taut vibrant performance, engaging from beginning to end.”

James Reel


“The performance is bright, spritely, propulsive and highly recommended. The audio quality is truly excellent and appropriate to the demands of this type of music”.

Karl Lozier

“Nikoli? shows that he is as superlative a violin soloist as he is a conductor, as unerring in his understanding of lyrical eloquence as he is of dramatic timing. He never pits a foot wrong. Nether does PentaTone’s production, which keeps the perspectives steady (for example, the violin is properly balanced with the ensemble and not pulled forward for the cadenzas). The range, transparency and tonal veracity of the recording offer a total vindication of SACD. This is a tremendous disc”.

Nalen Anthoni


“Leading the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, the violinist Gordan Nikolic once again demonstrates communicative vitality. Everything here breathes as it should, based on an exaltation of energy contained by the most sublime musical discourse. Nikolic soars over these scores with wings of force and poetry. Mozart at his best in a great musical moment”.

Jean Jacques Milo

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