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PT 6307
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PT 6307

BRAHMS: Symphony No. 1 / Haydn Variations

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2009

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Marek Janowski

Marek Janowski

Featured Artist

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Total Time - 61:23
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Variations on a Theme by Haydn, Op. 56a, "St. Anthony Variations"

1 Thema, "Chorale St. Antoni": Andante 2:03
2 Variation 1: Poco piu animato 1:24
3 Variation 2: Piu vivace 1:05
4 Variation 3: Con moto 1:33
5 Variation 4: Andante con moto 1:47
6 Variation 5: Vivace 0:55
7 Variation 6: Vivace 1:11
8 Variation 7: Grazioso 2:08
9 Variation 8: Presto non troppo 0:59
10 Finale: Andante 3:42

Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68

11 I. Un poco sostenuto - Allegro 15:17
12 II. Andante sostenuto 8:36
13 III. Un poco allegretto e grazioso 4:30
14 IV. Adagio - Piu andante - Allegro non troppo, ma con brio - Piu allegro 16:13
 Marek Janowski Featured Artist
 Marek Janowski
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“if you want this music in fine multichannel sound, you can buy with confidence.”

David Hurwitz

Classics Today

“Well, rather than mincing my words and having to hold you in suspense while you read the entire paragraph, I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that this has become not only my favourite performance of the Haydn Variations, but I’m having a hard time thinking about any other performance of the Brahms 1st beyond this new Janowski recording.”

Richard Foster


“PentaTone’s reviting “you”-are-there” recording makes it a winner…If you are looking for a new, uncontroversial, and trustworthy reading of Brahms’s First Symphony in fantastic sound, I can recommend Janowski and Pittsburgh to you with little hesitation.”

Jeery Dubins


“This is one of the better Brahms Firsts I’ve ever heard – which is saying a great deal.”

Dr Phil Muse

Atlanta Audio Society

“.Marek Janowski is one of the most exciting conductors of our time and has held many major positions; currently he is "Endowed Guest Conductor" of the Pittsburgh Symphony where he conducts often. This dynamic performance of Symphony No. 1 is among the best, and another plus is quality of recorded sound.”

Robert Benson

“I’ve never thought of Marek Janowski as a sensitive maestro, but he is exactly that here, breathing new lyrical life into these often-played works. His readings are fleet but never rushed. The introduction to the fourth movement of the symphony is exceptionally tight and dramatic, setting the stage for the noble theme that serves as a basis for the rest of the movement.”

Rad Bennet

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