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PT 6402
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PT 6402
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

WAGNER, R.: Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Die) [21] (Janowski)

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release date: January 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

Janowski, Marek

Matti Salminen


Berlin Radio Chorus

Record Label




Total Time - 252:33
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WAGNER, R.: Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Die) [21] (Janowski)




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Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (The Mastersingers of Nuremberg)

1 Act I: Prelude 8:33
2 Act I: Da zu dir der Heiland kam (Chorus) 3:20
3 Act I: Verweilt! Ein Wort! (Walther, Eva, Magdalene, David) 8:46
4 Act I: David, was stehst? (Apprentices, David, Walther) 1:59
5 Act I: Mein Herr! der Singer Meister-Schlag (David, Walther) 2:57
6 Act I: Der Meister Ton' und Weisen (David, Walther, Apprentices) 10:17
7 Act I: Seid meiner Treue wohl versehen (Pogner, Beckmesser, Walther, Sachs, Vogelsang, Nachtigall) 4:20
8 Act I: Zu einer Freiung und Zunftberatung (Kothner, Pogner, Vogelsang, Ortel, Zorn, Nachtigall, Moser, Apprentices, David, Eisslinger, Foltz, Schwarz) 2:07
9 Act I: Nicht doch, ihr Meister (Pogner, Kothner, Apprentices, Sachs, Beckmesser) 6:53
10 Act I: Vielleicht schon ginget ihr zu weit (Sachs, Kothner, Beckmesser, Vogelgesang, Nachtigall, Pogner) 5:14
11 Act I: Dacht' ich mir's doch! (Beckmesser, Kothner, Pogner, Nachtigall, Sachs) 2:21
12 Act I: Am stillen Herd in Winterszeit (Walther, Sachs, Beckmesser, Kothner, Vogelsang, Nachtigall) 5:01
13 Act I: Nun, Meister, wenn's gefallt (Kothner, Walther, Beckmesser) 2:22
14 Act I: Was euch zum Liede Richt' und Schnur (Kothner, Walther, Beckmesser) 2:38
15 Act I: Fur dich, Geliebte, sei's getan – Fanget an! (Walther, Kothner, Beckmesser, Pogner, Ortel, Foltz, Moser, Nachtigall, Vogelsang, Zorn) 5:37
16 Act I: Halt, Meister! Nicht so geeilt! (Sachs, Beckmesser, Nachtigall, Kothner, Pogner, Apprentices) 7:21

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1 Act II Scene 1: Johannistag! Johannistag! (Apprentices, David, Magdalene, Sachs) 3:46
2 Act II: Lass seh'n, ob Meister Sachs zu Haus? (Pogner, Eva, Magdalene, Sachs, David) 6:23
3 Act II: Was duftet doch der Flieder (Sachs) 6:08
4 Act II: Gut'n Abend, Meister! (Eva, Sachs, Magdalene) 8:09
5 Act I: Das dacht' ich wohl! (Sachs, Magdalene, Eva, Pogner) 2:03
6 Act II: Da ist er! (Eva, Magdalene, Walther) 3:48
7 Act II: Geliebter, spare den Zorn (Eva, Magdalene, Walther, Night-watchman) 1:57
8 Act II: Uble Dinge, die ich da merk (Sachs, Walther, Eva, Night-watchman) 2:36
9 Act II: Jerum! Jerum! (Sachs, Beckmesser, Walther, Eva) 12:30
10 Act II: Den Tag seh' ich erscheinen (Beckmesser, Sachs) 5:30
11 Act II: Mit den Schuhen ward ich fertig schier (Sachs, Beckmesser, David, Chorus, Magdalene, Apprentices, Pogner, Walther, Night-watchman) 5:39

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1 Act III: Prelude 6:02
2 Act III: Gleich, Meister! Hier! (David, Sachs) 7:03
3 Act III: Wahn! Wahn! Uberall Wahn! (Sachs) 7:14
4 Act III: Gruss' Gott, mein Junker! (Sachs, Walther) 9:03
5 Act III: Morgenlich leuchtend in rosigem Schein (Walther, Sachs) 10:17
6 Act III: Ein Werbelied! (Beckmesser, Sachs) 6:13
7 Act III: Das Gedicht? Hier liess ich's (Sachs, Beckmesser) 7:17
8 Act III: Sieh' Ev'chen! Dacht' ich doch, wo sie blieb'! (Sachs, Eva, Walther) 5:57
9 Act III: Hat man mit dem Schuhwerk nicht seine Not! (Sachs, Eva) 4:11
10 Act III: Mein Kind, von Tristan und Isolde (Sachs) 3:45

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1 Act III: Die selige Morgentraum - Deutweise (Sachs) 1:09
2 Act III: Selig, wie die Sonne (Eva, Magdalene, Walther, David, Sachs) 4:38
3 Act III: Sankt Crispin, lobet ihn! (Chorus, Apprentices) 5:01
4 Act III: Ihr tanzt? Was werden die Meister sagen? (David, Apprentices, Chorus) 5:42
5 Act III: Wacht auf! Es nahet gen den Tag (Chorus) 2:06
6 Act III: Euch macht ihr's leicht (Sachs, Pogner, Beckmesser, Kothner, Chorus, Apprentices) 7:02
7 Act III: Morgen ich leuchte in rosigem Schein (Beckmesser, Chorus, Kothner, Nachtigall, Vogelsang, Ortel, Foltz, Sachs, Apprentices) 8:12
8 Act III: Morgenlich leuchtend im rosigen Schein (Walther, Chorus, Sachs, Pogner, Eva) 7:33
9 Act III: Verachtet mir die Meister nicht (Sachs, Chorus) 3:57
10 Act III: Ehrt eure deutschen Meister (Chorus) 1:56
 Matti Salminen Soloist
 Janowski, Marek


To celebrate its 10th anniversary PentaTone has decided to embark on a unique project: Recording the 10 major Wagner operas with the same forces. Never before a record company has recorded all Wagner opera’s with the same Orchestra, Choir and conductor.

This project became possible since the Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin had decided to program all the Wagner opera’s in three seasons in concert performances. Marek Janowski the Music Director of the Orchestra (who a.o. recorded the first digital Ring cycle in Dresden) felt that in Berlin with its 3 opera houses too much attention went to the mis en scene and wanted to enable the audiences of his orchestra to listen to the music Wagner has composed without being detracted by the way stage directors and set designers influence the Wagner experience and detract from the music. For the full story we refer to the (video) interview with Marek Janowski which was done by the magazine "Gramophone" which will soon be posted on the Gramophone website. A short version of the interview will be published by "Gramophone" in the print version of the awards issue of the magazine (street date: 7 October 2011).

Partners in the project are Deutschland Radio and the Rundfunk Chor Berlin.

Each opera will only be performed once. Concerts take place in the Philharmonie in Berlin, one of the "homes" of the orchestra (the other one is the Konzerthaus in former East Berlin). The decision to do the concerts in the prestigious Philharmonie, -which was best suited for the mega forces needed for the Wagner operas- immediate triggered a lot of logistical problems since most of the year the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is giving its performances in this venue. Not just 10 free nights were needed spread over 3 seasons, but also at least three days prior to each concert for rehearsals. Only after all the free "slots" had been found the selection of (top) singers could start.

PentaTone’s recording partner Polyhymnia International will record all concerts plus the rehearsals.

"A worthy Wagner: solid addition to the bicentenary cycle... The sonic engineering is superb ... you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sounding opera recordin. Albert Dohmen as Hans Sachs is also mightily impressive, firm of tone and offering great textural insight into this multifaceted character. Edith Haller’s Eva is charming and Dietrich Henschel makes Beckmeser a frmidable rival ... The sense of ensemble is also excellent with fine chorus work and a great sense of occasion, all moving forward swimmingy in Janowski’s pacey reading... an excellent reading to which I shall certainly return."

Clive Paget - Limelight - 31 May 2012

              Opera Choice

Performance *****       Recording *****

"...This Meistersinger is imbued with incessant vitality and energy ... The chorus and orchestra are first-rate, and I can’t recall a performance that seemed to fly by so quickly, without ever sounding rushed."

Michael Tanner - BBC Music magazine - February 2012

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