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PT 6459
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PT 6459

10 Recital: Delan, Lisa - BOLCOM, W. / CORIGLIANO, J. / GARNER, D. / GETTY, G. / HEGGIE, J. / WOOLF, L.P. (The Hours Begin to Sing)

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release date: July 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master


David Krakauer


Lisa Delan



Skywalker Sound, San Rafael, California, USA


Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 78:01
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10 Recital: Delan, Lisa - BOLCOM, W. / CORIGLIANO, J. / GARNER, D. / GETTY, G. / HEGGIE, J. / WOOLF, L.P. (The Hours Begin to Sing)

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From The Book of Nightmares

1 I. The Nightmare 3:57
2 II. In a Restaurant 2:33
3 III. My Father's Eyes 3:33
4 IV. Back You Go 4:22
 Lisa Delan Soloist



Vilna Poems

5 No. 1. Unter dayne vayse shtern 3:24
6 No. 2. Shpiltsayg 2:19
7 No. 3. In kartser 2:36
8 No. 4. Ekzekutzie 4:13
9 No. 5. Vi azoy? 3:04
10 No. 6. In torbe funem vint 5:43
 David Krakauer Soloist



3 Irish Folksong Settings

11 No. 1. Salley Gardens 2:37
12 No. 2. The Foggy Dew 2:59
13 No. 3. She Moved Through the Fair 3:54
 Lisa Delan Soloist



4 Emily Dickinson Songs

14 No. 1. Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers 1:25
15 No. 2. There's a Certain Slant of Light 2:31
16 No. 3. A Bird Came Down the Walk 1:41
17 No. 4. Because I Could Not Stop for Death 2:33
 Lisa Delan Soloist



Rumi: Quatrains of Love

18 I. No. 1359. Do you think I know what I'm doing? 0:52
19 II. No. 25. Friend, our closeness is this 1:17
20 III. No. 1242. During the day I was singing with you 1:26
21 IV. No. 388. I would love to kiss you 0:55
22 V. No. 1797. We are walking through a garden 1:32
23 VI. No. 1246. The minute I heard my first love story 0:52
24 VII. No. 36. When I am with yo 1:15
25 VIII. No. 64. When I die, lay out the corpse 1:53
26 IX. No. 91. The breeze at dawn 1:23
27 X. No. 1359. Do you think I know what I'm doing? 0:25
 Lisa Delan Soloist



Cabaret Songs

28 No. 5. Song of Black Max 3:11
29 No. 21. Can't Sleep 1:33
30 No. 22. At the Last Lousy Moments of Love 2:35
31 No. 19. Angels Are the Highest Form of Virtue 1:28
32 No. 12. George 4:00
 Lisa Delan Soloist

To be part of the creative process of new songs from their inception to fruition is an exhilarating – and altogether humbling – experience. Myriad externalities influence the direction of the journey from the moment the text speaks to a composer until the moment the performers speak the text; but the great wonder is in what happens in between, in the mind and hand of the composer. As a mother, I can only liken this miracle to birth: an essential force comes into the world fully formed, through the conduit of another human being. And once it arrives, you cannot conceive of it never having been. I am grateful to have been some small part of such miracles.
When I recorded the partner CD to The Hours Begin to Sing – And If the Song Be Worth a Smile – I was delighted to include four premiere recordings, one of which I commissioned for the CD. I am thrilled with The Hours Begin to Sing to introduce four more premiere recordings, three of which were written specifically for this disc. And although I cannot claim parentage in this drama of creation, I am honored to have been cast in the role of midwife. 
During the recording of And If the Song Be Worth a Smile, I felt privileged to work with Bill Bolcom, John Corigliano, David Garner, Gordon Getty, Jake Heggie and Luna Pearl Woolf in lending my voice to their songs. To be able to renew these collaborations five years later for The Hours Begin to Sing, and to experience so much of the creative process along the way, have been unforeseen gifts. And what an exceptional gift to bring the words of Dickinson, Yeats, Kinnell, Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks), Sutskever and Arnold Weinstein to life with Kristin Pankonin, Matt Haimovitz, David Krakauer and Maxim Rubtsov! Thank you Bill, John, David, Mr. G, Jake and Luna, for letting your kids come out and play with us.
Lisa Delan - January 2013

"Soprano Lisa Delan sings with commitment and fine musicianship and shows wonderful control, preciseness, and superb diction. This is a wonderful program. She champions American composers and new works... Though there are many remarkable things about this program, the musical collaboration of the ensemble is the key. Each musician displays commitment to the msic, text and collaboration."

Mary Southworth - American Record Guide - September/October 2013

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