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PT 6515
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PT 6515
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

HEGGIE, J.: Camille Claudel / Pieces of 9/11 / Soliloquy / Rise and Fall (Here/After) (Costello, DiDonato, Gunn, Trevigne, Wincenc)

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Nathan Gunn


Joyce DiDonato


Jake Heggie


Talise Trevigne


Stephen Costello


Ekaterina Gorlova


Carol Wincenc


Alexander String Quartet



The Scoring Stage, Skywalker Sound, Marin County, California, United States


Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 131:14
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Camille Claudel: Into the Fire

1 No. 1. Prelude: Awakening - Rodin 05:45
2 No. 2. La valse 04:54
3 No. 3. Shakuntala 05:16
4 No. 4. La petite chatelaine 04:47
5 No. 5. The Gossips 04:30
6 No. 6. L'age mur 03:12
7 No. 7. Epilogue: Jessie Lipscomb Visits Camille Claudel, Montdevergues Asylum, 1929 04:54
 Joyce DiDonato Soloist

Pieces of 9/11

8 No. 1. Prelude: Lauren 06:04
9 No. 2. Lessons 05:17
10 No. 3. Phone Calls 03:07
11 No. 4. That Moment On 05:36
12 No. 5. Beyond 04:07
13 No. 6. An Open Book 05:18
 Talise Trevigne Soloist
 Ekaterina Gorlova Soloist


 Carol Wincenc Soloist
 Jake Heggie Soloist

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Friendly Persuasions (Songs in Homage to Poulenc)

1 No. 1. Wanda Landowska 02:33
2 No. 2. Pierre Bernac 01:58
3 No. 3. Raymonde Linossier 04:17
4 No. 4. Paul Eluard 02:33
 Stephen Costello Soloist
 Carol Wincenc Soloist

Rise and Fall

5 No. 1. Water Stone (Noguchi) 04:23
6 No. 2. Incantation Bowl 03:51
7 No. 3. Angels' Wing 04:12
8 No. 4. The Shaman 04:35
 Talise Trevigne Soloist
 Jake Heggie Soloist

A Question of Light

9 No. 1. The Light of Coincidences (Magritte) 02:53
10 No. 2. Eccentric Flint (Ancient Maya) 02:21
11 No. 3. Yellow Roses in a Vase (Caillebotte) 04:26
12 No. 4. Place de la Concorde (Mondrian) 02:05
13 No. 5. El hombre (Tamayo) 04:07
14 No. 5. Watch (Murphy) 04:06
 Nathan Gunn Soloist
 Jake Heggie Soloist

Fury of Light

15 I. Fast 04:46
16 II. Elegy 04:03
17 III. Meditation 03:02
18 IV. Very Fast 03:48
 Carol Wincenc Soloist
 Jake Heggie Soloist

All of the pieces try to give voice to people no longer on the planet - artists like Camille Claudel, Francis Poulenc, Wanda Landowska, Pierre Bernac, Paul Eluard - also to people lost in the 9/11 attacks - also voices to artworks by painters and sculptors no longer alive So HERE_AFTER gives a nice double play to the idea of the spiritual hereafter; that these voices are here even after the sources are gone; that we can “hear” them after they are gone. 

 "...The entire program is deeply moving. Heggie’s musical language is eclectic - a blend of classical, folk, rock, ethnic, and Broadway musical. It’s direct and accessible music that would be worth hearing even if it weren’t performed as well as it is here."

Robert A Moore - American Record Guide - March/Aprilv 2014

"... The lost voices represented are “silenced individuals whose stories deserve to be heard,” including victims and survivors of 9/11 (Pieces of 9/11: Memories from Houston). In 9/11, the duo is successful in their intention to bring forward “the hope and newness that can come from grief” through excerpts obtained through 30 hours of interviews from first responders, families and community members. Woven throughout are echoes of the “Prelude” from Bach’s Cello Suite in G Major, providing a poignant and moving undercurrent to the memories. Another of the “lost voices” is French sculptor Camille Claudel (Camille Claudel: Into the Fire) whose tumultuous relationship with Rodin and frustrated ambitions resulted in commitment to an asylum. The duo take as their inspiration six of her sculptures with each movement evoking the story that each represents. Performances by mezzo Joyce DiDonato and the Alexander String Quartet are absolutely stunning in their tender, exquisite phrasing..."

Dianne Wells - - 29 January 2014

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