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RC 0269
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RC 0269
CACCINI, G.: Euridice (L') [Opera] (Achten)

CACCINI, G.: Euridice (L') [Opera] (Achten)

The Classical Shop
release date: September 2013

Originally recorded in 2013


Nicolas Achten


Nicolas Achten


Celine Vieslet


Scherzi Musicali


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Total Time - 79:19
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CACCINI, G.: Euridice (L') [Opera] (Achten)

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1 Prologo: Aria di Romanesca 1:17
2 Prologo: Io che d'alti sospir, "La Tragedia" 3:42
3 Act I Scene 1: Ninfe ch'i bei crin d'oro (Shepherd, Nymph, Chorus) 3:03
4 Act I Scene 1: Donne che'a miei diletti (Euridice, Shepherd, Chorus) 2:42
5 Act I Scene 1: Al canto, al ballo (Chorus, Shepherd, Nymph) 3:03
6 Act I Scene 2: Antri ch'a miei lamenti (Orfeo, Arcetro, Tirsi) 5:13
7 Act I Scene 2: Lassa, che di spavento (Dafne, Arcetro, Orfeo, Shepherd) 2:53
8 Act I Scene 2: Per quel vago boschetto (Dafne, Arcetro) 3:39
9 Act I Scene 2: Non piango e non sospiro (Orfeo) 1:22
10 Act I Scene 2: Ahi mort' invide' e ria (Arcetro, Dafne, Nymph, Shepherd) 2:45
11 Act I Scene 2: Cruda morte (Nymph, Chorus, Shepherd) 6:11
12 Act I Scene 3: Se fato invido e rio (Arcetro, Chorus) 6:30
13 Act I Scene 3: Se de' boschi i verdi onori (Chorus, Nymph) 2:13
14 Act II Scene 4: Aria di Romanesca: Scorto da immortal guida (Venus, Orfeo) 3:28
15 Act II Scene 4: Funeste piaggie, ombrosi orridi campi (Orfeo) 3:41
16 Act II Scene 4: Ond'e cotanto ardire (Pluto, Orfeo, Proserpina, Radamante, Caronte) 7:54
17 Act II Scene 4: Trionfi oggi pieta ne' campi inferni (Pluto, Orfeo) 1:05
18 Act II Scene 4: Poi che gli etern'imperi (Chorus, Deity) 1:52
19 Act III Scene 5: Aria di Romanesca: Gia del bel carro ardente (Arcetro, Chorus) 2:40
20 Act III Scene 5: Voi che si ratte il volo (Aminta, Chorus, Arcetro) 6:08
21 Act III Scene 6: Giotte al canto mio (Orfeo) - Tu sei, tu sei pur quella (Chorus, Euridice, Arcetro, Orfeo, Aminta, Dafne) 5:16
22 Act III Scene 5: Biondo arcier che d'alto monte Aureo fonte (Chorus) 2:42
 Celine Vieslet Soloist
 Nicolas Achten Soloist
 Nicolas Achten Conductor

Henri IV of France married Maria de’ Medici in 1600. A new art-form - opera - played an important role in the wedding celebrations in Florence, with Jacopo Peri’s L’Euridice being performed on 6 October at the Palazzo Pitti. Giulio Caccini, however, was clearly in some opposition to his illustrious colleague and beat him to publication; his own version of the same Rinuccini libretto appeared in print in December of the same year. Caccini’s lyricism, emotion and skilled vocal writing show clearly that his L’Euridice is the true forerunner of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo. Ricercar now proudly presents this world premiere recording of Caccini’s masterpiece.

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