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RE 0132
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RE 0132

Tickle the Minikin: 17th-century lyra viol music

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 96Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2013


Robert Smith

viola da gamba


Zuidervermaning, Westzaan, The Netherlands



Adam Binks



Adam Binks


Record Label


Early Music


Total Time - 64:15
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Pieces in Harpe Sette Sharpe

1 I Prelude 1:17
2 II Allemande 2:20
3 III Courante 1:19
4 IV Carillon 4:16
5 V Air 2:04
6 VI Allemande & Sarabande 1:57
7 VII Thumping Almaine 1:23



Pieces in ‘ededf’

8 I Allemande 2:11
9 II Allemande 1:37
10 III Sarabande 1:31



Pieces in Lancashire Pipes Tuning

11 I Prelude & Lancashire Pipes 3:11
12 II Kate of Hardie, Piggies of Rumsey & Lancashire Pipes 1:40



Pieces in French Sette

13 I Almaine 2:52
14 II Courante 1:58
15 III Allemande 2:01
16 IV Courante 1:25
17 V Courante 1:35



Pieces in High Harp Flat

18 I Prelude 1:41
19 II Allemande 1:32
20 III Courante 1:37
21 IV Courante 1:36
22 V Sarabande 0:39
23 VI Allemande 2:40
24 VII Courante 1:24
25 VIII Sarabande 1:19

Pieces in ‘fedef’

26 I Air 1:43
27 II Air 1:12

Alfonso Waye Tuning


Pieces in Harpe Sette Flat

29 I Courante 1:09
30 II Allemande 1:40
31 III Sarabande 0:32
32 IV Allemande 1:23
33 V Courante 1:13
34 VI Sarabande 0:37
35 VII Air 2:02
 Robert Smith viola da gamba

 Viola da gambist and founder member of the acclaimed Baroque trio Fantasticus Robert Smith makes his solo recording debut with a fascinating programme of 17th-century  works for lyra viol. Employing new editions prepared by the performer, the majority of this stunning recital is from English composers and was sourced from a manuscript collection of mysterious origin housed in the British Library. 

Containing a varied array of composers, styles as well as unusual tunings, Smith’s polished virtuoso performances showcase the obvious accomplishments of the original owner and compiler of this valuable collection including music from such names as John Jenkins, Thomas Mace, Dietrich Steffkins, Simon Ives & Charles Coleman.

 "’Tickle The Minikin’ is a fascinating collection of repertoire... Stylistically, Smith plays with flare, flamboyance and dexterity. There is a great variety of styles in the pieces themselves: flippant little dances, more grounded preludes, and some wonderful character pieces... I very much enjoyed this disc - a good addition to your lyra-viol collection, or a great place to start!"  ****

Alison Kinder - Early Music Today magazine - December 2014-February 2015

 "An exemplary showcase for the music of a forgotten member of the English viol consort... Robert Smith’s readings are technically assured... "

Robin Stowell - The Strad - September 2014

"...this is a fascinating and magnificently performed recital of recondite and yet attractve music that I have found is best listened to in the quiet and solitude of the late evening."

Christopher Price - International Record Review - September 2014

                          Instrumental Choice 

            Performance *****          Recording *****

"...Such a gamut of styles demands terrific flexibility, and Robert Smith is an outstanding interpreter, casting eloquent melodies and long-breathed contrapuntal lines. The airy acoustic captures the resonance of his instrument in a recording that delights and surprises."

Kate Bolton - BBC Music magazine - September 2014

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