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RN 0375
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RN 0375
Platti: Concerti per il cembalo obligato

Platti: Concerti per il cembalo obligato

The Classical Shop
release date: July 2014

Recorded in 24 Bit / 44.1Khz
album available as a Studio Master


Paolo Grazzi


Luca Guglielmi


Concerto Madrigalesco


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Total Time - 71:46
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Platti: Concerti per il cembalo obligato

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Concerto a cembalo obligato No. 2 in Do Minore, I 49

1 I. Andantino 3:52
2 II. Adagio 4:44
3 III. Allegro 3:48
 Luca Guglielmi Performer
 Concerto Madrigalesco Performer

Sonata oboe solo in Do Minore, I 100

4 I. Adagio assai 2:16
5 II. Allegro assai 3:29
6 III. Non tanto adagio 3:36
7 IV. Giga (Presto) 1:59
 Paolo Grazzi Performer
 Luca Guglielmi Performer

Concerto a cembalo obligato No. 7 in Sol Maggiore, I 55

8 I. Andantino 4:08
9 II. Largo 3:59
10 III. Allegro assai 6:37
 Luca Guglielmi Performer
 Concerto Madrigalesco Performer

Sonata per cembalo solo in Do Minore, Op. 4 No. 2, I 109

11 I. Fantasia (Allegro) 5:34
12 II. Adagio 6:24
13 III. Allegro 1:57
14 IV. Allegro (Presto) 5:18
 Luca Guglielmi Performer

Concerto per il cembalo obligato No. 6 in La Maggiore, I 57

15 I. Allegro ma non tanto 5:05
16 II. Largo 4:21
17 III. Allegro 4:39
 Luca Guglielmi Performer
 Concerto Madrigalesco Performer

Twelve years younger than Bach and Handel, Giovanni Benedetto Platti left us a collection of nine Concerti per il cembalo obligato which rank not only among the very early examples of composition for keyboard instrument and strings, but also and above all, the first specimens especially conceived for the fortepiano, the new instrument invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Billiant soloist and regular keyboard player of Zefiro, Luca Guglielmi offers us, for the first time on period instruments three brilliant and foreseeing piano concertos, interspersed with the large-scale Piano Sonata in C minor, a very widespread composition at the time, and the baroque Sonata for oboe, with a special appearence by Paolo Grazzi. An astonishing music from a composer who deserves to be recognized as one of the greatest of his time..

"... In this program the fortepiano is the solo instrument in three concertos and one sonata and the basso continuo in one oboe sonata. The pieces are well chosen and the program put otgether with contrasts of key and timbre that work well... Here we have not only a beautifully-voiced instrument but also a very fine recording. Both these factos certainly contribute to the enjoyment of this very fine program..."

Catherine Moore - American Record Guide - November/December 2014

                             ***** - Exceptional

Diego Procoli - Musica magazine (Italy) - October 2014

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