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SG 0150
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SG 0150
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

BACH, J.S.: Cantatas, Vol. 17 (Gardiner) - BWV 16, 41, 58, 143, 153, 171

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release date: October 2013

Originally recorded in 2008


English Baroque Soloists


John Eliot Gardiner


James Gilchrist


Ruth Holton


Sally Bruce-Payne


Charles Humphries


Lucy Ballard


Peter Harvey


Monteverdi Choir


English Baroque Soloists


Record Label




Total Time - 95:23
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BACH, J.S.: Cantatas, Vol. 17 (Gardiner) - BWV 16, 41, 58, 143, 153, 171




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Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele, BWV 143

1 Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele (Chorus) 01:17
2 Chorale: Du Friedefurst, Herr Jesu Christ (Soprano) 01:49
3 Recitative: Wohl dem, des Hulfe der Gott Jakob ist (Tenor) 00:19
4 Aria: Tausendfaches Ungluck, Schrecken (Tenor) 02:40
5 Aria: Der Herr ist Konig ewiglich (Bass) 01:33
6 Aria: Jesu, Retter deiner Herde (Tenor) 02:47
7 Chorale: Alleluja. Gedenk Herr, jetzund an dein Amt (Chorus) 02:06
 Ruth Holton Soloist
 James Gilchrist Soloist

Jesu, nun sei gepreiset, BWV 41

8 Jesu, nun sei gepreiset (Chorus) 07:37
9 Aria: Lass uns, o hochster Gott, das Jahr vollbringen (Soprano) 05:44
10 Recitative: Ach! deine Hand, dein Segen muss allein (Alto) 01:06
11 Aria: Woferne du den edlen Frieden (Tenor) 08:03
12 Recitative (and Chorale): Doch weil der Feind bei Tag und Nacht (Bass, Chorus) 00:51
13 Chorale: Dein ist allein die Ehre (Chorus) 01:54
 Ruth Holton Soloist
 Charles Humphries Soloist

Herr Gott, dich loben wir, BWV 16

14 Herr Gott, dich loben wir (Chorus) 01:38
15 Recitative: So stimmen wir bei dieser frohen Zeit (Bass) 01:08
16 Aria: Lasst uns jauchzen, lasst uns freuen (Bass, Chorus) 03:20
17 Recitative: Ach treuer Hort (Alto) 01:27
18 Aria: Geliebter Jesu, du allein (Tenor) 07:12
19 Chorale: All solch dein Gut wir preisen (Chorus) 00:59
 Charles Humphries Soloist
 James Gilchrist Soloist

Gott, wie dein Name, so ist auch dein Ruhm, BWV 171

20 Gott, wie dein Name, so ist auch dein Ruhm (Chorus) 01:45
21 Aria: Herr, so weit die Wolken gehen (Tenor) 04:02
22 Recitative: Du susser Jesus-Name du (Alto) 00:57
23 Aria: Jesus soll mein erstes Wort (Soprano) 05:08
24 Recitative: Und da du, Herr, gesagt (Bass) 01:35
25 Chorale: Lass uns das Jahr vollbringen (Chorus) 02:09
 Ruth Holton Soloist
 Lucy Ballard Soloist

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Schau, lieber Gott, wie meine Feind, BWV 153

1 Chorale: Schau, lieber Gott, wie meine Feind (Chorus) 00:53
2 Recitative: Mein liebster Gott, ach lass dichs doch erbarmen (Alto) 00:30
3 Arioso: Furchte dich nicht, ich bin mit dir (Bass) 01:20
4 Recitative: Du sprichst zwar, lieber Gott (Tenor) 01:11
5 Chorale: Und ob gleich alle Teufel (Chorus) 01:01
6 Aria: Sturmt nur, sturmt, ihr Trubsalswetter (Tenor) 02:38
7 Recitative: Getrost! mein Herz (Bass) 01:32
8 Aria: Soll ich meinen Lebenslauf (Alto) 02:24
9 Chorale: Drum will ich, weil ich lebe noch (Chorus) 01:09
 Sally Bruce-Payne Soloist
 James Gilchrist Soloist

Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid, BWV 58

10 Aria with Chorale: Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid (Chorus, Soprano, Bass) 03:38
11 Recitative: Verfolgt dich gleich die arge Welt (Bass) 01:12
12 Aria: Ich bin vergnugt in meinem Leiden (Soprano) 05:15
13 Recitative: Kann es die Welt nicht lassen (Soprano) 01:09
14 Aria with Chorale: Ich hab fur mir ein schwere Reis (Chorus, Soprano, Bass) 02:25
 Ruth Holton Soloist
 Peter Harvey Soloist
 John Eliot Gardiner Conductor

Volume 17 is a double album release featuring cantatas for New Year’s Day and for the Sunday after New Year, recorded live in January 2000. 

Following the Christmas festivities and to usher in the new millennium, we join John Eliot within the grand neo-Gothic Gethsemanekirche in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin for a programme consisting of Bach’s four New Year’s Day cantatas. The simple idea of a progression from beginning to end to a new beginning, permeate these cantatas. In contrast to the modest BWV 143 Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele II that opens the programme, Bach begins BWV 41 Jesu, nun sei gepreiset with the fantastically grand opening chorus, Jesu, nun sei gepreiset. Gardiner affirms; ‘…it is the epic scope of Bach’s vision for this opening movement which takes one’s breath away.’ The jewel in this particular cantata is the tenor aria Wo ferne du den edlen Frieden (No.4), one of only nine cantata movements in which Bach uses the violoncello piccolo, an instrument used by Bach to symbolise the presence and person of Christ. 

Where Cantata 41 is expansive and majestic, BWV 16 Herr Gott, dich loben wir is concise and pithy, summed up in its opening chorus of just thirty-four bars. We then hear the last of the surviving New Year cantatas by Bach, BWV 171 Gott, wie dein Name, so ist auch dein Ruhm. This is a cantata of contrasts, ranging from the somewhat lethargic tenor aria in the second movement that conjures up a delightful image of ‘white strips of cloud trailing across the heavens’ to the magnificent closing chorale; Lass uns das Jahr vollbringen. It is the first Sunday after New Year and, as if accused of breaking our New Year’s resolution already, BWV 153 Schau, lieber Gott, wie meine Feind, opens with a four-part chorale saying: ‘Behold, dear God, how my enemies with whom I must always battle, are so cunning and powerful that they can with ease subdue me.’ BWV 58 Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid II continues this theme of the beleaguered Christian. This is wonderfully illustrated through the use of the distressed, persecuted soul (soprano) in dialogue with a guardian angel, by implication, Christ (bass). 

The Monteverdi Choir accompanied by The English Baroque Soloists have once again created a captivating release, adding to the already impressive Bach Cantata pilgrimage series.


"The recording is characterised by a lightness of touch combined with joie de vivre and heart stopping emotional intelligence. This is uplifting stuff" 

Classic FM Magazine

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