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SG 0168
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SG 0168
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

BACH, J.S.: Cantatas, Vol. 11 (Gardiner) - BWV 38, 49, 98, 109, 162, 180, 188

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release date: October 2013

Originally recorded in 2010


English Baroque Soloists


John Eliot Gardiner


Paul Agnew


Joanne Lunn


William Towers


Magdalena Kozena


Peter Harvey


Sara Mingardo


Monteverdi Choir


Record Label




Total Time - 144:11
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BACH, J.S.: Cantatas, Vol. 11 (Gardiner) - BWV 38, 49, 98, 109, 162, 180, 188




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Ach, ich sehe, itzt, da ich zur Hochzeit gehe, BWV 162

1 Aria: Ach, ich sehe (Bass) 03:53
2 Recitative: O grosses Hochzeitfest (Tenor) 01:42
3 Aria: Jesu, Brunnquell aller Gnaden (Soprano) 03:36
4 Recitative: Mein Jesu (Alto) 01:42
5 Aria Duet: In meinem Gott bin ich erfreut! (Alto, Tenor) 04:11
6 Chorale: Ach, ich habe schon erblicket (Chorus) 01:03
 Magdalena Kozena Soloist
 Sara Mingardo Soloist

Ich geh und suche mit Verlangen, BWV 49

7 Sinfonia 06:27
8 Aria: Ich geh und suche mit Verlangen (Bass) 05:08
9 Recitative: Mein Mahl ist zubereit (Bass, Soprano) 02:09
10 Aria: Ich bin herrlich, ich bin schon (Soprano) 05:20
11 Recitative: Mein Glaube hat mich selbst so angezogen (Soprano, Bass) 01:36
12 Aria and Chorale: Dich hab ich je und je geliebet (Soprano, Bass) 05:01
 Magdalena Kozena Soloist
 Peter Harvey Soloist

Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele, BWV 180

13 Chorale: Schmucke dich, o liebe Seele (Chorus) 06:53
14 Aria: Ermuntre dich: dein Heiland klopft (Tenor) 05:19
15 Recitative and Chorale: Wie teuer sind des heilgen Mahles Gaben (Soprano) 02:48
16 Recitative: Mein Herz fuhlt in sich Furcht und Freude (Alto) 01:29
17 Aria: Lebens Sonne, Licht der Sinnen (Soprano) 03:41
18 Recitative: Herr, lass an mir dein treues Lieben (Bass) 01:05
19 Chorale: Jesu, wahres Brot des Lebens (Chorus) 01:33
 Magdalena Kozena Soloist
 Sara Mingardo Soloist

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Ich glaube, lieber Herr, hilf meinem Unglauben, BWV 109

1 Ich glaube, lieber Herr, hilf meinen Unglauben (Chorus) 08:43
2 Recitative: Des Herren Hand ist ja noch nicht verkurzt (Tenor) 01:25
3 Aria: Wie zweifelhaftig ist mein Hoffen (Tenor) 06:00
4 Recitative: O fasse dich, du zweifelhafter Mut (Alto) 00:34
5 Aria: Der Heiland kennet ja die Seinen (Alto) 05:13
6 Chorale: Wer hofft in Gott und dem vertraut (Chorus) 03:16
 William Towers Soloist
 Paul Agnew Soloist

Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir, BWV 38

7 Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (Chorus) 03:22
8 Recitative: In Jesu Gnade wird allein (Alto) 00:47
9 Aria: Ich hore mitten in den Leiden (Tenor) 07:23
10 Recitative: Ach! Dass mein Glaube noch so schwach (Soprano) 00:58
11 Trio Aria: Wenn meine Trubsal als mit Ketten (Soprano, Alto, Bass) 02:50
12 Chorale: Ob bei uns ist der Sunden viel 01:08
 Joanne Lunn Soloist
 William Towers Soloist

Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, BWV 98

13 Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan (Chorus) 03:53
14 Recitative: Ach Gott! wenn wirst du mich einmal (Tenor) 01:07
15 Aria: Hort, ihr Augen, auf zu weinen! (Soprano) 03:36
16 Recitative: Gott hat ein Herz, das des Erbarmens Uberfluss (Alto) 01:01
17 Aria: Meinen Jesum lass ich nicht (Bass) 03:41
 Joanne Lunn Soloist
 William Towers Soloist

Ich habe meine Zuversicht, BWV 188

18 Sinfonia 07:57
19 Aria: Ich habe meine Zuversicht (Tenor) 07:09
20 Recitative: Gott meint es gut mit jedermann (Bass) 01:59
21 Aria: Unerforschlich ist die Weise (Alto) 06:05
22 Recitative: Die Macht der Welt verlieret sich (Soprano) 00:34
23 Chorale: Auf meinen lieben Gott (Chorus) 00:54
 Joanne Lunn Soloist
 William Towers Soloist
 John Eliot Gardiner Conductor

 Volume 11, featuring cantatas for the twentieth and twenty-first Sunday after Trinity, was recorded live in November 2000. Leaving behind the austerity of Wittenberg with its fiery celebrations of the Reformation festival, John Eliot Gardiner, The Monteverdi Choir and The English Baroque Soloists head to Italy to give two concerts, one in the cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa and one the following day in the basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva in Rome. The first of these two concerts - a performance of three little-known secular-imaged cantatas in the stunning Gothic cathedral of San Lorenzo. The soloists are internationally acclaimed and include Magdalena Kožená, Sara Mingardo, Christoph Genz and Peter Harvey. 

The concert opens with the solemn BWV 162 Ach! ich sehe, itzt, da ich zur Hochzeit gehe (Ah! I see, now, that I have gone to the feast), a cantata brought to life by Salomo Franck’s strongly worded libretto. There then follows BWV 49 Ich geh und suche mit Verlangen (I go and seek with longing), a dialogue cantata dating from 1726 which is geared towards creating an atmosphere depicting the beauty of the soul. In his booklet notes, Gardiner states that the best movement is the fourth, an aria for soprano with oboe d’amore and violoncello piccolo, which he believes to be “a kind of early version of Bernstein’s ’I feel pretty.’ ” The concert ends with the very beautiful, BWV 180 Schmücke dich, o liebe Seele (Deck yourself, my soul, with gladness).
We then travel back to London for a concert in the Old Royal Navel College Chapel, Greenwich, a perfect architectural and acoustic setting. Bach composed four outstanding works for this Sunday, marvellously contrasted and subtly differentiated by mood and instrumentation. The earliest of these, BWV 109 Ich glaube, lieber Herr, hilf meinem Unglauben! (Lord, I believe, help Thou mie unbelief), opens the concert. The wonderful opening chorus, a setting of words from St Mark’s gospel, emphasises the tension between belief and scepticism in such personal terms that one wonders whether it mirrors Bach’s own private struggles of faith. This theme of distress and yearning for forgiveness continues in BWV 38 Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (Out of deep distress I cry to you) where Bach emphasises this mood in the final chorus by giving all voices full orchestral doubling, including the rare usage of four trombones! After all that accumulated intensity, BWV 98 Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan, dating from November 1726, is exceptionally genial. Last in the programme comes BWV 188 Ich habe meine Zuversicht, of 1728/29. In Bach’s harmonisation it exudes confidence, trust and power.
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