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SG 124
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SG 124

Bach - Cantatas Volume 7

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


John Eliot Gardiner

Richard Wyn-Roberts


Robin Tyson


Peter Harvey


Malin Hartelius


James Gilchrist


The Monteverdi Choir

The English Baroque Soloists


Abbaye dAmbronay

CD 1 - 24 Sept 2000

Unser Lieben Frauen, Bremen

CD 2 - 29 Sept 2000


Isabella de Sabata


Rob Aarden

CD 1

Thijs Hoekstra

CD 1

Matthijs Ruijter

CD 2

Rob Aarden

CD 2

Jean-Marie Geijsen

CD 2

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Total Time - 114:40
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  CD 1  


  For the Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity  

There is no soundness in my flesh BWV 25

1 1 Chorus with instrumental choral - There is no soundness in my flesh because of Thine anger; 6:38
2 2 Recitative: Tenor - The entire world is but a hospital where countless human beings and even children in the cradle lie gravely ill. 1:36
3 3 Aria: Bass - Ah, where can I, poor man, find help? 4:13
4 4 Recitative: Soprano - O Jesus, dear Master, 1:09
5 5 Aria: Soprano - Open to my poor songs, 2:57
6 6 Chorale - All my days I shall praise Thy mighty hand, 1:09

Jesus, who hast wrested my soul BWV 78

7 1 Chorus (Chorale) Jesus, who hast wrested my sould through Thy bitter death 6:30
8 2 Aria (Duest): Soprano, Alto - We hasten with weak but diligent steps, 4:20
9 3 Recitative: Tenor - Ah! I am a child of sin. 2:09
10 4 Aria: Tenor - Thy blood, which cancels my guilt, 3:36
11 5 Recitative: Bass - The wounds, the nails, the crown and the grave, 2:08
12 6 Now shalt Thou quieten my conscience, 3:08
13 7 Chorale - Lord, I believe, help my weakness, let me not despair 1:15

Whoso offereth praise glorifieth Me BWV 17

  Part 1  
14 1 Chorus - Whose offereth praise glorifieth Me; and in this way I shall show him the salvation of God 4:26
15 2 Recitative: Alto - The whole world must become a silent witness of God's exalted majesty, 1:01
16 3 Aria: Soprano - Lord, Thy goodness reaches as far as heaven, 3:08
  Part II  
17 4 Recitative: Tenor - And one of them, when he saw that he was healed, 0:42
18 5 Aria: Tenor - What excess of goodness dost Thou give me! 3:21
19 6 Recitative: Bass - Look upon my will, I know what I am; 1:13
20 7 Chorale - As a father has mercy on his little children, 2:33
  CD 1 TT: 57:27      
 Malin Hartelius soprano
 Robin Tyson alto
 James Gilchrist tenor
 Peter Harvey bass
  CD 2  
  For the Feast of St Michael and All Angels  

Now is come salvation and strength BWV 50

1 1 Chorus - Now is come salvation and strength, 3:15

Lord God, we all praise Thee BWV 130

2 1 Chorus (Chorale) - Lord God, we all praise Thee, 2:58
3 2 Recitative: Alto - Their radiance and high wisdom show how God inclines Himself to man 0:50
4 3 Aria: Bass - The ancient dragon burns with envy 4:23
5 4 Recitative (Duet): Soprano, Tenor - It is well for us that, day and night, 1:19
6 5 Aria: Tenor - Grant, O Prince of the Cherubim, 4:37
7 6 Chorale - Therefore we justly praise Thee and thank Thee, O God, eternally, 1:22

There arose a war BWV 19

8 1 Chorus - There arose a war. 3:50
9 2 Recitative: Bass - Praise God! The dragon is laid low. 0:51
10 3 Aria: Soprano - God sends us to Mahanaim; 4:37
11 4 Recitative: Tenor - What is vile man, that child of earth? 0:51
12 5 Aria with instrumental chorale: Tenor - Stay, ye angels, stay by me! 8:03
13 6 Recitative: Soprano - Let us love the countenance of righteous angels, 0:36
14 7 Chorale - Let Thine angel travel with me on Elijah's fiery chariot 1:35

The voice of rejoicing and salvation BWV 149

15 1 Chorus - The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous; 3:48
16 2 Aria: Bass - Might and power be sung to God, 2:41
17 3 Recitative: Alto - I have no fear of a thousand foes. 0:44
18 4 Aria: Soprano - The angels of God never retreat. 5:06
19 5 Recitative: Tenor - I give Thee thanks, my dear God, for this; 0:35
20 6 Aria (Duet): Alto, tenor - Be wakeful, you hold watchmen, 3:30
21 7 Chorale - Ah Lord, let Thy dear angel bear this soul of mine, when I die, 1:57
  CD 2 TT: 57:44      
 Malin Hartelius soprano
 Richard Wyn-Roberts alto
 James Gilchrist tenor
 Peter Harvey bass
 John Eliot Gardiner
  Cover photography by Steve McCurry  
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"Gardiner’s 2000 Bach Pilgrimage volumes are very addictive. No studio renderings can match them for immediacy, and their revelations are many. Here, the Swedish soprano Malin Hartelius occasionally lacks strength; but the general eloquence is overwhelming, especially from the tenor James Gilchrist and the Monteverdi Choir. There are seven cantatas, recorded live in Ambronay and Bremen. You feel you were there, and it’s thrilling."  ****

Geoff Brown

The Times - 1 December 2006

"Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s splendid and ongoing series of Bach cantatas continues to stimulate and delight in equal measure. This set is the pick of the 2007 crop, especially the cantatas for the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels on the second disc. All of these cantatas are superb and receive vivid performances but the set is particularly notable for the stunning account of Es erhub sich ein Streit, BWV 19.This is a most exciting cantata but what makes this a desert island choice for me is the seraphic aria ‘Bleibt, ihr engel, bleibt bei mir.’ This receives a spellbinding performance from James Gilchrist, which alone is enough to make this disc a mandatory purchase."

MusicWeb International - 31 January 2008

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