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SG 127
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SG 127

Bach - Cantatas Volume 15

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


John Eliot Gardiner

William Towers

alto BWV 151

Robin Tyson

alto BWV 64, 133

Peter Harvey


Katherine Fuge

soprano BWV 133

Joanne Lunn

soprano BWV 57

Gillian Keith

soprano BWV 64, 151

James Gilchrist


The Monteverdi Choir

The English Baroque Soloists


St Bartholomews, New York

27 Dec 2000


Isabella de Sabata


Carl Schuurbiers

Dirk Sobotka

Record Label



Total Time - 75:54
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  For the Third Day of Christmas  

Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us BWV 64

1 1 Chorus - Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, 2:29
2 2 Chorale - All this He has done for us 0:43
3 3 Recitative: Alto - Hence, world! Retain, then, your possessions, 0:37
4 4 Chorale - Why enquire after the world and all its treasures, 0:49
5 5 Aria: Soprano - All that the world contains must disperse as smoke. 5:31
6 6 Recitative: Bass - That Heaven awaits me is certain, 1:11
7 7 Aria: alto - Nothing do I desire of this world, 5:11
8 8 Chorale - Good night, existence which the world has chosen; 1:07

Sweet comfort, my Jesus comes BWV 151

9 1 Aria: Soprano - Sweet comfort, my Jesus comes, 9:49
10 2 Recitative: Bass - Rejoice, O my heart, 1:04
11 3 Aria: Alto - In Jesus' meekness I can find comfort. 4:46
12 4 Recitative: Tenor - O precious Son of God, 0:51
13 5 Chorale - Today He opens wide again the door to beautiful paradise, 0:37

Blessed is the man BWV 57

  (For the Second Day of Christmas)  
  Dialogue: Soul (Soprano), Jesus (Bass)  
14 1 Aria: Bass - Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: 3:39
15 2 Recitative: Soprano - Ah! this sweet comfort 1:21
16 3 Aria: Soprano - I would desire to die, to die, 6:16
17 4 Recitative (Dialogue) - Jesus - I give you my hand, Soul - Ah! sweetest pledge of love, 0:26
18 5 Aria: Bass - Jesus - Yes, yes, I can strike your enemies, 4:54
19 6 Recitative (Dialogue): Bass, Soprano - Jesus - In my bosom lie peace and life, Soul - Ah, Jesus, were I already with Thee! 1:30
20 7 Aria: Soprano - I swiftly end my earthly life, 4:08
21 8 Chorale - Comply, my beloved, with my wishes, 0:41

I rejoice in Thee BWV 133

22 1 Chorus (Chorale) I rejoice in Thee 3:54
23 2 Aria: Alto - Be of good cheer! A holy body enfolds the Highest's unfathomable being. 3:49
24 3 Recitative: Tenor - An Adam may, when filled with terror at seeing Christ, 1:03
25 4 Aria: Soprano - How beautifully these words sound in my ears: 7:17
26 5 Recitative: Bass - Well then my comforted heart does not consider the pain and fear of death. 1:02
27 6 Chorale: So be it; I shall, 1:09
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"It’s uncanny how often discs of Bach cantatas include at least one previously unfamiliar gem - an aria, chorus or entire work. On this latest release, taken from the penultimate concert (given at St Bartholomew’s, New York) of Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s absurd, glorious Bach Cantatas Pilgrimage of 2000, the priceless discovery for me is the opening aria of Cantata 151, Susser Trost, mein Jesus kommt. Rachel Beckett’s obbligato flute and Gillian Keith’s soprano mesmerise both in its outer sections - a beautiful, haunting lullaby - and in the joyful dance they enclose. That’s not, however, to say that the rest is any the less affecting. The four arias of Cantata 57, Selig is der Mann, the wonderfully imaginative shadings of Cantata 64, Sehet, welch eine Liebe, and the sheer exuberance of Cantata 133, Ich freue mich in dir all represent Bach at his very best. The Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists give everything with palpable affection their excellent performances only enhanced by a certain touching, deeply satisfied weariness."

The Sunday Times - 1 November 2006

"...Bring one thing away from this disc and it may well be Bach’s genius in responding to this season in multiple ways; none of them maudlin – even to our perhaps jaded sensibilities about it. We as listeners could not in turn respond to that response were it not for the outstanding musicianship and conviction of these probably weary but still utterly inspired musicians. If you’re collecting the SDG series, don’t hesitate; if you have these cantatas in either of the other sets, you won’t be disappointed at the vigor and control of these four performances." - 1 November 2006

"...This programme is a delight from start to finish and the music shows Bach’s skill and perspicacity at responding in different ways to differing aspects of the Lutheran interpretation of the Christmas message. As ever in this series the standard of performance is spectacular and Sir John is a superb guide to the music, whether as conductor or annotator.  This unfolding series goes from strength to strength and I look forward with the keenest possible anticipation to further releases in 2007."

MusicWeb International - 1 November 2006

"The latest instalment in this fascinating, award-winning Bach series. This new addition to the pioneering collection of discs from the Bach Cantata Pilgrimage features, appropriately enough, four cantatas written for the Second and Third Days of Christmas.

One can only marvel at the sheer variety of Bach’s word setting, the intense depth of emotion, and his finely tuned sense of the dramatic. Listen, for example, to the wonderful exchange of phrases between the solo alto, oboe d’amore and continuo in BMV 64 Sehet, welch eine Liebe; the incredible intimacy of BMV 151 Süßer Trost; the yearning soprano aria of BMV 57, a sorrowing, glacially paced sarabande cast in a tragic C minor; and finally the opening chorus of BMV 133 Ich feue mich in dir, which so thrillingly conveys the festiveness of Christmas time.

Sumptuously packaged with full texts (in both German and English) and a fascinating introductory essay by conductor John Eliot Gardiner, this disc comes with the very highest recommendation."

Rob Ainsley

HMV Choice - 1 December 2006

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