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SG 128
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SG 128

Bach - Cantatas - Volume 22

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


John Eliot Gardiner

Daniel Taylor


Stephen Varcoe


Angharad Gruffydd Jones


Gillian Keith


James Gilchrist


The Monteverdi Choir

The English Baroque Soloists


Georgenkirche, Eisenach

23, 24 & 25 Apr 2000


Isabella de Sabata


Matthijs Ruijter

Rob Aarden

Record Label



Total Time - 120:24
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  CD 1  


  For Easter Sunday  

Christ lay in the bonds of death BWV 4

1 1 Sinfonia 1:25
2 2 Versus I: Chorus - Christ lay in the bonds of death 3:59
3 3 Versus II: Soprano, Alto - No one could overcome Death 5:33
4 4 Versus III: Tenor - Jesus Christ, the Son of God 1:45
5 5 Versus IV: Chorus - It was an awesome battle 1:48
6 6 Versus V:Bass - Here is the true Easter Lamb 4:23
7 7 Versus VI: Soprano, Tenor - So we celebrate with heartfelt joy and pleasure 1:38
8 8 Versus VII: Chorale - We eat and fare well 1:14

The heavens laugh! The earth rejoices BWV 31

9 1 Sonata 2:23
10 2 Chorus - The heavens laugh! The earth rejoices 3:23
11 3 Recitative: Bass - O longed-for day! O soul, be glad again! 1:52
12 4 Aria: Bass - Prince of life, mighty warrior 2:20
13 5 Recitative: Tenor - Rise then, O God-devoted soul 1:10
14 6 Aria: Tenor - Adam must decay is us 1:45
15 7 Recitative: Soprano - Since the head by nature 0:44
16 8 Aria with instrumental chorale - Come, O final hour 3:51
17 9 Chorale - So I'll journey to Jesus Christ 0:58

Rejoice, all ye hearts BWV 66

18 1 Chorus - Rejoice, all ye hearts 8:54
19 2 Recitative: Bass - The grave is rent asunder, and thus our woe is ended 0:31
20 3 Aria: Bass - Raise to the Highest a song of thanksgiving 6:02
21 4 Recitative (Dialogue) and Arioso (Duet): Tenor, Alto - Hope 4:06
22 5 Aria (Duet): Alto, Tenor - Fear 7:46
23 6 Chorale - Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! 0:45

Abide with us, for it is toward evening

1 1 Chorus - Abide with us, for it is toward evening and the day is far spent. 5:55
2 2 Aria: Alto - Highly praised Son of God 3:44
3 3 Chorale: Soprano - Ah, abide with us, Lord Jesus Christ 3:55
4 4 Recitative: Bass - Darkness has prevailed in many places. 0:43
5 5 Aria: Tenor - Jesus, let us gaze on Thee 4:20
6 6 Chorale - Prove Thy might, Lord Jesus Christ 0:39

A heart that knows its Jesus to be living BWV 134

7 1 Recitative: Tenor, Alto - A heart that knows its Jesus to be living 0:34
8 2 Aria: Tenor - Arise, believers, sing the sweet songs 5:25
9 3 Recitative: Tenor, Alto - How fortunate are you, God has thought of you 2:19
10 4 Aria (Duet): Alto, Tenor - We thank and praise Thee for Thy fervent lover 7:06
11 5 Recitative: Tenor, Alto - But make us offer up thanks 1:48
12 6 Chorus - Ring out, ye heavens, rejoice, O earth 6:43

I live, O heart, for your delight BWV 145

13 1 Aria (Duet): Tenor, Soprano - I live, O heart, for your delight 3:31
14 2 Recitative: Tenor - Now order us, Moses, as you will 0:59
15 3 Aria: Bass - Remember but this, my heart, forever 3:05
16 4 Recitative: Soprano - My Jesus lives 0:44
17 5 Chorale - Thus we are justly cheerful 0:39
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"Easter 2000 had strong historical resonances for Sir John Eliot Gardiner’s cantata pilgrims, as these outstanding works were performed in St George’s, Eisenach, where Bach was baptised and only a stone’s throw from Wartburg Castle where Luther completed his New Testament translations.

One can only guess what inspired an unusually visceral reading of Christ lag in Todesbanden (arguably Bach’s first great creation), with a plethora of extremes from the Monteverdi Choir. One might quibble with moments where orchestral gestures are a little exaggerated but this is a performance where the sinuous lines and the momentum of liturgical ritual allow Luther’s great hymn to take us tantalisingly to the brink of Christ’s victory.

The Easter contatas receive some ebullient readings. Erfreut euch boasts one of Bach’s longest choral movements and the composer (and Gardiner) demands vigilance from his virtuoso ensemble, whose roulades of quicksilver scales shed all the fear of the preceding weeks. Despite a few uncertainties in the chromatic solos of the middle section, this is a powerful account whose spiritual core is found in the central recitative-duet between the allegorical characters Hope and Fear.

The presence of James Gilchrist in an Bach recording raises the stakes and his singing in the little-known pearl Ein Herz is an infectious display of the new believer’s ecstatic joy, expressed disarmingly in his first aria and reinforced in the duet with alto "Wir danken und preisen".

This latest volume continues to present the riches of the Pilgrimage with admirable consistency; rough edges aside, there is a unique sense of exploration and devotion to the music which comes from the palpable adrenalin of live performance in an oeuvre which has, historically, been studio-bound. Bleib’ bei uns, with its strong St John Passion undertones, is an embodiment of the best in the millenial journey and receives on of the most concentrated and telling performances on disc."

Jonathan Freeman-Attwood

Gramophone - May 2007

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