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SG 144
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SG 144

J S Bach - Cantatas Volume 25

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2008

Originally recorded in 2008


John Eliot Gardiner

Daniel Taylor


Robin Tyson


Stephan Loges


Panajotis Iconomou


Katherine Fuge


Joanne Lunn


Paul Agnew


Steve Davislim


The Monteverdi Choir

The English Baroque Soloists


Annenkirche, Dresden

Sherborne Abbey


Isabella de Sabata


Matthijs Ruijter

Thijs Hoekstra

Mario Nozza


Rob Aarden


Record Label




Total Time - 106:52
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  For the Fifth Sunday after Easter (Rogate)  

Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch BWV 86

1 1 (Arioso): Bass: Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch 2:24
2 2 Aria: Alt: Ich will doch wohl Rosen brechen 5:15
3 3 Choral: Sopran: Und was der ewig gütig Gott 1:44
4 4 Recitativo: Tenor: Gott macht es nicht gleichwie die Welt 0:25
5 5 Aria: Tenor: Gott hilft gewiss 2:19
6 6 Choral: Die Hoffnung wart' der rechten Zeit 0:56

Bisher habt ihr nichts gebeten in meinem Namen BWV 87

7 1 (Arioso): Bass: Bisher habt ihr nichts gebeten in meinem Namen 1:29
8 2 Recitativo: Alt: O Wort, das Geist und Seel erschreckt! 0:32
9 3 Aria: Alt: Vergib, o Vater, unsre Schuld 7:15
10 4 Recitativo: Tenor: Wenn unsre Schuld bis an den Himmel steight 0:47
11 5 (Arioso): Bass: In der Welt habt ihr Angst 1:49
12 6 Aria: Tenor: Ich will leiden, ich will schweigen 4:01
13 7 Choral: Muss ich sein betrübet? 1:14

In allen meinen Taten BWV 97

14 1 Versus 1. Coro: In allen meinem Taten 3:58
15 2 Versus II. Aria: Bass: Nichts ist es spät und frühe 3:15
16 3 Versus III. Recitativo: Tenor: Es kann mir nichts geschehen 0:29
17 4 Versus IV. Aria: Tenor: Ich traue seiner Gnaden 5:51
18 5 Versus V. Recitativo: Alt: Er wolle meiner Snden 0:36
19 6 Versus VI. Aria: Alt: Leg ich mich späte nieder 3:38
20 7 Versus VII. Aria (Duetto): Sopran: Hat er es denn beschlossen 2:42
21 8 Versus VIII. Aria: Sopran: Ihm hab ich mich ergeben 3:13
22 9 Versus IX. Choral: So sei nun, Selle, deine 0:53
 Katherine Fuge soprano
 Robin Tyson alto
 Steve Davislim tenor
 Stephan Loges bass

Sie werden euch in den Bann tun I BWV 44

1 1 Aria (Duetto): Tenor, Bass: Sie werden euch in den Bann tun 2:01
2 2 Coro: Es kömmt aber die Zeit 1:26
3 3 Aria: Alt: Christen müssen auf der Erden 5:17
4 4 Choral: Tenor: Ach Gott, wie manches Herzeleid 1:05
5 5 Recitativo: Bass: Es sucht der Antichrist 0:48
6 6 Aria: Sopran: Es ist und bleibt der Christen Trost 5:19
7 7 Choral: So sei nun, Seele, deine 0:50

Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich BWV 150

  (Occasion unspecified)  
8 1 Sinfonia 1:36
9 2 Coro: Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich 3:16
10 3 Aria: Sopran: Doch bin und bleibe ich vergnügt 1:35
11 4 Coro: Leite mich in deiner Wahrheit 1:49
12 5 Aria (Terzetto): Alt, Tenor, Bass: Zedern müssen von den Winden 1:08
13 6 Coro: Meine Augen sehen stets zu dem Herrn 2:05
14 7 Coro: Meine Tage in den Leiden 2:53

Sie werden euch in den Bann tun II BWV 183

15 1 Recitativo: Bass: Sie werden euch in den Bann tun 0:28
16 2 Aria: Tenor: Ich fürchte nicht des Todes Schrecken 10:30
17 3 Recitativo: Alt: Ich bin bereit 1:04
18 4 Aria: Sopran: Höchstter Tröster, Heilger Geist 3:29
19 5 Choral: Du biet ein Geist 1:02



Fürchte dich nicht, denn ich hab dich erlöst

 Joanne Lunn soprano
 Daniel Taylor alto
 Paul Agnew tenor
 Panajotis Iconomou bass

SDG’s spring 2008 release combines Cantatas for the Fifth Sunday after Easter with those written for the Sunday after Ascension Day. The first set of Cantatas were recorded in Dresden. It was here that Bach had been crowned unopposed keyboard champion in 1717, and also where the first two movements of what we now know as the B minor Mass were first performed in 1733. The opening cantata, BWV 86 Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage euch is a great example of Bach’s skill to reinforce religious texts and their meanings. The final piece in the programme is BWV 97 In allen meinen Taten, a cantata without liturgical designation first performed in 1734. It uses the haunting Heinrich Isaac hymn tune ’Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen’ in both its opening and concluding movements.

Recorded in Sherborne Abbey, BWV 150 Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich has no specified liturgical designation but is particularly apt in the period between Easter and Ascension. The two Leipzig cantatas Bach wrote for Exaudi share the title Sie werden euch in den Bann tun. BWV 44 was composed as part of Bach’s first Leipzig cycle in 1724 and BWV 183 followed a year later. To balance the performance of BWV 150, the disc ends with Johann Christoph Bach’s five-voiced motet Fürchte dich nicht. This is an uplifting programme recorded in a perfect acoustic setting.


"This latest volume from Gardiner’s 2000 Bach Pilgrimage exudes the now familiar sense of urgent, excited discovery.  None of these Cantatas is well know.  Yet the power and fertility of Bach’s invention are spellbinding, whether in No 97’s rollicking chorale fantasia and jazzy, syncopated duet, the plangent alto aria in No 44 - eloquently sung by Daniel Taylor - or the succession of graphic pictorial movement in No 150, probably Bach’s earliest cantata.  As ever, Gardiner and his crack forces combine dramtic flair (the turba chorus in No 44 has a shocking ferocity), rhetorical subtlety and a profound feeling for Bach’s unique vain of morbid inwardness."

Richard Wigmore

The Daily Telegraph - 9 August 2008

"Another volume of Gardiner’s Bach cantata cycle, another embarrassment of riches.  This latest pair of discs, recorded in Dresden and at Sherborne Abbey, includes cantatas for the fifth Sunday after Easter and for the Sunday after Ascension day.  Elsewhere, Cantata 87 includes a magical alto aria, sung by Robin Tyson, while Steve Davislim’s tenor aria in Cantata 97 is garnished with a magnificent violin obbligato, played with real élan by Alison Bury.  Cantata 183, in turn, offers two fine arias for tenor and soprano, the former exquisitely sung by Paul Agnew.  The singing and playing of the Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists is consistently beautiful."    ****

The Sunday Times - 10 August 2008

"...In all, another triumph for Gardiner, his musicians and SDG."

Dominic McHugh


Musical - 20 August 2008

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