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SIG 091
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SIG 091
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)

Bach - Six Solo Cello Suites

The Classical Shop
release date: May 2007

Originally recorded in 2007


David Kenedy



Manoukian Music Centre, Westminster Great School, London

13 & 14 Jul 2005, 25 & 26 Aug 2005, 21 & 22 Dec 2005


Mike Purton


Tony Faulkner

Record Label



Total Time - 141:35
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  CD 1  


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  Six Solo Cello Suites BWV 1007 - 1012  

Suite I

1 Prélude 3:06
2 Allemande 5:19
3 Courante 2:47
4 Sarabande 3:16
5 Menuet I - Menuet II - Menuet I 3:22
6 Gigue 1:53

Suite II

7 Prélude 3:57
8 Allemande 3:53
9 Courante 2:15
10 Sarabande 4:42
11 Menuet I- Menuet II - Menuet I 2:53
12 Gigue 3:01

Suite III

13 Prélude 4:21
14 Allemande 3:39
15 Courante 3:03
16 Sarabande 4:21
17 Bourrée I - Bourrée II - Bourrée I 3:43
18 Gigue 3:33

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Suite IV

1 Prélude 3:59
2 Allemande 4:05
3 Courante 3:19
4 Sarabande 4:19
5 Bourrée I - Bourrée II - Bourrée 5:13
6 Gigue 2:39

Suite V

7 Prélude 7:06
8 Allemande 4:07
9 Courante 2:05
10 Sarabande 2:57
11 Gavotte I - Gavotte II - Gavotte I 4:29
12 Gigue 2:21

Suite VI

13 Prélude 5:26
14 Allemande 8:13
15 Courante 3:52
16 Sarabande 4:28
17 Gavotte I - Gavotte II - Gavotte I 4:28
18 Gigue 5:25

Bach’s Solo Cello Suites are unsurpassed masterpieces. depicting a complex universe of spirit, thought and human emotion. The inventiveness, breadth of wisdom and unsurpassed beauty of Bach’s intention are represented in this intensely personal new recording by David Kenedy which captures the serenity and profundity of the music, as well as it’s joyous expression as Dance.      

From both his frequent recitals and broadcasts in both Europe and the USA, David Kenedy has won international acclaim for his prolific work as a chamber musician. As well as being a founder member of the London Mozart Trio, he has twice had the honour of being invited to play in the Jaqueline du Pré Memorial Concerts in Lambeth Palace and the Wigmore Hall. Since 1990 he has been professor of ’cello and Chamber Music at Trinity College of Music, London

"…Kenedy’s inspiration is less specific - the Suites as celebration of Creation and of life as expressed through the dance, with that Second Prelude now climaxing with a "celestial choir" - but the result is no less heartfelt. His performances are bold and clean-lined, if less caressingly resonant than Isserlis’s and with less of his virtuoso agility and rhythmic flexibility. Kenedy makes less distinction between different suites and prefers strongly projected lines shaped by big crescendi and diminuendi, though at a cost in light and shade. And despite his stated interest in the dance element, he lacks Isserlis’s airborne magic. But these are performances of honest affection, and ones to be well pleased with."

Lindsay Kemp

The Gramophone - July 2007

"Ordinarily this modern cello recording would not feature in these pages, but there is no denying David Kenedy’s intimate understanding of these fantastic pieces and his ability to convey his interpretation of their inner meaning. He plays the sixth suite on a four-string cello with no apparent difficulty (Bach had envisaged the use of the more exotic five-stringed instrument for the piece). Unaffected, honest musicianship at its best."


Early Music Review - April 2007

"Having been inspired to take up the cello through listening to Casals’s performances of the Bach Suites, it’s perhaps inevitable that David Kenedy, a pupil of Aldo Parisot and Boris Pergamenshikow, should have approached the prospect of committing to disc his own interpretations of these works with some trepidation. The challenges are legion, not merely through trying to master the harmonic and contrapuntal implications of the music within one line, but also in attempting to preserve the spirit of the dance. But Kenedy’s performances are obviously carefully thought through, have a clear emotional map of each suite and use a harmonic and contrapuntal logic that is effectively portrayed in the kind of warmly recorded performances you’d be happy to hear in the concert hall."

Joanne Talbot

The Strad - May 2007

"As he approaches 50, David Kenedy felt a need to record this music which inspired him to pick up the cello in the first place. The result is a heart-felt, passionate performance of some of the most beautiful Bach works ever, and David plays them wonderfully. He says: ’This music seems to want to come out of me… to tell my version of its pain and joy, truth and beauty.’ If you are a fan of these cello suites, then this is a great new recording from Signum classics for you to enjoy."

Classic FM - January 2007

"Inspired at a young age by hearing the legendary Pablo Casals play Bach’s Six Cello Suites, the cellist David Kenedy, professor at Trinity College of Music in London, now brings the same music to disc. He shares Casals’s snarling, passionate bow and very deliberate articulation, giving the music, in some cases, an almost staccato touch. Some listeners might prefer a more legato line, particularly in Suite No. 5, where the chords have a tendency almost to bark. Kenedy differs from the master in certain important respects: he performs at slightly slower tempi, takes no liberties emphasising bowed notes with a left hand pizzicato, and smokes no pipe while playing - but otherwise the Spaniard’s ghost is certainly here."

Rick Jones

Classic FM Magazine - May 2007

"In sum, these are most musical and intelligent readings, combining brilliance and elegance with a sincere musical purpose. The recordings are very good indeed and this set is warmly recommended."

Robert Matthew-Walker

International Record Review - March 2007

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