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SIG 186
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SIG 186

Kernis - Goblin Market

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2011


The New Professionals

Rebecca Miller

Mary King



St Jude on the Hill, Hampstead, London

8-10 Sept 2008


Andrew Keener


Mike Hatch

Record Label


Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 66:42
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Goblin Market (1995)

  Part 1  
1 Introduction - Misterioso 1:54
2 Scene 1 - With energy 1:52
  'Morning and evening Maids heard the goblins cry'  
3 Scene 2 - Tranquil 4:49
  'Evening by evening among the brookside rushes'  
4 Scene 3 - Slowly, with swagger 3:52
  'One set his basket down, one reared his plate'  
5 Scene 4 - Meno 6:42
  'Lizzie met her at the gate full of wise upbraidings'  
  Part 2  
6 Scene 1 10:56
  'Early in the morning, when the first cock crowed his warning'  
7 Scene 2 - Presto 6:00
  'Laughed every goblin when they spied her peeping'  
8 Scene 3 - With movement - exuberant 7:46
  'She cried, 'Laura', up the garden'  
9 Epilogue - Moderato 2:40

Invisible Mosaic II (1988)


Christina Rossetti’s 19th Century poem Goblin Market has long divided and bemused readers as to it’s meaning and intent. The story of two sisters and their encounters with the sinister Goblin men and their ’forbidden’ fruit, has been variously interpretated as an allegory of proto-feminism, a critique on the rise of advertising in pre-capitalist England, and an exploration of feminine sexuality in relation to the Victorian world. This multitude of interpretations only adds to the poems mystique and imagery, captured here by the Pulitzer Prize wining composer Aaron Jay Kernis.

Performed by London-based ensemble The New professionals under Rebecca Miller, the work is a unique concoction of music, mime and masks that delves into the overripe and at times grotesque and shocking imagery of Christina Rossetti’s poem. Goblin Market explores both the Victorian repression coded into its text as well as its parallels with contemporary social issues.

’Aaron jay Kernis is a remarkable composer ... in his Goblin Market ... you hear an irresistable variety of invention from the 13-piece ensemble ... The music seems perfect... its combination of original invention with a broadly earlier style similarly brings the ear back and forth across the generation... this is an inventive treatment of music theatre."  David Fallows - The Guardian

"...The recording gives plenty of detail in these complex scores, and is rich and warm. This is a release well worth the consideration of fans of imaginative scoring, well-developed musical ideas, and contemporary musical idioms."

David De Boor Canfield - Fanfare - November/December 2011

"A welcome exposure of his music [Kernis] ... The New professionals are so atentive to its beguiling sonorities and exacting rythms, out of which cohesion arises because of the musical content and not  in spite of it. Well-balanced sound as well as detailed annotationsadd to the attractions of this worthwhile release."

Richard Whitehouse - Gramophone May 2011


"...Intoxicating, outrageous, unforgettable: it is no exaggeration to say that Goblin Market is one of the great musical works of art for theatre of the 20th century."

Byzantion  -   19 March 2011 -

    IRR Outstanding

"...Enthusiasm for Goblin Market should not blind one to the high-octane romp that is Invisible Mosaic, a dazzling, mercurial essay in orchestral texture and colour. It’s quite a diffuse work, and technically challenging, but there’s not a moment that’s not ear-catching. As with Goblin Market, it presents evidence of huge enjoyment on the part of its performers."  - Ivan Moody

International Record Review - March 2011

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