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SIG 198
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SIG 198

Pachelbel: Vespers

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2010

Originally recorded in 2010


Kah-Ming Ng

The King's Singers

Charivari Agréable


St Andrews Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire


Adrian Hunter


Adrian Hunter

Record Label




Total Time - 72:27
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Ingressus in C minor (originally in D minor) P92

1 Sonata 0:57
2 Deus in adiutorium 1:37
3 Gloria patri 2:12
4 Sicut erat 3:02

Magnificat in C major (originally E flat Major) P250

5 Sonata 1:04
6 Magnificat 0:52
7 Et exultavit 1:46
8 Quia respexit 1:34
9 Et misericordia 2:33
10 Fecit potentiam 2:51
11 Suscepit Israel 1:59
12 Gloria 4:14
13 Sicut erat 2:53



Sonata a 5 in A minor

14 Allegro 3:19
15 Adagio 0:54
16 Allegro 0:59
17 Presto 0:44
18 Adagio 1:04



Ingressus in E minor (G minor) P96

19 Sonata 1:06
20 Deus in adiutorium 1:17
21 Domine ad adiuvandum 1:14
22 Gloria 1:45
23 Gloria Patri, Sicut erat 3:47

Ingressus in G major (A major) P97

24 Sonata 1:50
25 Gloria Patri 1:22
26 Sicut erat 3:15

Ingressus in G minor (A minor) P98

27 Sonata 1:50
28 Deus in adiutorium 1:24
29 Gloria 1:22
30 Sicut erat 0:49
31 Et in secula seculorum 3:21



Sonata a 5 in G minor

32 Allegro 1:06
33 [Vivace] 0:36
34 [Andante] 1:02
35 Allegro 1:17



Magnificat in F major (G major) P253

36 Magnificat 2:36
37 Deposuit 0:50
38 Sicut locutus est 0:52
39 Sicut erat, Amen 1:53

Ingressus in B flat major (C major) P88

40 Deus in adjutorium 1:21
41 Sicut erat 1:58

This music contained in this recording represents a selection of Vespers movements written by the organist Johann Pachelbel. They have in common the distinctively sonorous scoring of four or five-part choir, accompanied by a six-part string orchestra to which is added, at the composer’s express request, a bassoon.

"Charivari Agreable is one of the most versatile Early Music groups around at the moment; under its benign director Kah-Ming Ng, it appears to be infinitely adaptable, finding musicians who can fit into any of its many and varies programmes" - International Record Review

"They represent ’a new and very exciting phase of the early music revival, one that enriches the existing repertory and can bring us ever closer to the spirit of the original music.’" - Gramophone


Described by The Times as a group that has "stayed in character for over four decades, yet retuned itself to the times" and by Gramaphone as "enchanting the ear from first to last note" The Kings Singers are truly remarkable. They continue to be one of the most sought-after and critically accalimed vocal ensembles in the world, perfoming a rich and varied repertoire from Gesualdo to Gyorgy Ligeti and Michael Buble. Internationally recognised for their work in the classical field, they retain the sparkle that delights so many fans when they perform much loved numbers from the lighter end of the repertoire. Whatever, the music The Kings Singers are instantly recognisable for their spot-on intonation, their impeccable vocal blend, the flawless articulation of the text and incisive timing.


     Recording of the Fortnight

Phillip Sommerich - Classical Music Magazine - 10 April 2010

Performance *****    Recording ****

"...The ensemble is unbeatable. The six King’s Singers blend superbly, yet each becomes distinctive and expressive in their prominent moments, for instance the fugue setting of ’Sicut erat’ ending the third Ingressus with each entry pointed clearly before the voice recedes into the ensemble. Charivari Agréable in turn play as if singing, breathing between phrases and virtually texted in musical dialogue such as the final ’Sicut erat’ of the third Ingressus. High points include the Gloria of the first Magnificat, slow and contemplative, as if awestruck, with suspended dissonance piled on dissonance. ... Not to be missed."

George Pratt - BBC Music Magazine May 2010

"For those who know Pachelbel only through the Canon, this disc will be revelatory … Each piece is beautifully served by the ensemble.” ****

Stephen Pettit -The Sunday Times - March 2010

… joined together [The King’s Singers] bond into a bright rainbow of colours – just right for the music’s sunny demeanour.”  ****

Geoff Brown - The Sunday Times March 2010

"A recording of Pachelbel’s music for Vespers is vastly welcome, Amiable but with depth, Pachelbel’s elegant lines offer the King’s Singers a chance to bloom as individuals... Effervescent, energetic, singing and affable, gracious playing by Charivari Agréable gild this truly glorious music which has lain dormant for far too long…"

Rebecca Taverner -  Choir & Organ Magazine -July/August 2010

"...I would agree with the claim that this recording "serves to restore Pachelbel’s Vespers to the canon of choral masterpieces". There are also two nice instrumental Sonatas by Krieger and Kerll...Don’t pass it by."

Peter Grahame Woolf - - March 2011


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