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SIG 234
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SIG 234

Herrmann - Psycho

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2011

Originally recorded in 2011


Julian Bliss


Tippett Quartet


St Pauls Church, Southgate, London

10 & 28 Jun 2010

Kore Studios, London

5 Oct 2010


Michael Ponder


Michael Ponder

Record Label


Film & TV Music

Total Time - 56:57
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Echoes (1965)


Souvenirs De Voyage (1967)

2 First Movement: Lento (Molto Tranquillo) - Allegro Moderato 12:46
3 Second Movement: Andante (Berceuse) 7:08
4 Third Movement: Andantino (Canto amoroso) 8:06

Psycho Suite

  transcribed and arranged by Richard Birchall  

Bernard Herrmann was perhaps one of the greatest musical all-rounders of the 20th century. Although he is best known for his scores to perhaps some of the most iconic films ever made (’Vertigo’, ’Citizen Kane’, ’Pyscho’),he was also a talented composer for the concert hall, with an early career marked out by his skill as a conductor - praised by Stravinsky amongst others,who autographed Herrmann’s score for his symphony in 3 movements with ’To the excellent musician and conductor, Bernard Herrman. Cordially, I Stravinsky.

The Tippet Quartet capture the energy and music finesse of Herman’s works in this recording, accompamied for Souvenirs de Voyage by the clarinetist Julian Bliss and featuring a new arrangement of his score for ’Pyscho’.

"The Tippett Quartet gets intimate with the shower scene in a thrilling chamber suite arrangement of Psycho. " ****

James McCarthy - Limelight Magazine - 30 June 2011

"There’s more to Bernard Herrmann than Psycho, thrillingly as its played here ... Recommended."

David Gutman - Gramophone - June 2011

"Across all three works, the Tippett Quartet lucidly communicates Hermann’s themes of mystery and paranoia..." ****

Anna Britten - Classic FM Magazine May 2011

"...Herrmann’s famous monochrome string score for Psycho is heard in a neat arrangement for double-tracked string quartet. The aggression is more of a shock when the microphones are placed this close; pizzicato notes have a powerful snap and it’s wonderful to hear Herrmann’s dissonant chords spelt out so clearly and cleanly. All three works are given exemplary performances by the Tippett Quartet and Julian Bliss’s liquid legato in the quintet is seductive."

Graham Rickson - 26 February 2011


Stephen Pettitt

The Sunday Times - 23 January 2011


Andy Gill

The Independent - 21 January 2011

I bought this album on an impulse, I suppose it was because I was intrigued with how Psycho had been adapted by Richard Birchall for string quartet. However once downloaded I first played the string quartet "Echoes". It's a really beautiful, moody work, haunting yet modern. Well played by the Tippett Quartet, the recording is equally good. Much encouraged by this first piece, I then listened to Souvenirs de Voyage for clarinet quintet. Once more I found this piece also very attractive and very well played (clarinetist Julian Bliss). Full marks so far. The third and final work is the suite from Psycho arranged for string quartet. Of course this doesn't quite hold together as a quartet (I really didn't expect it to). But it is crafted superbly by Birchall. Again, fine playing and recording. I'm caught hook, line and sinker. Love it, a real gem of an album, hence 5 stars!
J Pelham