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SIG 246
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SIG 246

Handel: Messiah

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2011


Northern Sinfonia

Jane Glover

Catherine Wyn-Rogers


James Oldfield


Joseph Cullen


Darius Battiwalla


Elizabeth Watts


Mark Le Brocq


Huddersfield Choral Society


Huddersfield Town Hall


John West


Mike Hatch

Craig Jenkins


Record Label



Orchestral & Concertos

Total Time - 138:11
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2 Sinfony (Overture) 3:12
  Part the First  
3 Accompagnato. Comfort Ye (tenor) 3:04
4 Song. Every Valley (tenor) 3:16
5 Chorus. And the Glory of the Lord 2:46
6 Accompagnato. Thus asith the Lord (bass) 1:24
7 Song. But who may abide (alto) 4:18
8 Chorus. And He shall purify 2:35
9 Recitative. Behold, a virgin shall conceive (alto) 0:33
10 Song & Chorus. O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion (alto) 5:24
11 Accompagnato. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth (bass) 2:19
12 Song. The people that walked in darkness (bass) 3:18
13 Chorus. For unto a Child is born 3:54
14 Pifa (Pastoral Symphony) 3:10
15 Recitative. There were shepherds (soprano) 1:05
  Accompagnato. And lo, the Angel of the Lord (soprano)  
  Recitative. And the Angel said unto them (soprano)  
16 Accompagnato. And suddnely there was with the Angel (soprano) 0:18
17 Chorus. Glory to God in the highest (soprano) 2:00
18 Song. Rejoice greatly (soprano) 4:21
19 Recitative. Then shall the eyes of the blind (alto) 5:57
  Song. He shall feed His flock (alto & soprano)  
20 Chorus. His yoke is easy 2:17
  Part the Second  
21 Chorus. Behold the Lamb of God 3:16
22 Song. He was despised (alto) 10:46
23 Chorus. Surely, He hath borne our griefs 2:00
24 Chorus. And with His stripes 1:47
25 Chorus. All we like sheep have gone astray 3:49
26 Accompagnato. All they that see Him (tenor) 0:45
27 Chorus. He trusted in God 2:08
28 Accompagnato. Thy rebuke hath broken His heart (tenor) 1:49
29 Song. Behold and see (tenor) 1:24
30 Accompagnato. He was cut off (tenor) 0:17
31 Song. But Thou didst not leave (tenor) 1:53
32 Chorus. Lift up your heads 3:06
33 Song. Thou art gone up on high (alto) 3:23
34 Chorus. The Lord gave the word 1:05
35 Song. How beautiful are the feet (soprano) 2:23
36 Chorus. Their sound is gone out into all lands 1:21
37 Song. Why do the nations so furiously rage (bass) 2:49
38 Chorus. Let us break their bonds asunder 1:44
39 Recitative. He that dwelleth in Heven (tenor) 0:14
40 Song. Thou shalt break them (tenor) 1:55
41 Chorus. Hallelujah! 3:49
  Part the Third  
42 Song. I know that my Redeemer liveth (soprano) 6:29
43 Chorus. Since by man came death 1:52
44 Acompagnato. Behold, I tell you a mystery (bass) 0:35
45 Song. The trumpet shall sound (bass) 4:07
46 Recitative. Then shall be brought to pass (alto) 1:18
  Duet. O death, where is thy sting? (alto & tenor)  
47 Chorus. But thanks be to God 2:07
48 Song. If God be for us (soprano) 5:07
49 Chorus. Worthy is the Lamb 3:06
50 Chorus. Amen 4:33
 Elizabeth Watts soprano
 Catherine Wyn-Rogers alto
 Mark Le Brocq tenor
 James Oldfield bass
 Joseph Cullen harpsichord
 Darius Battiwalla organ
 Jane Glover
  22 December 2010  

The Huddersfield Choral Society continue their esteemed relationship with Signum Records with arguably the best-loved musical work of all time Messiah, more than two and a half centuries on from that celebrated first performance in Dublin’s New Music Hall in April 1742.

Huddersfield Choral Society has come to be known as one of the top choral societies in the UK. A recent review of Messiah in concert reads:
"Conducted by Jane Glover, it moved at the brisk pace that we now expect ... The singers of the Choral Society continue to demonstrate that, trained by chorus mster master Joesph Cullen, they have the technical ability to resolve the dichotomy of being a large choir, equipped for monumental, Victorian oratorio performances, yet must sing with the rhythmic responsiveness, the clarity and the lightness of touch, that has become the norm. The orchestra was the Northern Sinfonia; and it is hard to believe that  - apart from specialist baroque ensembles - there is a band which is better equipped to accompany current Messiah performances." - Huddersfield Examiner

                         **** (Excellent Album)

Aldo Nicastro - Musica magazine (Italy) - December 2015-January 2016

"...The performance was recorded in concert in December 2010, though one is not aware of an audience until the final applause... Two qualities distinguish this performance: diction and vitality ... You will rarely hear Handel’s choruses sung with such electrifying detail as in this set. And the way Glover steadily builds the final chorus to a swelling climax is truly satisfying... There are so many types of Messiahs for so many different audiences... the musicianship displayed seems to me to place this presentation just a bit ahead of the ’merely excellent’ category. I recommend it as one you can be happy to keep returning to."

Barker - American Record Guide - November/December 2011

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