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SIG 278
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SIG 278

Jean-Philippe Rameau - Pieces For Keyboard

The Classical Shop
release date: December 2011

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


Jill Crossland



St Pauls Church, Deptford, UK

11-13 Aug 2010


Ying Chang


Mike Hatch

Record Label



Total Time - 70:56
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  Pieces For Keyboard  



Premier Livre de Pièces de Clavecin (1705/6)

1 Prelude 2:52
2 Alemande 4:08
3 2.e Alemande 2:00
4 Courante 1:41
5 Sarabandes 2:36
6 Gigue 2:23
7 Vénitienne 1:31
8 Gavote 1:19
9 Menuet 1:19

Pièces de Clavecin avec une méthode sur la mécanique des Doigts (1724)

  'Suite' in E  
10 Allemande 4:04
11 Courante 1:31
12 Gigue en Rondeau 1:35
13 2.e Gigue en Rondeau 1:58
14 Le Rappel des Oiseaux 2:55
  (The Assembly of the Birds)  
15 1.r Rigaudon - 2.d Rigaudon - double du 2.d Rigaudon 2:25
16 Musette en Rondeau 2:10
17 Tambourin 1:20
18 La Vilageoise (Rondeau) 3:41
  'Suite' in D  
19 Les Tendres Plaintes 3:16
  (The Tender Complaints)  
20 Les Niais de Sologne 2:06
  (The Simpletons of Sologne)  
21 Double des Niais 1:48
22 2.d Double des Niais 2:31
23 Les Soupirs (The Sighs) 4:43
24 La Joyeuse (The Joyful Girl) 1:07
25 La Follette (The Mad Girl) 1:24
26 L'entretien Des Muses 5:18
  (The Muses' Conversation)  
27 La Lardon (The Gammon) 0:54
28 Les Tourbillons (The Whirlwinds) 2:13
29 La Boiteuse (The Limping Girl) 0:59
30 Les Cyclopes (The Cyclops) 3:09

Jean-Philippe Rameau’s modest output of works for keyboard (around 50 in total) are a crowning influence in French 18th-century instrumental music - summed up by one commentator as being "a paradigm of his mastery, for surveying it is to review many facets of his greatness". Famed for his additional contributions to French opera and for his advances in musical theory of the day, his keyboard works are beguiling in their mix of subtle beauty and virtuosity. The characterful works invoke both pictorial and poetic themes - a style that performer Jill Crossland describes as "an ability to characterise, to construct a miniature world in a few instants."

British pianist Jill Crossland is well know for her performances of 18th-century repertoire - her recording of JS Bach’s 48 Preludes and Fugues has been described in glowing terms by a number of reviewers:

"Within seconds you’re drawn into the gentle hammer-strokes that unloack Crossland’s warm, rounded and perpetually singing sonority ... The preludes inspire Crossland’s best work" - Gramophone

"Altogether this performance ranks with the finest previous versions, a remarkable achievement" - The Penguin Guide to CD’s

"...This is Crossland’s finest CD yet, and one hopes that she’ll set down Rameau’s remaining keyboard works in due course."

Jed Distler - Gramophone magazine - April 2012

"...Jill Crossland tackles these pieces, ranging from the frolicsome "Gigue" to the limpid "La Villageoise", with due delicacy and wit. One’s reminded of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier, but with the formality tempered by a blitheness of spirit and a modern elegance that prefigures the Romantics."  ****

Andy Gill - The Independent - 13 January 2012

"...This is a consistently delightful disc, the richness of the piano sound adding to the pleasure."

Graham Rickson - The - 31 March 2012

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