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SIG 309
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SIG 309

Alessio Bax Plays Brahms

The Classical Shop
release date: November 2012

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2012


Alessio Bax



Wyaston Concert Hall, Monmouth, UK

5-7 Jan 2012


Anna Barry


Mike Hatch

Record Label



Total Time - 74:13
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4 Ballades, Op.10

1 No.1 in D minor, 'Edward' 4:22
2 No.2 in D major 6:20
3 No.3 in B minor 3:39
4 No.4 in B major 9:14

8 Klavierstuckem Op.76

5 No.1 Capriccio in F-sharp minor 3:39
6 No.2 Capriccio in B minor 3:21
7 No.3 Intermezzo in A-flat major 2:13
8 No.4 Intermezzo in B-flat major 1:56
9 No.5 Capriccio in C-sharp minor 3:03
10 No.6 Intermezzo in A major 4:42
11 No.7 Intermezzo in A minor 2:57
12 No.8 Capriccio in C major 3:58

Variations on a Theme of Paganini, Op.35

13 Theme 0:24
  Book 1  
14 Variation 1 0:22
15 Variation 2 0:25
16 Variation 3 0:28
17 Variation 4 0:53
18 Variation 5 0:46
19 Variation 6 0:22
20 Variation 7 0:24
21 Variation 8 0:22
22 Variation 9 1:13
23 Variation 10 1:17
24 Variation 11 1:16
25 Variation 12 1:03
26 Variation 13 0:30
27 Variation 14 1:41
  Book 2  
28 Variation 1 0:47
29 Variation 2 0:35
30 Variation 3 0:35
31 Variation 4 0:45
32 Variation 5 0:22
33 Variation 6 0:21
34 Variation 7 0:19
35 Variation 8 0:31
36 Variation 9 0:50
37 Variation 10 0:40
38 Variation 11 0:28
39 Variation 12 1:25
40 Variation 13 0:47
41 Variation 14 1:16



Hungarian Dance No.5


The Italian-born pianist and leeds competition winner Alessio Bax returns with his third solo recital album for Signum. His programme surveys a selection of highlights from Brahms’ pianistic output, charting his development from early lyrical collection ’4 Ballades’ (1854) through to the ’eith perfect gems’ that are the 8 Klavierstücke Op. 76 (1871-78). Bax also tackles Brahms’ fiendish set of ’variations on a Theme of Paganini, Op 35’, which Bax describes in the programme notes as one of "the most fearsome works ever written for piano".

This album follows Bax’s 2011 Rachmaninov recital album (SIG 264) "This is one of the most intelligent and engrossing Rachmaninov rectals of recent years ... a highly rewarding release." - Classic FM Magazine

                      Critic’s Choice

"... his virtuosity is effortless, lyrical and never hard-driven; and while others struggle to clarify Brahms’s potential opacity, Bax makes light of devilish demand... Signum’s sound is excellent and the company is surely blessed to have such an artist on its books."

Bryce Morrison - Gramophone magazine - May 2013

 "...Bax embraces this music as a natural. This is easily determined after only a few minutes of listening. Given his superb technical ability and the compelling rightness of his phrasing, the first impression in the Ballades is of a pianist more concerned with beauty of sound and nuance with any attempts to storm the heights. There is an ease to this playing that I find most attractive..."

Alan Becker - American Record Guide - March/April 2013

 "... Signum’s sound ideally showcases Bax’s huge dynamic range. When I want t listen to any of these pieces. this truly notable disc wil now be my first choice. I urge you to hear it."

Paul Ogel - Fanfare - March/April 2013

"...I relished this recital programme by Alessio Bax from start to finish. Demonstrating such a high level of musicality there is no sense that Bax is distracting focus away from the composer to the soloist. Bax’s splendidly assured playing is satisfying and the recording has the benefit of splendid sound quality."  
Michael Cookson - - 11 January 2012

 "... his [Bax] playing is musical, refreshing and often exciting. I am eager to hear him in a wider range of repertoire."

Charles Timbrell - International Record Review - January 2013

"... The encore piece, a wickedly mischievious setting of the Hungarian Dance No 5 - used with equal wit by Charles Chaplin in The Great Dictator for a virtuoso shave - dazzles with a jazzy, bodly colossal chutzpah that brings this stunning disc to a madcap conclusion worthy of Liszt, if not Brahms." ****

Gary Lemco - - 16 November 2012

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