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SIG 323
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SIG 323

The Complete Songs of Poulenc, Vol 4

The Classical Shop
release date: October 2013

Recorded in 24 Bit / 48Khz
album available as a Studio Master
Originally recorded in 2010


William Dazeley

Sarah Fox

Thomas Oliemans

William Dazeley

- (baritone)

Thomas Oliemans

- (baritone)

Ann Murray

- (mezzo-soprano)

Malcolm Martineau

- (piano)

Sarah Fox

- (soprano)

Magdalena Molendowska

- (soprano)

John Mark Ainsley

- (tenor)


All Saints Church, East Finchley, London

1-3 June 2011

St Michael & All Angels, Summertown, Oxford

14-20 Feb & 6-10 Sept 2010

All Saints Church, East Finchley, London

5-6 June 2012


John West

Andrew Mellor


Andrew Mellor

Record Label


Vocal & Song

Total Time - 69:22
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  The Complete Songs of Poulenc, Vol 4  



Le bestiaire

1 Le dromadaire 1:27
2 Le chèvre du Thibet 0:42
3 La sauterelle 0:29
4 Le dauphin 0:28
5 L'écrevisse 0:47
6 La carpe 1:41
 Thomas Oliemans - (baritone)

Le serpent


La colombe


La puce

 Thomas Oliemans

Poèmes de Ronsard

10 Attributs 1:22
11 Le tombeau 2:47
12 Ballet 2:12
13 Je n'ai plus que les os 3:26
14 A son page 1:36
 William Dazeley - (baritone)

Cinq poèmes de Max Jacob

15 Chanson Bretonne 0:45
16 Cimétière 2:30
17 La petite servante 2:07
18 Berceuse 1:19
19 Souric et Mouric 1:51
 Sarah Fox - (soprano)

Osiem piesni polskich (Huit chansons polonaises)

20 Wianek (La couronne) 2:03
21 Odjazd (Le départ) 1:03
22 Polska mlodziez (Les gars polonais) 0:57
23 Ostatni mazur (Le dernier mazour) 1:59
24 Pozegnanie (L'adieu) 1:37
25 Biala choragiewka (Le drapeau blanc) 0:44
26 Wisla (La vistule) 1:46
27 Jezioro (Le lac) 2:15
 Magdalena Molendowska - (soprano)

Cinq poèmes de Paul Eluard

28 Peut-il se reposer celui qui dort 2:06
29 Il la prend dans ses bras 0:54
30 Plume d'eau claire 0:41
31 Rôdeuse au front de verre 1:53
32 Amoureuses 1:15
 John Mark Ainsley - (tenor)

Chansons villageoises

33 Chanson du clair tamis 0:55
34 Les gars qui vont à la fete 1:31
35 C'est le joli printemps 2:43
36 Le mendiant 3:38
37 Chanson de la fille frivole 0:51
38 Le retour du sergent 1:54
 Thomas Oliemans

Une chanson de porcelaine

 William Dazeley


 Ann Murray - (mezzo-soprano)

La dame de Monte Carlo

 Sarah Fox

Composing over 150 works for piano and voice over a period of 44 years, the songs of Francis Poulenc remain consistently popular to concert audiences the world over. Varying in their individual style and character in a way that defies generalization, Poulenc set music to a wide range of different French poetry – both ancient and modern, and from the serious to the surreal. This is the fourth release in our series that will build to encompass the complete songs of Francis Poulenc – performed by some of the greatest singers of the day and accompanied by the exceptional Malcolm Martineau. 

"...The performances  are up to the high standard set in the earlier volumes by Martineau and his well-chosen group of singers. This time Polish soprano Magdalena Molendowska joins the team for a fine performance of the Polish songs, the group of songs written not only in homage to Chopin but almost sounding as though they could have been written by Chopin. Duth baritone Oliemans sings the animal songs and the six village songs, Fox sings the Jacob songs, and ainsley sings the Eluard songs. Their feeling for the texts plus their finely honed gifts of tonal production and dynamic control allow these songs to glow. If you’re looking for a good sampling of songs from Pouenc’s whole life, hese 41 songs will prove enirely satisfying..."

Robert A Moore - American Record Guide - March/April 2014

"... Anybody who is already collecting this series will not need any recommendation from me, but this is a really interesting release, including, as it does a number of rarely heard works, all of them in stylish and persuasive performances. The sound is good throughout. This is surely an essential purchase for serious Poulenc collectors."

Nigel Simeone - International Record Review - January 2014

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