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SIG 367
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SIG 367

Tavener - The Veil Of The Temple

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2014

Originally recorded in 2003


Stephen Layton

Patricia Rozario

- (soprano)

University of Texas at Austin Chamber Singers

The Choir of the Temple Church

Members of the English Chamber Orchestra



27-28 June, 1,4,5 July 2003


Adrian Peacock & Chris Hazel


Mike Hatch

Record Label




Total Time - 148:13
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The Veil Of The Temple

  Cycle I  
1 Mystical Love Song of the Sufis 5:06
2 Primordial Call 2:42
  Cycle II  
3 Primordial Call 0:31
4 God's Creation 5:40
5 Outside the Gates of Paradise 2:51
6 Our Father 2:58
7 Holy Mary 3:00
8 Alleluia, Theos Erastos 1:44
9 Gospel of St John 4:23
10 Thrice-Holy Hymn - Resurrection 2:59
11 Beatitudes of St Isaac the Syrian 4:37
  Cycle III  
12 Primordial Call 1:18
13 Psalm of Creation 1:49
14 O Blessed Paradise, Pray for Me 3:13
  Cycle IV  
15 Primordial Call 1:55
16 Mystery of the Nothingness of God 2:15
  Cycle V  
17 Primordial Call 1:51
18 You Mentle Yourself in Light 3:42
19 Jesus Prayer 1:14
20 The Lord's Prayer 6:58
  Cycle VI  
21 Primordial Call 2:08
22 What God is, we do not know 2:34
23 God of Strength 2:45
24 Kyrie Eleison - Chant 2:18
25 Te Re Rem - Ecstatic Chant 3:31
26 Jesus Having Risen from the Tomb 2:22
  Cycle VII  
27 Apocalyptic Primordial Call 1:26
28 Absolved in the Mirror 2:05
29 Jesus Prayer 1:37
30 Hesychast Meditation 4:17
31 Mary Theotokos 2:57
32 Hail, Veil of the Temple 1:21
33 Mother of God 5:06
34 Alleluia 4:58
35 The Gospel of St John 13:47
  Cycle VIII  
36 Maranatha 2:51
37 Awake Thou That Sleepest 2:12
38 Into Beauty 1:11
39 Rending of the Veil of the Temple: Maya Atma 5:40
40 Knights Templar in the Temple Church 4:18
41 Light of Christ 4:31
42 Cosmic Rising 4:13
43 New Jerusalem - Upanished Hymn 5:55
44 Shántih 3:24
  Total Time 148:14      
 Patricia Rozario - (soprano)
 Stephen Layton

Signum SIG 367

Sir John Tavener: The Veil of the Temple – James Vivian, Patricia Rozario, English Chamber Orchestra, Holst Singers, Temple Church Choir

Signum Records is proud to re-release its landmark recording of Sir John Tavener’s The Veil of the Temple at the start of what would have been Tavener’s seventieth birthday year.

This download captures the concert version of this epic eight-hour work, composed to last through the night until dawn in the manner of the grand vigils of the Orthodox Church. Combining psalms of a number of different religions, Tavener skilfully wove a work that is all-encompassing in its scale and spiritual fervour.

‘I regard The Veil of the Temple as the supreme achievement of my life and the most important work that I have ever composed.’

Sir John Tavener

"A fitting memorial, this performance reduces the all-night vigil of seven hours to a concert work of less than two and a half hours, a version made by Tavener in 2004 and taken from the complete performance at the Temple Church in London in 2003... The performance is superb. The work itself must be directed at those with stamina for its persistent slow-moving repetition and weighty piety."   ****

Patric Standford - Choir & Organ magazine - May/June 2014

               Editor’s Choice - Vocal

".. Performance  and recording are outstanding . An essential testimony to the vitality of the musical and spiritual vision of the final creative phase of one of Britiain’s greatest composers." 

Ivan Moody - Gramophone magazine- April 2014

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