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SY 1274
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo (Busch) (1951)

MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo (Busch) (1951)

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2012


Glyndebourne Festival Orchestra


Fritz Busch


Sena Jurinac


Glyndebourne Festival Chorus


Record Label




Total Time - 138:19
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MOZART, W.A.: Idomeneo (Busch) (1951)




Idomeneo re di Creta, K. 366


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1 Overture 7:59
2 Act I Scene 1: Padre, germani, addio! (Ilia) 5:46
3 Act I Scene 2: Non ho colpa, e mi condanni (Idamante) 4:55
4 Act I Scene 3: Godiam la pace, trionfi Amore (Chorus) 6:12
5 Act I Scene 6: Tutte nel cor vi sento (Elettra) 4:01
6 Act I Scene 7: Pieta! Numi, pieta! (Chorus of Sailors) 3:30
7 Act I Scene 9: Vedrommi intorno l'ombra dolente (Idomeneo) 8:11
8 Act I Scene 10: ll padre adorato ritrovo, e lo perdo (Idamante) 2:49
9 Act I Scene 11: March 1:05
10 Act I Scene 11: Nettuno s'onori, quel nome risuoni (Chorus of Cretan Citizens, Semichorus) 1:46
11 Act II Scene 1: Tutto m'e noto (Arbace, Idomeneo) 3:06
12 Act II Scene 1: Se il tou duol, se il mio desio (Ilia) 7:51
13 Act II Scene 3: Fuor del mar ho un mare in seno (Idomeneo) 5:12
14 Act II Scene 4: Idol mio, se ritroso (Elettra) 3:36
15 Act II Scene 4: Marcia: Odo da lunge armonioso suono (Elettra) 1:20
16 Act II Scene 5: Placido e il mar, andiamo (Chorus, Elettra) 4:42

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1 Act II Scene 6: Pria di partir, oh Dio! (Idamante, Elettra, Idomeneo) 4:37
2 Act II Scene 6: Qual nuovo terrore! (Chorus of Sailors) 2:59
3 Act II Scene 6: Corriamo, fuggiamo quel mostro spietato (Chorus of Sailors) 1:50
4 Act III Scene 1: Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro (Ilia) 8:58
5 Act III Scene 2: Duet: Spiegarti non poss'io (Ilia, Idamante) 4:57
6 Act III Scene 3: Andro ramingo, e solo (Idamante, Ilia, Idomeneo, Elettra) 5:18
7 Act III Scene 6: Volgi intorno lo sguardo, oh sire (High Priest, Idomeneo) 4:33
8 Act III Scene 6: Oh voto tremendo! (Chorus) 4:52
9 Act III Scene 7: March 1:24
10 Act III Scene 7: Accogli, oh re del mar, i nostri voti (Idomeneo, Priests) 5:14
11 Act III Scene 9: Padre, mio caro padre, ah dolce nome! (Idamante) 9:32
12 Act III Scene 10: Ha vinto amore … (A Voice) 1:59
13 Act III Scene 10: Oh ciel pietoso! … (Idomeneo, Idamante, Ilia, Arbace, Elettra) 3:00
14 Act III Scene 11: Popoli, a voi l'ultima legge impone Idomeneo (Idomeneo) 5:49
15 Act III Scene 11: Scenda Amor, scenda Imeneo (Chorus of Cretan Citizens) 1:16
 Sena Jurinac Soloist
 Fritz Busch Conductor

IDOMENEO   Idomeneo (Mozart) with Sena Jurinac, Birgit Nilsson, Richard Lewis, Leopold Simoneau, Alfred Poell, Alexander Young, Bruce Dargavel.
Chorus and Orchestra of the Glyndebourne Festival
Conductor, Fritz Busch
Glyndebourne 30th June 1951
Idomeneo has never been popular, sadly, as it contains beautiful music, wonderfully scored.
The four main characters are not cardboard; they suffer, they develop.
Alfred Einstein felt this to be ’one of those works that even a genius of the highest rank like Mozart, could write only once in his life.’
It is not unreasonable to claim that the cast and conductor at Glyndebourne in 1951 equalled or surpassed any since Mozart’s time.
The original tape was in good sound; everything that has survived is included.
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