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SY 1307
AUSTIN, F.: Beggar's Opera (The) (after J.C. Pepusch version) / Polly (after J.C. Pepusch version) [Operas] (Goossens)

AUSTIN, F.: Beggar's Opera (The) (after J.C. Pepusch version) / Polly (after J.C. Pepusch version) [Operas] (Goossens)

The Classical Shop
release date: June 2013

Originally recorded in 2011


Kingsway Theatre OrchestraKingsway Symphony Orchestra


FrederickGoossens, Eugene Austin


EugeneAustin, Frederick Goossens


Kathlyn Hilliard


Adrienne Brune


Studio chorus


Record Label




Total Time - 74:09
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AUSTIN, F.: Beggar's Opera (The) (after J.C. Pepusch version) / Polly (after J.C. Pepusch version) [Operas] (Goossens)

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The Beggar's Opera (after J.C. Pepusch version)

1 Act I: Virgins are like the fair flower (Polly) 1:42
2 Act I: Can love be controlled by advice? (Polly) 1:48
3 Act I: O Polly, you might have toy'd and kiss'd (Mrs. Peachum, Polly) 1:37
4 Act I: A fox may steal your hens (Mrs. Peachum) 0:37
5 Act I: O ponder well (Polly) 1:43
6 Act I: The turtle thus with plaintive crying (Polly) 1:36
7 Act I: My heart was so free (Macheath) 0:48
8 Act I: Were I laid on Greenland's coast (Polly, Macheath) 1:20
9 Act I: Oh! What pain it is to part (Polly, Macheath) 2:35
10 Act II: Fill every glass (Filch, Chorus) 1:00
11 Act II: Let us take the road (Filch, Chorus) 1:14
12 Act II: If the heart of a man (Macheath) 1:21
13 Act II: Music to a Dialogue 0:37
14 Act II: Why, how now Madame Flirt? (Molly Brazen, Mrs. Vixen) 0:45
15 Act II: Before the barn door crowing (Jenny Diver, Ladies Chorus) 0:58
16 Act II: Man may escape from rope and gun (Macheath) 2:10
17 Act II: Thus when a good housewife sees a rat (Lucy) 0:32
18 Act II: The first time at the looking glass (Macheath) 0:40
19 Act II: Thus gamesters united in friendship are found (Peachum, Lockit) 1:03
20 Act II: Thus when the swallow (Polly) 1:24
21 Act II: How happy I could be with either (Macheath) 0:57
22 Act II: I'm bubbled, I'm troubled (Polly, Lucy) 0:37
23 Act II: Cease your funning (Polly) 1:21
24 Act III: Here in a humour I was of late (Tenor, Chorus) 1:28
25 Act III: The modes of the Court so common are grown (Macheath, Filch, Chorus) 1:42
26 Act III: In the days of my youth (Diana Trapes, Peachum, Lockit) 1:03
27 Act III: Interlude 1:12
28 Act III: I'm like a skiff on the ocean tost (Lucy) 1:10
29 Act III: O cruel, cruel case (Macheath) 2:14
30 Act III: Would I might be hanged (Polly, Lucy, Macheath) 2:39
 Kathlyn Hilliard Soloist
 EugeneAustin, Frederick Goossens Conductor



Polly (after J.C. Pepusch version)

31 Act I: She who hath felt a real pain (Polly) 1:07
32 Act I: The Crow or Daw (Polly) 2:13
33 Act I: I will have my humours (Mr. Ducat, Polly) 0:48
34 Act I: When a woman jealous grows (Mr. and Mrs. Ducat) 0:51
35 Act I: Utterly alone and forsaken (Polly) 1:18
36 Act I: Unless you take her (Mrs. Ducat, Mrs. Trapes) 0:51
37 Act I: A woman when battle presses (Mr. Ducat, Women of the Town) 1:18
38 Act II: A Pirate must either sink (Tenor, Chorus) 1:16
39 Act II: How greatly is a rascal (Morano) 1:43
40 Act II: Though woman be a pretty craft (Vanderbluff) 1:03
41 Act II: By women won (Morano) 1:17
42 Act II: How many men have found (Jenny) 1:26
43 Act II: Shall I not be bold (Jenny, Morano) 2:27
44 Act II: The world is always jarring (Polly, Jenny, Morano) 1:05
45 Act II: By bolder steps (Morano, Pirates) 1:22
46 Act II: Brave Boys, prepare! (The Pirates) 1:20
47 Act II: Virtue's treasure (Polly) 2:01
48 Act II: Laugh, boys, laugh (Morano, Pirates) 1:24
49 Act III: Sleep, O sleep (Polly) 2:05
50 Act III: Wait until you spy the charmer (Mrs. Trapes, Morano) 1:28
51 Act III: Tho' different passions (Morano) 1:13
52 Act III: As sits the sad turtle (Polly) 2:25
53 Act III: When horns with cheerful (Ducat, 2 Footmen) 1:01
54 Act III: Love that hath sorrowed (Polly, Morano, Chorus) 1:14
 Adrienne Brune Soloist
 FrederickGoossens, Eugene Austin Conductor

 THE BEGGAR’S OPERA & POLLY by Mr. John Gay in Frederic Austin’s arrangements of the 1920s. Casts include Adrienne Brune, Lilian Davies, Winifed Hare, Nonny Lock, Violet Marquesita, Sylvia Nelis, Frederic Austin, Pitt Chatham, Alfred Heather, Percy Parsons, Frederick Ranalow and A. Wynn, who were in the opening nights of Nigel Playfair’s productions; Frederic Austin conducted.

THE BEGGAR’S OPERA A. Wynn, Frederick Ranalaw, Alfred Heather, Nellie Walker, Sylvia Nelis, Nonny Lock, Lyric Theatre (Hammersmith) Orchestra conductor Frederic Austin
HMV Studios, Hayes - D 524-526 & 615-616
Ho 4656, 4657, 4658-II, 4659-II, 4660-III, 4661af (10/12/20); Cc 1006-I, 1007-I, 1008-II, 1009-I (14/02/22)
POLLY Lilian Davies, Stanley Vilven, Winifred Hare, Pitt Chatham, Percy Parsons, Adrienne Brune conductor Eugene Goossens
HMV Studios, Hayes - D 685-688
Cc 2611-II, 2612-II, 2613-I, 2614-II (21/02/23); Cc 2630-II, 2631-III, 2632-I, 2633-II (26/02/23)
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