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TC 0542
COLBRAN, I.: Italian Arias for Voice and Harp (Pizzoli, Gubri)

COLBRAN, I.: Italian Arias for Voice and Harp (Pizzoli, Gubri)

The Classical Shop
release date: April 2014

Originally recorded in 2014


Maria Chiara Pizzoli


Marianne Gubri



Chiesa di S. Girolamo della Certosa di Bologna, Italy


Record Label


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 59:58
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COLBRAN, I.: Italian Arias for Voice and Harp (Pizzoli, Gubri)

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Gia la notte s'avvicina


Sei canzoncine ou petits airs italiens (1805)

2 No. 1. Povero cor tu palpiti 03:57
3 No. 2. Il pie s'allontana 01:39
4 No. 3. Benche ti sia crudel 01:56
5 No. 4. Per costume o mio bel nume 01:30
6 No. 5. Vorrei che almen per gioco 01:37
7 No. 6. Chi sa qual core 01:30

Sei canzoncine ou petits airs italiens (1808)

8 No. 1. La speranza al cor mi dice 01:49
9 No. 2. Ad onta del fato 02:07
10 No. 3. T'intendo si mio core 02:27
11 No. 4. Ch'io mai vi possa 01:40
12 No. 5. Voi siete luci belle 01:40
13 No. 6. Mi lagnero tacendo 02:11

6 Petits airs italiens (1808)

14 No. 1. Placido zefiretto 01:58
15 No. 2. Amo te solo 03:07
16 No. 3. Vanne felice rio 02:04
17 No. 4. Vanne al mio bene 02:44
18 No. 5. Sempre piu t'amo 02:04
19 No. 6. Voi siete o luci belle 02:13

6 Petits airs Italiens (1809)

20 No. 1. Ombre amene 02:53
21 No. 2. Quel cor che mi prometti 01:45
22 No. 3. Piu bella aurora 02:26
23 No. 4. So che un sogno e la speranza 04:42
24 No. 5. Se son lontano 01:14
25 No. 6. Quel ruscelletto 01:43

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Abbelimenti sopra , "O nume tutelar"

 Maria Chiara Pizzoli Soloist
 Marianne Gubri Soloist

Italian Arias for Voice and Harp

Isabella Colbran was born in Madrid, received her initial musical education from her father, Juan Colbran, violinist in the Capilla Real, and studied singing under the guidance of the celebrated Italian opera singers and castratos Carlo Martinelli and Girolamo Crescentini. She dedicated to the latter one of her song collections, and sang many of his compositions. The four books of Canzoncine ou Petits Airs Italiens by Isabella Colbran (1784-1845) were composed between 1805 and 1809, during her youth, before her marriage to Gioacchino Rossini (1822) and the beginning of her career as “prima donna” of Italian opera. Isabella Colbran’s compositions are typical of the chamber-music repertoire for amateurs: they consist of short, melodious, through-composed arias with two texts: one in Italian, drawn from Metastasio’s poems, the other a free translation into French.

 "... All in all, this is a real musical ’find’ and highly recommended."

Lynn René Bayley - Fanfare - September/October 2015

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