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TM 2193
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TM 2193
TELEMANN: Suite in A minor / Double Concertos

TELEMANN: Suite in A minor / Double Concertos

The Classical Shop
release date: January 2012


Francis Colpron


Boreades de Montreal, Les

Record Label
Atma Classiqe


Orchestral & Concertos


Total Time - 60:44
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TELEMANN: Suite in A minor / Double Concertos

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Concerto for Recorder and Viola da Gamba in A minor, TWV 52:a1

1 I. Grave 4:18
2 II. Allegro 4:28
3 III. Dolce 3:46
4 IV. Allegro 4:13

Concerto for Flute and Violin in E minor, TWV 52:e3

5 I. Allegro 2:57
6 II. Adagio 2:17
7 III. Presto - Adagio - Allegro 4:46

Overture (Suite) in A minor for Recorder and Strings, TWV 55:a2

8 I. Ouverture 10:36
9 II. Les Plaisirs 3:37
10 III. Air a L'italien 7:19
11 IV. Menuets I and II 3:23
12 V. Rejouissance 2:33
13 VI. Passepieds I and II 2:39
14 VII. Polonaise 3:52
 Francis Colpron Soloist

Telemann, that most prolific of baroque composers, offers us here some of his most elegant, ingenious and spirited instrumental music. Using of a novel instrumentation that yields unique combinations of tone colour, each of these works aims above all at providing pleasure both to the performers and listener. The baroque quartet Les Boréades has invited several excellent colleagues to share in the pleasure, including the eminent period violinist Manfred Kraemer.


Alain Bénard - Le Journal de Montréal- 16 October 1999

"Les Boréades is a new ensemble to me, but Manfred Kraemer is not a new name; indeed, everything I’ve heard him play has had that little something extra that sets his performances apart. There’s something of Fabio Biondi about him, but none of the mannerisms - here, the greatest care is taken with phrasing. A micro-second of space before starting that idea, a slight delay on a cadence, a subtle inflection of the melodic line - and all the players do it. It is simply wonderful Telemann playing. At this point it would be traditional to bemoan the fact that all three pieces on the relatively short disc have been recorded several times before, but I think the fact that these performances will be my first choice vindicates their choice of repertoire. Now that they have established themselves as firm favourites, perhaps Les Boréades will explore the extensive range of unrecorded material."

BC - Early Music Review    - 2 March 2000

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