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TM 2219
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TM 2219
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
MESSIAEN: Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus

MESSIAEN: Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus

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release date: January 2012


Louise Bessette


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Atma Classiqe




Total Time - 137:48
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MESSIAEN: Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus




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20 Regards sur l'Enfant-Jesus

1 I. Regard du Pere 8:47
2 II. Regard de l'etoile 3:08
3 III. L'echange 3:40
4 IV. Regard de la Vierge 5:40
5 V. Regard du Fils sur le Fils 7:48
6 VI. Par lui tout a ete fait 11:11
7 VII. Regard de la Croix 4:14
8 VIII. Regard des hauteurs 2:54
9 IX. Regard du temps 3:00
10 X. Regard de l'esprit de joie 9:12

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1 XI. Premiere Communion de la Vierge 8:31
2 XII. La Parole Toute-Puissante 2:47
3 XIII. Noel 4:42
4 XIV. Regard des anges 5:23
5 XV. Le baiser de l'Enfant-Jesus 13:34
6 XVI. Regard des prophetes, des bergers et des mages 3:28
7 XVII. Regard du silence 6:00
8 XVIII. Regard de l'onction terrible 7:03
9 XIX. Je dors, mais mon coeur veille 10:35
10 XX. Regard de l'eglise d'Amour 16:11
 Louise Bessette Soloist

Composed in 1944, the piano cycle Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus by Olivier Messiaen presents itself, according to the composer, as a "contemplation of the Christ Child in the manger and the Gazes which fall upon Him." As firmly constructed as it is inspired, and abounding in pianistic novelties, it includes all the essential ingredients of Messiaen’s ever such personal musical idiom. Louise Bessette invites the listener to share here in a rare moment of eternity.

"Louise Bessette is a new pianist to me, and I was struck by her nimble virtuosity, her steely power where needed and, absolutely essential in this music, her patient ability to let silences play their full expressive part, to allow chords to resonate into silence."

Michael Oliver - International Record Review - 1 January 2001

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