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TM 2343
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TM 2343
BACH, J.S.: Tilge, Hochster, meine Sunden / Ich habe genug

BACH, J.S.: Tilge, Hochster, meine Sunden / Ich habe genug

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release date: January 2012


Labadie, Bernard

Karina Gauvin


Violons du Roy, Les

Record Label
Atma Classiqe


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 56:45
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BACH, J.S.: Tilge, Hochster, meine Sunden / Ich habe genug

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Tilge, Hochster, meine Sunden, BWV 1083

1 Tilge, Hochster, meine Sunden (Soprano, Alto) 3:35
2 Ist mein Herz in Missetaten (Soprano) 1:59
3 Missetaten, die mich drucken (Soprano, Alto) 1:57
4 Dich erzurnt mein Tun und Lassen (Alto) 1:58
5 Wer wird seine Schuld verneinen (Soprano, Alto) 1:55
6 Sieh! ich bin in Sund empfangen (Soprano, Alto) 0:35
7 Sieh, du willst die Wahrheit haben (Soprano) 3:37
8 Wasche mich doch rein von Sunden (Alto) 2:07
9 Lass mich Freud und Wonne spuren (Soprano, Alto) 2:11
10 Schaue nicht auf meine Sunden (Soprano, Alto) 4:50
11 Offne Lippen, Mund und Seele (Alto) 3:19
12 Denn du willst kein Opfer haben (Soprano, Alto) 3:15
13 Lass dein Zion bluhend dauern (Soprano, Alto) 1:56
14 Amen (Soprano, Alto) 1:51

Ich habe genug, BWV 82

15 Aria: Ich habe genug 7:16
16 Recitative: Ich habe genug! Mein Trost ist nur allein 1:07
17 Aria: Schlummert ein, ihr matten Augen 9:12
18 Recitative: Mein Gott! Wann kommt das schone 0:43
19 Aria: Ich freue mich auf meinen Tod 3:22
 Karina Gauvin Soloist
 Labadie, Bernard

The glorious voices of Karina Gauvin and Daniel Taylor and the refined playing of Les Violons du Roy will resound wonderfully thanks to this hybrid SACD–Surround/Stereo recording, bringing to life Bach’s little-known homage to Pergolesi: the motet “Tilge, Höchster, meine Sünden” after the Italian composer’s famed Stabat Mater. As always with Bach the transcriber, he didn’t simply copy the original work wholesale, but carefully adapted it to its new German and Lutheran text (Psalm 51), enriching for example the basso-continuo and adding an independent viola part. This makes for a denser vision of the music and very compelling listening. Also by Bach, Cantata 82 “Ich habe genug,” which was very popular as attested by its variously scored arrangements, is presented here in a version with soprano and solo flute instead of the original with bass and oboe.

                Artistic Quality 10      Sound Quality 10
"It’s great to see Bernard Labadie and his Les Violons du Roy back with a new recording of music that they do as well as or better than anyone-two vocal works by Bach that require both first-rate soloists and refined orchestral accompanying skills on a level that challenges the best conductors and orchestras. Bach’s "motet" for two voices, strings, and continuo is a parody of the famous Pergolesi Stabat mater, its German text a paraphrase of Psalm 51, and here two of the world’s finest Baroque-music singers give it its best reading on disc, not least owing to their ideally-matched voices, but also due to the smart orchestral work and taut direction.

Ich habe genug is one of Bach’s more inspired creations, its melodies, orchestration, and harmonic framework perfectly characterizing its text, and again, Gauvin delivers a heartfelt and technically polished interpretation, its lyricism tempered by the weighty resignation of one who longs for blissful release from this world and anticipates the tranquil rest of heaven. The famous aria "Schlummert ein" is first-rate, and Labadie’s orchestra (which also recorded an exemplary Pergolesi Stabat mater for Dorian Records) reminds us of its status as one of the world’s premier ensembles, especially in 18th-century repertoire. Really, where else do you hear string playing so clear, clean, vibrant, and well-articulated? (I’m still waiting to hear this group record the Handel concerti grossi...) The sound is outstanding, in both regular and SACD formats. If you love Bach’s vocal music, you must not miss this disc."
David Vernier - - 7 April 2005

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