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TM 2373
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TM 2373
(this is a multiple CD album sold separately)
LAWES, W.: Royall Consorts (The) (Les Voix Humaines)

LAWES, W.: Royall Consorts (The) (Les Voix Humaines)

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release date: March 2012


Voix Humaines, Les


Voix Humaines, Les

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Atma Classiqe




Total Time - 129:48
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LAWES, W.: Royall Consorts (The) (Les Voix Humaines)




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The Royall Consort Sett No. 5 in D major

1 I. Aire: Paven - Alman 2:59
2 II. Aire: Alman 2:03
3 III. Alman 1:22
4 IV. Aire: Corant - Corant - Aire: Morriss - Saraband 4:07

The Royall Consort Sett No. 2 in D minor

5 I. Paven 6:33
6 II. Aire: Alman I-II 3:15
7 III. Galliard - Corant - Saraband I-II 3:44

The Royall Consort Sett No. 6 in D major

8 I. Fantazy 3:04
9 II. Aire - Alman 3:07
10 III. Corant 1:51
11 V. Ecco 2:46
12 VI. Aire 1:14

The Royall Consort Sett No. 7 in A minor

13 I. Paven 6:12
14 II. Aire - Alman 2:28
15 III. Alman - Aire 3:07
16 IV. Corant - Saraband 3:42

The Royall Consort Sett No. 4 in D major

17 I. Paven 4:20
18 II. Aire: Alman I-II 3:41
19 III. Aire: Corant - Corant - Saraband 4:12

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The Royall Consort: Suite No. 9 in F major

1 I. Paven 5:55
2 II. Aire: Alman - Alman 4:09
3 III. Corant - Alman 2:48
4 IV. Corant -Saraband 2:26

The Royall Consort Sett No. 10 in B flat major

5 I. Paven 3:41
6 II. Alman - Corant 3:16
7 III. Alman - Corant - Saraband 3:40

The Royall Consort Sett No. 1 in D minor

8 I. Fantazy 4:00
9 II. Aire - Alman - Corant 3:32
10 III. Corant - Saraband 3:39
11 IV. Ecco 2:15

The Royall Consort Sett No. 8 in C major

12 I. Paven 7:35
13 II. Aire 2:46
14 III. Alman 1:44
15 IV. Aire - Corant - Saraband 3:58

The Royall Consort Sett No. 3 in D minor

16 I. Aire: Alman I-II 4:24
17 II. Corant I-II 2:40
18 III. Alman - Corant - Saraband 3:33
 Voix Humaines, Les Ensemble

"William Lawes is believed by many to have been the most important English composer of his time. As a musician he was certainly revered and prized by his colleagues in the service of King Charles I. Most of his music was written for entertainments at Court. He was best-known for his inventiveness in chamber music of the kind featured on this album. Composed in the early 1630s, the Royall Consorts were Lawes’s best-known works in his own lifetime. Susie Napper and Margaret Little, the two gambists of Les Voix humaines, have been compared to the skill of two trapeze artists or the telepathic communion of a pair of jazz saxophonists!"

                    *****  Exceptional

Claudio Bolzan - Musica magazine - September 2012

                              Recording of the Month
"...The acoustic of the two CD set is warm, inviting and highly suitable to this gorgeous and wistful music, which is equally vibrant and lacks any sense of indulgence. Repeated
listening is easy and is aided by the way in which the players’ understanding has been projected. The booklet - with notes by Bruce Haynes - is a little on the short side; but it contains all the essentials. This is a release to treasure - especially since it’s the only one in the current catalogue to gather all ten of the Royall Consort Setts as a unified collection."

Mark Sealey - - 31 August 2012

"...These 10 Royall Consorts are among his [Lawes] best-known  works, here beautifully performed and recorded by the Canadian period string-players of Les Voix Humanines..."

Edward Greenfield - Gramophone magazine - September 2012

"...The experience these musicians have gained through their recording of the William Lawe’s Harp Consorts (TM 2372) ... is evident in their natural phrasing, ease of transitions and clarity of texture."

Brewer - American Record Guide - July/August 2012

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