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TM 2615
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TM 2615
Vocal Recital: Hopkins, Joshua - VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. / GLICK, S.I. / BOWLES, P. / BARBER, S. (Let Beauty Awake)

Vocal Recital: Hopkins, Joshua - VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. / GLICK, S.I. / BOWLES, P. / BARBER, S. (Let Beauty Awake)

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release date: January 2012


Joshua Hopkins


Record Label
Atma Classiqe


Vocal & Song


Total Time - 55:05
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Vocal Recital: Hopkins, Joshua - VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. / GLICK, S.I. / BOWLES, P. / BARBER, S. (Let Beauty Awake)

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Songs of Travel

1 No. 1. The Vagabond 3:09
2 No. 2. Let Beauty Awake 1:59
3 No. 3. The Roadside Fire 2:17
4 No. 4. Youth and Love 3:22
5 No. 5. In Dreams 2:49
6 No. 6. The Infinite Shining Heavens 2:12
7 No. 7. Whither must I Wander? 4:09
8 No. 8. Bright is the Ring of Words 1:35
9 No. 9. I Have Trod the Upward and Downward Slope 2:12



South of North-Images of Canada

10 No. 1. Wilderness on Centre Island 1:56
11 No. 2. Vane 1:22
12 No. 3. Grace 2:36
13 No. 4. Northern River Falls 2:32
14 No. 5. Privity 3:13
15 No. 6. Stripe 0:58
16 No. 7. Congregation at the Shoreli 2:21
17 No. 8. Windmill 1:58



Blue Mountain Ballads

18 No. 1. Heavenly Grass 2:07
19 No. 2. Lonesome Man 1:18
20 No. 3. Cabin 1:42
21 No. 4. Sugar in the Cane 1:31



3 Songs, Op. 45

22 No. 1. Now have I fed and eaten up the rose 2:07
23 No. 2. A Green Lowland of Pianos 2:08
24 No. 3. O Boundless, Boundless Evening 3:32
 Joshua Hopkins Soloist

Winner of the 2006 Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award and the Verbier Festival Academy’s 2008 Prix d’Honneur, Joshua Hopkins has been hailed as "…an outstanding young baritone with a virile, vigorous yet velvety sound and an immediately evident dramatic authority." Mr. Hopkins has signed an exclusive recording contract with ATMA Classique and his first solo recital recording on the label includes English language songs by Vaughan Williams, Glick, Bowles and Barber.

This vocal recital features four contrasting and highly individual twentieth-century song cycles. Though apparently unconnected, Vaughan-Williams’ landmark Songs of Travel, Srul Irving Glick’s South of North - Images of Canada, Paul Bowles’ Blue Mountain Ballads, and Samuel Barber’s Three Songs, Opus 45 are united by the English language and by a strong sense of place - more specifically, by the underlying presence of nature.

"...On his debut solo CD for the ATMA label, Let Beauty Awake, Hopkins is accompanied by pianist Jerad Mosbey in four sets of songs from the 20th century: Vaughan Williams’ Songs of Travel, Canadian composer Srul Irving Glick’s South of North-Images of Canada, Paul Bowles’ Blue Mountain Ballads and Samuel Barber’s Three Songs.Hopkins recorded it in three days in May of 2009, and says he’s proud of the disc. He should be. He’s in superb vocal form, singing with warmth and expressiveness, and Mosbey accompanies him sensitively. The two musicians work wonderfully together."

Steven Mazet - Ottawa Citizen - 24 November 2010

"In a carefully chosen program of English songs on the theme of nature, Joshua Hopkins combines chestnuts (Vaughan Williams’ Songs of Travel) with the comparatively rare (Paul Bowles’ Blue Mountain Ballads)...Pianist Jerad Mosbey offers solid and sympathetic support. This is an auspicious debut disc and hopefully the first of many.   ****

Joseph K. So - La Scena Musicale -  1 November 2010

"...Hopkins and Mosbey bring great intelligence to their performance which, taken on its own terms, is a very satisfying one."

William Hedley - - 24 January 2011

              Performance ****½             Sound ***½
"Canadian baritone Joshua Hopkins has a pleasant, chamber-sized sound, and he’s competently accompanied on the piano by Jerad Mosbey. But the genius shown here is not in the singing but in the selection; Hopkins picks four works, none really well known, and puts them together in a delightful program loosely linked by themes of nature and wandering. The real find is the set of Blue Mountain Ballads by Paul Bowles, better known as a fiction writer...This is an immensely satisfying program with a real find in the Bowles songs ..."

James Manheim - All Music - 1 December 2010

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